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"HURRY UP LUIGI! GET MY SUIT CASES OVER HERE!" I yelled. "Link, you could help me." Luigi said as he dragged my suit cases through the field. (I am Link. I AM a girl!) "I could help, but I wont." I told him. Then I smirked at him. Luigi rolled his eyes and put down the suitcases. "What do you have in this thing anyway?!" he asked. "Clothes, a wii, a nintendo64, games, a 3DS, makeup, annnnd other stuff I can't remember." I said. "Hey! Look! Were here." Luigi told me while pointing to a big castle about 200 yards away. Castle Bleck. I smiled thinking about what I was going to do here. Then I helped Luigi with my oversized suitcase. I knocks on the door by swinging a hammer at it. "Is that really nessassary?" Luigi asked. "No." I said. Then the large door opened, and a blue skinned, pink haired women about 27 walked out. "Hello. I am Nastasia. Are you Miss. Link McCloud?" said the women. "Yeah, I am." I told her. "Okay, follow me." Nastasia said. Me and Luigi picked up my suit case and followed her through the castle. She took us to a room about the size of a class room with a bed, a TV, a desk and chair, a book shelf, and two night stands. "This is your room. Feel free to do what ever you want with it." she said. Then Nastasia left. "Well. I guess It is time to say bye." Luigi said. "Bye, Luigi! Oh! I almost forgot." I tossed him some coins from my suit case. "This is for helping me. Bye Luigi." Then Luigi left. The room was nice. It has a built in bathroom and some books on the book shelf. I went over to look at them and stuff. I immedently noticed that the book "Twilight" was on the shelf. I tossed that one out the window. I heard a muffled "Ow" from below. Then layed on my bed. "Tomorrow, Dimentio will be annoyed to death by me and who ever else wants to help"

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