A/N THIS IS BEING REWRITTEN! I'm completely re-writing the first two chapters since they had no paragraph spacing. Also I have hopefully matured a little bit with my writing. Just a notice for you first timers to this fic, Link is the name of my OC, and she is not the main character of Legend of Zelda for those of you that play that.

Link dragged her suitcase to the front door of Castle Bleck. Then she checked the adress to make sure she was at the right place. Hey, you never know. There could be two completely black castles hanging out in the middle of what was essentally a giant black hole.

Anyway, she knocked at the door and the assistant Nastashia answered it.

"Are you here about renting a room?" She asked

"Yes I am." Link then held out a fistfull of coins and waltzed into the castle.

Link wandered down the long, twisted hallways untill she found a hall of spare rooms with signs labled "Rental Appartments" over them. She walked in one of the rooms and plopped her things down. The rooms were large, but pretty basic in terms of decor. The walls were plain black like the rest of the castle with a single window looking out onto a dismal courtyard with grey, black, and purple flowers. Other things in the room were a white desk with a black rolling chair, a black bedframe and matress with no sheets, a closet, two black nightstands, and a black bookshelf. There was also a bathroom attached to the room with a full shower. Link glanced into a few of the other appartment rooms. They had little to no changes, the most major was a slight variation of where the bed was placed.

Link went back into her room and started to unpack. First sheets on the bed. (Green with pink cushions) Then books on the shelves, TV placed on a nightstand with a Wii and N64 hooked up, laptop and other stuff on the desk, and finally stuff in the bathroom. Suddenly, there was a knock at her door. She opened it to find... Dimentio.

"Listen, new person. The Count has sent me to tell you dinner is ready."

Dimentio then left, but slipped on a stray banana peel and fell over.

"This is going to be fun." Link cackled with a grin