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Daughter Of Time

Chapter Two

As long as she got to see her beloved mother, everything she did was worth it. Even if she had to wait by the streets while the bus driver played mechanic and tried to find out what was wrong with his bus.

Percy tapped her foot impatiently on the ground as she waited, glaring holes into the passenger's back.

She saw people about her, businessmen and businesswomen, glancing at their watch and calling out to the bus driver to hurry. She agreed, the sooner she could see her mother, the better.

Percy didn't know how, but she suspected it was about ten in the morning. It was harder to tell time these past few months, especially with the gloomy weather.

Like the sea and sky were fighting. Just last night, she'd watched the news and apparently, there was a hurricane coming their way.

Percy didn't like the gloomy days much, especially lightning-streaked days, she felt as if she was being cornered and face the constant threat of being eliminated from the very spot on earth.

Needless to say, not being within the safety of the bus was messing with her nerves. She swore something was looking at her, watching her every move, the feeling of being spied on was always there, niggling and annoying.

She shuddered, her mind working endlessly as to how to get rid of the stalker.

She raised her head when the first of drizzles fell, cringing at the thought of falling ill because of some stupid rain. She cast her gaze about, seeing the rest of the marooned passengers drawing out their own umbrellas.

Something caught her eye. Percy blinked, forgetting about getting soaked when she saw three old ladies bathed in rain. They were fully-clothed and despite the threat of falling ill and how dangerous it was for old ladies, they were unperturbed. They seemed to be staring at her, still sewing with their balls of yawn.

They held up a golden thread. With a shudder, Percy realized that the color of the thread was the same shade as her eyes. She swallowed thickly, wondering why she'd felt as if she'd just signed her death warrant.

Someone tapped her shoulder. She was already soaked, so she didn't notice when the rain stopped assaulting her. She glanced over her shoulder to see a very familiar boy.

"Grover?" she wondered. Then she noticed the umbrella he was holding and how he was sharing with her. They weren't friends, didn't exchange more than a string of sentences but Percy recalled that she'd met this scrawny boy when she saved him from the big bad bullies. "Oh, thanks."

He looked mildly shocked, which offended her. It wasn't like she was an ungrateful person, she just rarely found the chance and the right person who deserved her gratitude.

Actually, shielding her from the rain after she was soaked wasn't very nice.

She scowled, but before she could complain, the bus driver let out a horrified yell.

Surprised, she turned around, whatever she had to say to Grover dying in her throat when she saw the bat-like creature lunging, clawing at the bus driver, screeching.

"Where is she? Where is it?"

The passengers scattered; the umbrella held over her head was gone, blown by the wind and the monster turned to look at her. As if one wasn't horrifying enough, two more descended from the sky. Percy blinked the rain from her eyes but the weather seemed to be made to hinder her; the heavier the rain was, she harder it was for her to move and see.

She heard Grover yelped.

"Furies!" he cried in shock and fear. "All three of them..." he whimpered, sounding like he might pass out any moment now.

Percy frowned. "Like, the Greek myths?"

"This is no myth!" Grover yelled in panic. "This is real life!"

Mr. Brunner's words came crashing upon her, but before she could ask, try to clear the confusion in her mind, she was tackled.

She screamed when she felt talons digging into her sides as the bat-like creature roared in her face. As if the rain wasn't enough of a pain, the damn thing had to claw her!

What would she tell her mother when the woman notice this? Her mother always disapproved of Percy getting involved in fights and whenever she chose to fight with bullies, she always made sure she came out unscathed.

Fumbling for her ring, she flipped it, not trusting herself to catch it should she threw the ring as high as before. She didn't know why she was relying on the ring, but seeing as she wasn't dreaming (the pain was too real and so was the blood and the monster in her face), she thought that the ring had got to be real too.

The heavy bronze sword came, embedding itself in the monster's back, conveniently turning it into sulfuric gold dust. Percy snatched the sword as she tumbled down onto the ground.

She yelped, sure that she'd sprained her right ankle but sitting down and crying wouldn't be of any good to her.

She readied her sword (what happened to that beautiful scythe?) and tried to stay focus despite the pain. The two remaining monsters lunged at her and she hesitated; one, she could deal with, but two? Tough luck.


Percy blinked, distracted when she heard Grover's voice. He was holding tin cans in his hand, having hurled one at the third Fury and was readying another one. "I won't let you hurt that half-blood, monster!"

This was no time to be playing hero, Percy thought, but she didn't waste the chance as she broke into a sprint. She darted forward, her sword slicing through the closest monster. She blinked the dust out of her eyes, her vision focusing just in time as the whip came.

She twisted her body sideways, lashing her leg out in a roundhouse kick that sent the monster flying into the side of the bus. The bus dented in itself, making a very unpleasant noise, further increasing the chaos surrounding Percy; the cacophony of the passengers' screams, the pounding of the rain on hard surface and rumbling thunder were make her head pound in pain.

Percy didn't waste a moment, bringing her blade down on the monster that was struggling to regain its bearing.

"You did it," Grover whispered in awe, the rain so loud that it nearly drowned out his voice. "You defeated a Fury! Chiron was right after all, you're most likely a child of the Big Three—"

"What is the meaning of this?" Percy gestured wildly to the gold dust by her feet. "What- what is a fairy tale doing out of its book?"

"You're a demigod," Grover said, staring her in eye, completely serious. "That's the only reason why the Furies would attack you."

Percy was ready to call him a liar but something in her told her that he was right; and her instincts were always spot-on. She hesitated, staring him in the eye. "You're not lying," she remarked. A redundant statement.

"Okay, assuming this crap is real, why will they be after a demigod like me?"

"This is no joke, don't worry," Grover said. "Every monster hunts down demigods."


"Because... they're tasty with their godly heritage."

"Oh, I see, that makes things so much clearer. Thanks, I knew that much." Percy scoffed, opening her mouth to say more, but something connected with her cheek.

She whirled around, glaring at the child that had thrown the pebble. "What the hell?"


She flinched. "Are you blind?" she cried angrily. "The thing I killed is the monster! How dare you—" She faltered when she saw the apprehensive looks directed her way. "What is wrong with them—"

"Percy," Grover called sadly, tugging on her sleeve. "it's useless. Mortals see what they want to see."

"Explain," Percy snarled, not moving an inch even as Grover insisted they move along. "I'm not moving—" Not too far away, police sirens blared.

"We have to go or we'll be arrested!"

"We'll just tell them the truth!"

"No, Percy," Grover was already shaking his head even as she spoke. "This is the Mist's doing. It prevents mortals from seeing the truth of the world of demigods and monsters."

"You're not human," Percy said bluntly.

Grover nodded, not at all hurt; it wasn't like he was keen on being human anyway. "I'm not," he agreed, kicking off his shoes, revealing hooves and Percy thought she was about to pass out. "I'm what you'd call a satyr and I'm proud of it." For the first time since they met, he flashed her a grin.

"Okay... but—" Percy turned, hearing the sounds of guns being readied and the sound of humans screaming. She turned, seeing the policemen arriving, along with the reporters.

She had no choice: she turned, and ran into the forest.

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