Chapter 3

Jackie was truly happy being with Leroy Jethro Gibbs everything was finally going great for Jackie,and things would get even better.

Jackie,and Gibbs spent the two days they had off riding horses,shopping,working on Gibbs boat they watched movies,and ate popcorn the two days went by quickly when they arrived back at work Jackie was a bit fatter,and Tony was the first one who noticed.

Tony "Morning whoa somebody got a little fatter," Jackie "Thanks Tony right there is another reason to eat myself into a sugar coma." Tim "Morning Jackie you look beautiful." Ziva "You look like an angel."Jackie "Thank you both you two are my favorites as well as Abby,and Ducky."

Ziva "Jackie we have something special planned for you meet us in the Conference Room in five minutes." Jackie "Alright."

Ziva,Tim,and Tony all headed to the Conference Room Jackie waited for a little while when the five minutes from when everyone left the bullpen finally past Jackie got up from her desk chair,and headed to the Conference Room.

When she got there she opened the door everyone yelled surprise Jackie started crying her friends had a cake that said

"Wide load ahead." Jackie let out a laugh then she walked up to the cake took a hand full of cake,and shoved it in Tony's face.

Gibbs laughed Jackie walked up to Gibbs,then she kissed him she wrapped her arms around his neck then Gibbs looked at Tony again,and continued to laugh.

Gibbs "Looks like the cakes on you Tony."

Tony "Jackie just did this out of the blue Boss." Gibbs "Is that true Jackie ?" Jackie "Tony called me fat Gibbs,and of course the cake that said Wide load ahead didn't help so Tony had some cake."

Gibbs "I'm with Jackie on this one Tony."

Jackie "I win sorry Tony my husband is on my side." Tony "Boss can't I shove some cake in Jackie's face?" Gibbs "No you can't." Jackie "Aw poor Tony if he could carry a baby for nine months,and bleed from his lower half maybe then he'd respect women more,and stop thinking of them as mere play things."

Jackie went to the leave Conference Room whenever Gibbs walked up behind her,and rubbed cake in her face Jackie ran from the conference Room then she ran into the bathroom she washed the cake off her face.

Then she ran to the locker room changed her shirt she left the locker room,then she headed back to the bullpen she reached into her desk drawer,and pulled out her secure medicine just as she was about to take one of her pills Ducky was coming into the bullpen he ran up to her,and took the pill bottle from her hand.

Jackie "Ducky what the hell?!" Ducky "What are you taking my dear?" Jackie "My Secure medicine I have epilepsy Ducky." Ducky "Oh I'm so sorry my dear I thought it was something dangerous."

Jackie "No my medicine is the safest pill I can be on during pregnancy."Ducky "How long have you had epilepsy my dear?" Jackie "Since I was baby the doctors I went to gave me some kinda shit that brought the secures on so I've been like this since then." Ducky "Does Jethro know?"

Jackie hung her head,and started to cry then she looked at Ducky with tear filled eyes.

Jackie "No he doesn't know." Ducky "You should tell him."Jackie "Ducky Gibbs shoved cake in my face because I did it to Tony so you can imagine what a field day they would have if they knew I had a disease that could kill me at any second?"

Ducky "Jackie even though Gibbs,and Tony acted like big jerks doesn't mean you should keep a secret like this from everyone their you're friends they'll be there for you." Jackie "Yeah like a whole in the head."

Ducky "You told me does Abby know?" Jackie "No she doesn't I'll tell Abby,and that's it then you two will know." Abby "I over heard you're talk with Ducky Jackie I'm here for you."

Jackie "Thanks Abbs."Abby "You're welcome Jackie." Jackie "Promise me you'll keep this secret with me."

Ducky "I promise." Abby "I promise."

Jackie "Great now let's get to work hey can we go out to lunch later?" Abby,and Ducky "Sure." Jackie "Great see you guys later." Abby,and Ducky "See you later."

Abby went to her lab while Ducky went to Autopsy Jackie took her pill then she put the bottle back in her desk drawer as she closed her drawer Cake Boy ( Tony) came into the bullpen followed by Fake Knight ( Gibbs) Jackie put her head phones on as she did her paperwork.

In Autopsy Ducky was busy looking at Jackie's personal file sure enough he saw that what she told him was true he called Jackie's doctor back in her hometown,and discussed things with him.

Jackie's doctor told Ducky she doing better but she still had secure activity going on in her brain Ducky thanked Jackie's doctor for talking to him then they hung up their phones Ducky sat in Autopsy dumbfounded he couldn't believe that Jackie had epilepsy she seemed perfectly normal.

Around lunch time Jackie changed into her blue halter top dress she walked back into the bullpen Tony,Tim,and Gibbs all watched Jackie walk into the bullpen.

Tony "Wow Jackie's hot." Ziva "Shut up close you're mouths all of you especially you Gibbs she's you're wife,and you look at her like she's a mere play thing." Tony "We are men Ziva we are always going to look at women that way."

Tim "Leave me out of it I have complete,and total respect for Jackie as well as all women I see."

Tony "And yet you have no love life."Jackie "Says the skirt chaser Tim, Ziva would my two dearest friends care to join myself,Ducky,and Abby for lunch?"

Ziva "I'd love to."Tim "I'd be glad to."

Jackie "Wonderful just let me grab my purse,and my coat hey Abby Ducky ready everyone." Everyone "Yes." Jackie "Great let's go to lunch."

Jackie,and her friends headed to the elevator.

Ducky "I spoke to you're doctor back in you're hometown he said you're doing fine but you still have secure activity going on in you're brain." Jackie "Yep I do." Tim "I'm so sorry Jackie I'm here for you."

Ziva "So am I." Jackie "Thank you guys I'm glad I have such caring friends." Tim "We will always be here for you." Jackie "I know." Ducky "So where are we going to lunch?"

Jackie "How do you guys feel about sea food there is a place in Altoona where they serve the best sea food." Abby "Sounds good to me."

Ducky "Me too." Ziva "Sea food is alright with me." Tim "Sea food is a yes for me."Jackie "Great."

Jackie pulled out her cell phone

Jackie "Hey Kara how's my favorite girl hey I'd like make a reservation for myself,and my friends yep okay see you soon love you too bye Kara."

Jackie "Hey Jake yes have the limo outside NCIS Headquarters,and waiting thanks you're the best bye."

Jackie "Hey Michael yeah I'm good hey I'd like to rent the Ice rink for me,and my friends you have my card on file yep alright thanks bye."

Tim "Wow a limo,lunch,and Ice skating."

Abby "You're the best Jackie." Jackie "I know I've been waiting to show off for quite some time now." Ziva "Tony,and Gibbs are going be so jealous."Jackie "It's perfect then ah there's the limo come on."

Jake "Good afternoon Jackie where to?"

Jackie "To Altoona Jake to Red Lobster,then the Ice Rink,and here is a little extra for this trip."

Jake "Thank you Jackie." Jackie "You're welcome Jake."

Everyone got into the limo,and enjoyed the ride.

Tim "Jackie how can you afford a limo,and all the other fancy stuff?" Jackie "Because of my mum she gave me money every month to put up to spend on myself." Ziva "That was very nice of you're mum." Jackie "Yes it was my mum always was nice to me even though I was a pain in the ass."

Tim's cell phone went off

"Hello yeah Tony yes we are hold on here she is Jackie "What do you want cake boy uh huh oh really what the hell were doing in my desk put that picture back in the drawer you took it out of or I swear I will cut off the part you'll use on a woman if you ever get one Tony you dumbass oh you're dead Tony you're so dead!"

Jackie handed Tim his phone then she got her phone out again.

"Hey Kara yeah it's me again can I order five of the sea food platters,five of you're best damn deserts wait Kara sweetie make that order the usual number I order sweetie,and send them to NCIS Headquarters tell you're brother to put the food in the break room ice chest to keep them fresh okay I love you both bye."

Jackie "Jake?" Jake "Yes Jackie." Jackie "Please turn the limo around head back to NCIS Headquarters." Jake "You got it." Jackie "Thank you Jake." Jake "You're welcome Jackie." Jackie "Hey Michael it's me Jackie if you can keep the Ice Rink open late great thanks bye."

Tim "Jackie what are you going to do?"

Jackie "I'm going kill Tony or at least mame him then I'm going Ice Skating you all are still welcome to come with me if you like."

Everyone "We like." Jackie "Cool."

When the limo arrived back at the Navy Yard,and NCIS Headquarters Jake opened the door Jackie told Jake to wait Jake said he would wait Jackie ran into the parking lot then up the stairs to the bullpen whenever she got there Gibbs stopped her in her tracks.

Jackie "Get the hell out my way Gibbs or you'll lose something too." Ducky "Calm down my dear Tony is just trying to wind you up." Jackie "He has Ducky let me go I promise you I'm calm." Ducky "Alright my dear."

Jackie gave Ducky a hug then she pushed past Gibbs,walked up to Tony's desk saw the picture Tony took out of her desk Jackie went to reach for it.

When Tony picked it up off his desk he started running around bullpen then he headed up the stairs Jackie took her heels off tossed them to Tim then she started to run after Tony.

Tony "You can't catch me." Jackie "Give me back that picture you pervert that picture isn't for you're eyes give it back Tony right now!"

Tony "Why is this picture so important to you?" Jackie "Because you pervert it is now give it back."Ducky "Jackie watch out!" Jackie "Ahh!"

Jackie missed the first step lost her footing,and started to roll down the steps when she hit the final step she had her knees bent to protect the baby.

Ducky "Are you alright my dear?" Jackie "Yes I'm fine help me up Ducky please?" Ducky "There you are." Jackie "Thank you Ducky." Tony "Are you alright Jackie?"

Jackie didn't answer Tony instead she hulled off,and punched him right in the face he hit the floor.

Jackie "I believe that's mine thank you."

Tim "Who's that in the picture?" Jackie "That's me at age 3." Abby "Aw you were a little cutie." Ducky "You were adorable." Ziva "Such a sweetie." Jackie "Thank you guys." Gibbs "She was a cutie."

Jackie "Yes we already know all that why didn't you stop Tony from taking that picture out my desk drawer can't I have anything?"

Gibbs "Yes you can." Jackie "You better re think you're answer because I don't have you anymore do I?" Gibbs "You still have me I love you Jackie." Jackie "I love you too." Kara "Hey Jackie Ben,and I brought the food."

Jackie "Kara,Ben you two are looking very well how's you're mum?" Carly "I'm good hey sis."

Jackie "Carly you look great." Carly "Whoa you're pregnant." Jackie "I feel like a freaking beached whale,and according to my co worker Tony who's laying on the floor due to me punching him I'm a wide load ahead."

Carly "Oh I see well I say you're gorgeous." Jackie "Thank you Carly."Carly "You're welcome Jackie."

Kara,and Ben were walking back from the break room whenever they noticed how nice their aunt looked.

Kara "You look nice aunt Jackie." Ben "You do what's the occasion getting dumped by the guy with the silver hair?" Jackie "No but it will be kick my nephews ass day here in two minutes!"

Ducky "Calm down my dear you just fell down the stairs then you broke Tony's nose as you're friend,and you're doctor I'm telling you to sit down right now!"Jackie "Yes sir."

Jackie sat down at her desk then Ducky checked her blood pressure.

Ducky "Jackie You're blood pressure is as high as a kite." Jackie "I'm sorry everyone I'll calm down now is that better Ducky?" Ducky "Much better now we have a limo waiting to take us to the Ice Skating Rink I say we go enjoy ourselves,and Tony stay out of Jackie's desk while we are gone." Tony "Yes Ducky." Ducky "Good boy now let's go have fun."

Tim helped Jackie put her heels back on then Jackie,and her friends returned to the limo when they finally arrived at the Ice Rink Jackie,and friends entered it Micheal who knew Jackie's skate size handed her a pair of skates that were hers then she headed to the bleachers she put her skates on then she went on the Ice Tim couldn't believe how good Jackie could skate.

Tim went out on the Ice next the song Earth Girls Are Easy played as Jackie,and Tim skated

Ziva skated onto the Ice next Jackie,Tim,and Ziva skated to the song Jackie spun around the Ice her dress went up in the air.

Ducky,and Abby skated next Jackie,and her friends were having so much fun that Jackie didn't even notice that Gibbs skated onto the Ice she only noticed whenever she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist.

Jackie went to speak but was stopped by Gibbs lips on hers the kiss said it all it said I'm so sorry it said I love you,I want you,I love our baby everyone watched as the couple skated while kissing eachother.

The Song I Want You So Bad By Heart played next

The Gibbs's kept kissing,and skating Gibbs hand rested on Jackie's stomach Jackie smiled she was happy Gibbs loved her,and their baby Jackie pulled away from Gibbs,and began to skate on her own to the song Heartbeat by Don Johnson

Gibbs skated up to Jackie,and spun her around then they skated around the Ice Rink Gibbs did something he'd never do ever in his life he picked

Jackie up,and skated around the Ice Rink.

There's The Girl played next

Tony skated onto the Ice Jackie noticed him she skated up to him he was about leave the ice whenever Jackie hugged him.

Everyone skated the way Jackie was they made routine out of it the skating ended with Tim,and Jackie together skating once everyone was done they returned the skates they used Jackie put her heels back on.

Then Gibbs gave Tim the keys to his car Tim,Ducky,Abby Ziva,and Tony headed back to Washington in Gibbs's car while Gibbs,and Jackie headed back in the limo.

Jackie "I love you Jethro." Jethro "I love you too." Jackie "I'm sorry." Jethro "I'm sorry too I should have stopped Tony from taking that picture out of you're desk drawer." Jackie "That doesn't matter now I got the picture back,and I still have you." Jethro "Yes you do."

Jackie managed somehow to slide her panties off,and then she climbed into Gibbs lap seeing the lust in his eyes she kissed his lips he kissed her back then she slid his hand down between Jackie's legs,and began to stroke her slick folds she moaned Jackie looked into Gibbs eyes as he continued to stroke Jackie where he was stroking her.

Jackie "Wait Jethro let's finish this at home please I want you so bad I need you so much I want to have you inside me in our bed or the couch."

Jethro "Sure." Jackie "I'm sorry I just want us both to be comfortable while we make mad passionate love."

Jethro "I like the sound of that." Jackie "Me too but just to keep you in the mood here keep my panties with you." Jethro "I'll put them in my pocket." Jackie "I had fun skating tonight." Jethro "So did I." Jackie "The best part was when you skated onto the ice,and I had no idea oh the kissing was great too." Jethro "That was the best part of the evening."

When the limo arrived at the Navy Yard Jackie gave her friend Jake a hug then she,and Gibbs walked up the stairs to the bullpen Tim handed Gibbs his car keys Jackie gave Tony another hug then the Gibbs's headed home.

As soon they got home Jackie went into the kitchen to start the coffee pot Gibbs walked up behind her,and started stroking her again Jackie moaned really loud.

Jackie "Oh Jethro please?" Jethro "Please what?"Jackie "Don't stop I want you right now." Jethro "Come over to the couch." Jackie "Alright."

Jackie walked over to the couch she removed her dress then she laid down Gibbs removed his clothes then he climbed on top of Jackie very carefully so he wouldn't hurt their daughter.

Jackie looked into his eyes then she felt him enter her she moaned then she wrapped her legs around his waist which was hard to do they stayed still for a few seconds then Jackie brought her hips up to meet Gibbs's hips.

Gibbs bit down on Jackie's neck hard he drew blood Jackie screamed his name feeling his teeth break the skin on her neck Gibbs continued to make love to Jackie he let his hand slid down their bodies to stroke Jackie's little bundle of nerves Jackie came hard,and Gibbs came inside of Jackie the two of them laid on the couch sweaty,and out of breath then they kissed eachother Jackie was smiling so was Gibbs.

Jackie "Wow Jethro what got you so motivated?" Jethro "My gorgeous pregnant wife." Jackie "Aw that's so sweet." Jethro "So is the hickey I gave you." Jackie "I don't care I loved feeling you bite my neck." Jethro "Really you did?"

Jackie "Yes I really did Tony is going to have a field when he sees the hickey on my neck." Jethro "You can ware a scurf." Jackie "I can do that now I'd like to take a shower care to join me?" Jethro "Of course I'll shower with you."

Jackie,and Gibbs headed to their bedroom Gibbs turned the shower on then they stepped into shower Jackie turned to face Gibbs then she started kissing him the two began to make love in the shower Jackie moaned into Gibbs mouth as they made love.

Once they finished their shower Jackie went to bed Gibbs turned the shower off before he got into bed Jackie the next day Jackie got up,got dressed went downstairs,made some coffee she took a cup upstairs to Gibbs was asleep uncovered Jackie smiled at her sleeping Knight with Silver hair Jackie sat the cup of coffee on the night stand on Gibbs side of the bed then she leaned down to kiss him.

Jackie "Morning Jethro I brought you up some coffee." Jethro "Morning Jackie Thank you I'll get dressed soon." Jackie "I like you uncovered." Jethro "Oh you do do you?"

Jackie "Yes I do but we have to go to work,and I'm pretty sure Tony would have a field day oh there's something I have to tell you before we leave." Jethro "I'll get dressed what is it you have to tell me you sound like you're going to cry."

Jackie reached into her purse,and pulled out her secure medicine then she handed the bottle to Gibbs he looked at the bottle of pills then he looked at Jackie he sat down on the bed Jackie sat down next to him she waited for him to ask her questions.

Jethro "Why didn't you tell me you were taking secure pills how long have you had epilepsy are these pills safe to take while you're carrying our baby?"Jackie "I was afraid you'd be mad at me since I was a baby,and yes there safe for me to take while I'm carrying our baby."

Jethro "I'm not mad you can tell me anything remember?" Jackie "Yes I remember."

Jethro "Who all knows about you're epilepsy?"

Jackie "You,Ducky,Abby,Tim,and Ziva."

Jethro "We'll be by you're side through this I promise you that." Jackie "I know you guys will be by my side but Jethro you have to understand that epilepsy is a part of me it's not going away." Jethro "I understand that is there anything I can do for you?" Jackie "Just love me forever whatever happens."

Jethro "You got it now I'll finish getting dressed so we can go into work that scurf you're warring matches you're outfit so well." Jackie"Thank you so much for that sweet complement."

Jethro "You're welcome."

Gibbs finished getting ready for work they grabbed their stuff then they headed to work once they arrived at work Jackie gave Gibbs a kiss on the lips then they went,and sat down at their desks Jackie smiled at Gibbs,and Gibbs smiled at Jackie then Jackie got work on some paperwork.

Tony "Nice scurf Jackie what's the occasion you always have you're neck bare?" Jackie "I needed something to go with my outfit now if you gentlemen will excuse me I have to go to the bathroom the baby makes me go constantly."

Gibbs "You're excused hurry back beautiful." Jackie "I'll try handsome think of me."

Gibbs "Always."

Jackie went to the bathroom meanwhile Tony was wondering why Jackie was acting so strange,and he still wanted to know what was up with the scurf on her neck.

Jackie texted Abby,and told her about the hickey that Gibbs had given her Abby said she would be right up to see it when Abby walked into the bathroom Jackie was smiling,and looking at her neck Abby took at the hickey on Jackie's neck,and smiled too.

Abby "That's one hell of hickey girl." Jackie "I know Abbs I don't want Tony to see it so I'm warring a scurf." Abby "That's a good Idea,and it goes with you're outfit." Jackie "Yes it does."

Jackie,and Abby left the bathroom talking then they gave eachother a hug Abby went back to her lab,and Jackie walked over to Gibbs desk whispered in his ear,kissed his cheek then she went back to her desk,sat down,and continued to do paperwork.

As she was working on piles of paperwork her phone rang Jackie didn't bother to pick up so answered it for Jackie

Ziva "Hello she's busy right now can I take a message okay I'll tell her bye."Jackie "Who was was it Ziva?" Ziva "They didn't say but here." Jackie "Thanks Ziva." Ziva "You're welcome Jackie."

Jackie looked at the message then she smiled.

Gibbs "What's wrong Jackie?" Jackie "Nothing Gibbs I have to go out real quick I'll be back in a few minutes I love you Gibbs." Gibbs "Love you too Jackie."

Jackie left the bullpen when she got to her car she headed to meet her niece when she arrived at the restaurant she met India then they sat down at their table.

Jackie "Hey India you look great Ron it's nice to see you again so how are you India?" India "I'm good holy crap on a cracker you're pregnant." Jackie "Yeah I am 5 months to be exact."

Ron "Congratulations." Jackie "Thank you Ron." Ron "You're welcome Jackie I think we are being watched." Jackie "What?"

Jackie turned around then she spotted Gibbs, Tim,Tony,and Ziva Tony,and Gibbs waved at Jackie then she waved back.

Jackie "Excuse me for a minute there might be some blood shed." India"Sure Jack."

Jackie got up from where she was sitting then she walked over to where her Boss,and team were sitting.

Jackie "I see you're all here you couldn't wait could you,you just couldn't wait to see who I was meeting?" Tony "I was hungry." Tim "I'm just here for lunch." Jackie "What's you're excuse Zee huh?" Ziva "Lunch." Gibbs "I was hungry like these three,and I was also curious you left the Bullpen in a hurry to meet who you were meeting that you didn't even kiss me bye?"

Jackie gave Gibbs the bye kiss she forgot to give him it was long,and passionate then she stopped kissing Gibbs long enough to catch her breath.

Jackie "There's a kiss bye now can I please go back to my table?" Gibbs"Answer the question who are you meeting why you left the bullpen in such a hurry?" Jackie "Gibbs like the ops we do most of them are need to know well this is need to know." Gibbs "Please tell me I'm you're husband,and you're Boss so please tell me?!"

Jackie "Fine since you just made an ass out of you're self by yelling at me,and you upset our daughter that she's kicking me very hard I'll tell you in fact why don't come meet who I'm having lunch with?" Gibbs "I will."

Gibbs followed Jackie back to her table.

Jackie "Hey guys this is my Boss,and my husband Leroy Jethro Gibbs Gibbs this is India my niece,and you know Ron there are you satisfied now?" Gibbs "Yes I am."

The song Someday began to play Jackie walked on to the dance floor,and began to dance India,and Ron joined Jackie on the dance floor Jackie looked at Gibbs he walked onto the dance floor,and began to dance with Jackie Ron was dancing with India then he took Jackie's hand,and began to with her Jackie leaned forward then she kissed Ron he kissed her back.

Gibbs ran out of the restaurant Jackie ran after him when she finally caught up with him she turned him to face her then she kissed him hard she felt him wrap his arms around her waist they continued to kiss but what they didn't know was that someone was watching the whole thing.

Jackie "I'm so sorry Jethro I love you so much It was a friendly kiss,and for a minute I think India was happy to see her aunt,and ex uncle together." Jethro "It's alright I'm going home to sand my boat would you like to come with me?"

Jackie "Yes I would but I thought maybe we could sand you're boat together." Jethro "That sounds good to me come on." Jackie "I'll follow you home."Jethro "Alright."

Jackie kissed Gibbs again then she headed to her car when she got to her car she stood next to the door,and started to cry then she went to open her door whenever she felt that weird feeling that someone was watching her.

Jackie "Paula what the hell are you doing here in Washington did you finally join you're ancestries who are reelects in the Smithson?" Paula "My class had a field trip today."

Jackie "Oh I see well I'm headed home do you mind going back to you're life,and leave me the hell alone?"

Paula "No not yet you see Jackie you made the four years that I taught you a misery for me." Jackie "Oh I see well guess what you made my four years that you taught me a living hell then you had enough balls to call my sister's kids uncle a cereal killer you didn't even know Ron,and you passed judgment on him you,and you're bible thumping family have tortured my family ever since we lived in St. Lawrence."

Jackie started crying.

Jackie"Well guess what Paula you're family is nothing but a bunch fuckers now if you excuse me I have a husband who is probably pulling into our drive way by now,and wondering where I am so get the hell away from my car door before things get as ugly as you are."

Paula "Just one more thing before I go I will get my revenge on you someway somehow."

Jackie "And I have something to add to that I'm federal agent now my team has my back so you come after me they'll get you travel safely home Paula goodbye for good."

Jackie got into her car,and headed home as soon as she got to her,and Gibbs's house she locked the doors,and windows then she called Tony,and told him what was going on.

Tony told Jackie he'd let the others know then they'd take shifts protecting her Jackie thanked Tony then went into the kitchen she turned on the coffee pot she picked up the cup she drank tea out of she started breathing heavy then she through it against the wall,and screamed.

Gibbs heard the noise then he ran upstairs when he did he found Jackie sitting on the floor crying he walked up to her,wrapped his arms around her she looked into his eyes he saw the fear in her eyes then he knew something was wrong.

Jethro "What's wrong?" Jackie "Nothing much I'm just in danger let's go sand the boat." Jethro"The boat can wait you said you're in danger what do you mean you're in danger?" Jackie "I mean I'm in danger." Jethro "Jackie you have me really worried please tell me what kind of danger it is so the team,and I can protect you,and our baby."

Jackie "An old teacher of mine was here in Washington with her class as part of their field trip she found me as I was just getting ready to leave the restaurant she said she'd get her revenge on me someway somehow."

Jethro "I'm going to call Tony,Ziva,and Tim I'll ask them to come watch the house as well as you."Jackie "Jethro Tony already knows I called him he said he'd call the others they are going to take shifts watching the house,and me if my old teacher shows up they'll get her." Jethro "I'll keep you safe Jackie you're old teacher won't get you the team,and I will stop her I promise you."

Gibbs hugged Jackie close to his body as he was hugging her there was knock at the door Jackie jumped out of Gibbs arms,and went into the kitchen to hide behind something Gibbs went to answer the door he had his sig raised.

Gibbs "Who's there?" Tony "It's me Boss Tony I brought Tim,and Ziva with me can we come in?"Jackie "Sure Tony." Tony "Hey Boss,hey Jackie how are you?" Jackie "Well to be honest Tony I'm scared shitless right now."

Tim "We'll protect you we'll take shifts."

Jackie "Thank you guys for doing this."

Ziva "You're welcome we are going to make sure that you're old teacher stays away from you." Tony "No one is going to hurt you or the baby as long as we're here." Jackie "You three are the best you all know you have to give up any plans you had until this crap ends."

Tony "Yeah we know but to keep you safe I know I can handle it." Jackie "Great I'll call,and get us some take out." Gibbs "Sounds good." Tim "Jackie you're really brave." Jackie "Thanks Tim I've dealt with Paula Link before she's nothing but a bubble butt bitch."

Jackie ordered some take out when it arrived Ziva opened the door,and paid for the food Jackie gave Ziva $30.00 dollars in return for paying for the food.

Gibbs got the plates out of the cubert then he set the table as Jackie,and Ziva were getting the food out the bag there was a knock at the door Tim went to see who it was he had his gun drawn.

Tim "Who is it?" India "It's me India can I come in Jack I have Tessa with me." Jackie "Of course you can come on in Tim put you're gun away." Tim "Sorry just doing my job." Jackie "I know but these girls are my family." India "Jack what's wrong why are you're team mates ready shoot?"

Jackie "I'm in danger Inny Paula Link said she's going to get her revenge on me someway somehow so my teammates are here to keep me,and you're soon to be born cousin safe." India "You guys can protect my aunt right?" Ziva "Yes we can,and we will."

India,and Tessa gave Jackie a hug they were crying Jackie tried to hold back her tears but she failed whenever India placed her head against her fat stomach after her cousin kicked she realized then that she herself was truly in danger she knew her team mates would fight like hell to protect her as well as India,and Tessa.

Jackie "You girls also know that you're in danger as well because Paula will try to get to me by hurting you girls she knows I love my family so she sees that as a way to get to me." Tim "We will protect you girls as well you're aunt,and you're soon to be born cousin." India "Thank you Tim,Tony Ziva." Gibbs "Now India you,Jackie,and Tessa will have agents around you everywhere you go."

Jackie "Except for the bathroom us laddies need our privacy." Gibbs "Except for the bathroom my team,and myself will keep my girls safe."

Jackie "I know you will you're girls love you for that now let's eat because I'm so hungry I could eat a horse or two."

India "Jack you haven't changed a bit."

Jackie "Only my waist line,and my last name." Tessa "You're still pretty Jackie." Jackie "Thank you Tessa,and you're still my Tessa how's you're daddy holding up?" Tessa "My daddy is holding up alright he still misses mummy."

Jackie "I still miss you're mummy too Tessa Becky was one of my best friends I wish she was still with us." Tessa "So do I." Jackie "I'll always be here for you Tessa you can come over,and spend the night,you can play with Karen once she is born."

Tessa "I'd like that thank you Jackie." Jackie "You're welcome Tessa now let's eat before Tony gets all the food." Tony "Hey I heard that." Jackie "Sorry Tony I was just teasing."

Tony "It's okay." Jackie "Come here Tony give me a hug you're like a big brother to me Tony."

Tony "And you're like little sister to me Jackie."

Everyone sat down to eat Gibbs looked at Jackie for a few seconds before he spoke.

Jethro "Karen?" Jackie "Yeah You don't like it Karen was mine,and India's aunt Terri's middle name,and I thought it would be perfect for our daughter." Jethro "I love it." Jackie "Really?" Jethro "Yes." Jackie "I love you Jethro."

Jethro "I love you too Jackie."

What Jackie didn't know was that Paula was sitting right outside the Gibbs's house waiting for the right moment to get her revenge on Jackie.

Jackie "India,Tessa I hate to sound like a mum here but it's bedtime you're uncle Jethro,and I have work tomorrow,and I know I could use some rest,and I'm sure you girls could use rest as well." India "Do we have to go to bed?"

Jackie "Yes you have to you two get to come work with us tomorrow." India "YES!" Jethro "Now off to bed with you young laddies goodnight."

Tessa "Goodnight Uncle Jethro."

Jackie watched as Tessa,and India ran upstairs to their guest rooms she smiled then she looked at Gibbs who was smiling as well then they went to bed.

The next morning Tessa,and India were up,and dressed India had breakfast ready for everyone Jackie,and Gibbs came downstairs ready for work India handed them plates of food Jackie smiled so did Gibbs everyone ate breakfast.

Tony "Morning you two now Jackie the Boss, myself,Tim,and Ziva we be on protection duty while we are at work,and the same at the crime scene if you're old teacher tries to attack you or the girls we'll get her."Jackie "I know Tony,you guys will be like shadows on a wall in a haunted house ready to go girls?" India,and Tessa "Yes." Jackie "Then let's go."

Everybody left the Gibbs's house Tim,and Ziva rode to work with Jackie,and Gibbs while Tony drove India,and Tessa Jackie knew she,and the girls would be safe as long as they had her team mates protecting them.

Meanwhile Paula Link was following Tony,and the girls when Jackie,and her team mates arrived at NCIS Headquarters Jackie,and girls along with Tim headed inside the building Gibbs,Tony,and Ziva went inside the building next.

Gibbs "We checked the parking lot it's safe."

Tony "I could have sworn the girls,and I were being followed." Paula Link "You were I came to get my revenge." Jackie "I knew it so what are you go do Paula huh shoot me?" Paula Link "Yes that is exactly what I'm going to do."

Jackie "I wouldn't put anything past you I mean you turned me in for having my belly button pierced,called me the school slut you treated me like dirt all four years of High School now you're standing here in the place were I work with a gun aimed at me wanting,and waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger Paula Link Joe Leiden's favorite person is about kill his least favorite person." India "Leave Jack alone she did noting to you." Tessa "Yeah Leave her alone you big bitch."

Paula aimed the gun at Tessa,and India that's when something inside Jackie snapped even though she was 5 months pregnant she manged to bring her foot up,and kick the gun out of Paula's hand Tony caught the gun then Jackie punched Paula right in the face she hit the floor with a thud.

Jackie "Don't you ever ever aim a gun at my niece or my daughter ever again or you'll be the one who'll end up with a bullet in her head do you understand me you bible thumping fucking fat bitch Tim,and Ziva put the cuffs on this bitch before I shoot her." Tim "Sure Jackie."

Ziva "Are you alright?" Jackie "I'm fine Zee."

Tim,and Ziva put the cuffs on Paula then took to where the police would pick her up India,and Tessa ran to Jackie she hugged them,and kissed their heads Jackie looked at Gibbs who mouthed the words I love you she mouthed the words back to him.

Tessa "You were so brave Jackie." India "The kick was cool too." Jackie "I had to be brave she had the gun aimed at my girls,and I wasn't about to lose you two because of some bubble butt bitch." India "We love you Jack."

Jackie "I love you girls too." Gibbs "So India when do you go home?"Jackie "Are you trying to get rid of my niece Gibbs?"Gibbs "No I wanted to take my girls out dinner tonight."

India "I'll go home in a couple of days I drove here myself to see my aunt,and meet Tony."

Jackie,Gibbs,and Tessa "TONY." India "Yeah Tony." Jackie "Oh for the love Pete you're in love Tony oh no my niece is in love with Tony now I know we're in the Twilight zone." Tessa "I thought you'd be more interested in Tim."

India "Tony is more my type." Jackie "Yeah if you like skirt chasers because he likes anything in a skirt." India "I can change him."

Jackie "Changing diapers are a hell of a lot easier to change then Tony." India "Get over it Jack I love Tony."Gibbs "We don't want you to get hurt India we love you." India "I love you guys too but I also love Tony,and I want to be with him."

Jackie "Well I for one will swallow my pride,and let you be with Tony." India "Thanks Jack." Jackie "You're welcome India."

Gibbs slapped Jackie on the back of the head Jackie looked at Gibbs slowly then she walked up to him everyone noticed then they were about to gasp,and they did when they saw Jackie return Gibbs famous head slap to him only she hit him much harder.

Everyone's eyes went wide they were shocked then there was silence in the Bullpen India,and Tessa saw anger in both Jackie's eyes,and Gibbs's eyes.

Gibbs"Conference Room Now!" Jackie "Lead The Way Boss!" Gibbs "Follow Me!" Jackie "Gladly!"

Jackie followed Gibbs to the conference Room when they reached the room Gibbs through his jacket over the security camera then he picked Jackie up,and set her on the table.

Jackie "Nice acting Jethro."Jethro "You weren't bad earthier the head slap kinda hurt though." Jackie "I'm so sorry let me make it better?"

Jackie leaned forward kissed Gibbs head where she hit him then Gibbs slipped his hands under Jackie's skirt he could feel how she was wet,and ready for him due to her panties being wet with her juices Gibbs could smell Jackie's arousal it made him hard instantly Jackie lifted her hips high enough for Gibbs to remove her panties.

Once they were off Gibbs made love to Jackie in the conference Room Jackie Through her head back,and moaned with passion meanwhile in the Bullpen Tony was trying to see what was going on in the conference Room but all he got was static Jackie,and Gibbs returned to the Bullpen a few hours later Tessa,and India noticed Jackie had a glow about her not to mention they noticed Gibbs had some lipstick on his lips.

Jackie winked at Gibbs then at the girls then she went to sit at her desk she started to do the rest of the paperwork that was on her desk then she kissed the folder then she placed the folder on Gibbs desk then she kissed his cheek then she walked back to her desk,and sat down.

Gibbs winked at Jackie Gibbs,and Jackie exchanged looks during the work day once it was time to go home Gibbs,Jackie,Tessa,and India went home.

India took Tessa home Jackie hugged the girls then she went into the kitchen,and started dinner for Gibbs,and herself Gibbs walked up behind Jackie wrapped his arms around her waist Jackie smiled Gibbs smiled back then he snuck a cookie she play smacked his hand then they laughed then Gibbs set the table.

Jethro "Sit down I'll finish dinner you've had one hell of a day." Jackie "Oh Jethro that's so sweet." Jethro "Here you go." Jackie "Thank you Jethro." Jethro "You're welcome Jackie."

Gibbs placed the food on the table then Jackie,and Gibbs ate during dinner Jackie started feeling a little tired after dinner Gibbs did the dishes while Jackie laid down on the couch.

She fell asleep once Gibbs did the dishes he covered Jackie up,kissed her cheek,then he went upstairs to bed around 4 AM Jackie woke up,went upstairs,and got into bed she was careful not to wake Gibbs he was sleeping soundly.

The next day Gibbs woke up to find Jackie asleep next to him he smiled then he wrapped his arms around her waist she scooted back just enough to be close to him.

Jackie "Morning Jethro." Jethro "Morning Jackie." Jackie "Come on let's get ready for work." Jethro "Just a few more minutes."

Jackie "Alright I'll head into work early you can stay in bed I think I'll grill Tony,and India." Jethro "I want to be there when you grill them." Jackie "Then get you're butt out of bed."

Gibbs got out bed then he got dressed Jackie,and Gibbs ate breakfast then they left for work when arrived at work Tessa,and India were there Jackie had secret she was keeping from Tessa Jackie knew she had to tell Tessa the secret she also knew it help ease her mind she just hoped Tessa wouldn't hate her after she told Tessa the secret she was keeping from her.

Jackie "Tessa come here sweetie I need to tell you something it's about you're real father."
Tessa "What about my real father who is he?"

Jackie "You know my friend Ron?" Tessa "Yes I know him." Jackie "He's you're real father sweetie not Bruce Barry." Tessa "I want to meet my real father." Jackie "Sure thing sweetie he's waiting for us in the Conference Room as well as Robert are you mad at me now Tessa?" Tessa "No I'm not mad I'm glad you told me." Jackie "Come on let's go see Ron." Tessa "Alright."

Tessa took Jackie's hand then they headed to the Conference Room where Ron,and Robert were waiting on them Tessa took a seat next to Jackie Ron sat at the end of the table,and Robert sat across from Jackie.

Jackie took a deep breath before she spook she looked at Tessa then she smiled.

Jackie "I'm sure that you two men are wondering why you're here so i'm just going to say it flat out I asked you both here today so I can share something with you that needs to be said."

Ron "I already know the secret." Robert "What the hell is going on here?!" Jackie "Robert Bruce Barry isn't Tessa's real father." Robert "If Bruce Barry isn't Tessa's real father then who is?" Ron "I am,I'm Tessa's real father."

Robert "I don't believe this the whole time we've been friends you've been keeping this from me,and my family how could you keep this from us from Tessa?!" Tessa "Jackie told me I'm not mad at her I'm glad she told me."

Robert "You lied to us from the beginning how in the hell can I trust you again." Ron "She was lying to protect Tessa from getting hurt."

Jackie "When you're brother turned up dead,and you told me that Bruce was threatening to kill Tessa if Tom didn't pay him I wanted to tell you right then,and there but I didn't because I knew my Boss,and teammates would ask me 20 questions I was protecting Tessa I was protecting my daughter,and I always will protect her."

Robert "She's my daughter now,and from now on she'll have nothing more to do with you come on Tessa." Jackie "No Robert you can't keep me from seeing Tessa."

Robert "Yes I can she's my daughter not you're's,and that's the end of this conversation say goodbye to Jackie Tessa." Tessa "Goodbye Jackie." Jackie "It's not goodbye Tessa sweetie we'll see eachother again I love you Tessa." Tessa "I love you too."

Robert pulled Tessa out of the Conference Room

Jackie started crying she got up off her knees then she ran out if the Conference Room then she chased after Robert when she caught up with they started screaming at eachother.

Jackie "Robert you can't keep me from Tessa I'll take this to court I lied with the best intentions to keep Tessa safe." Robert "You lied to my family you may have done it with the best intentions but you still lied to us." Jackie "Robert think about Tessa you're scaring her Tessa Tessa look what you did you moron." Robert "Look what I did look what did?"

Jackie "You caused Tessa to run off."

Robert "Let's go find her."

Meanwhile Tessa was hiding in Abby's lab.

Abby "Hey Tessa what's a matter sweetie."

Tessa "My daddy is fighting with Jackie because she lied to our family about who my real father is my daddy won't let me see Jackie anymore." Abby "Everything will be fine Tessa you'll get to see Jackie again."

Jackie ran into Abby's lab,picked Tessa up,and hugged her tightly then she kissed Tessa they both were crying Robert could see the special bond Jackie,and Tessa had then he felt like a jackass he knew he couldn't separate Tessa,and Jackie after Jackie was Tessa's real mum.

Robert "I was wrong I can't keep you two apart I apologize for what I said."

Jackie "And I apologize for not telling you,and Becky the truth earlier thank you for not keeping us apart."

Tessa "Are you two friends again?" Robert "Yes we are."Tessa "Good." Jackie "Now if you two will excuse me I have my niece,and my co-worker to grill." Tessa "Can I come watch you grill them?" Jackie "Sure you can,you can come to Robert." Robert "Alright."

Jackie piggybacked Tessa out of Abby's lab then she,Tessa,and Robert headed to the Bullpen when they got there Jackie sat Tessa in her chair then she walked up to Tony's desk where she noticed India,and Tony making out she cleared her throat they didn't stop kissing.

Then she decided that the direct approach wasn't working so she decided to be straight forward She walked over to Gibbs's desk he helped her up onto his desk then Jackie let a scream

Jackie "ENOUGH! India,and and Tony get you're asses to the Interrogation Room now!"

Tony,and India headed to the Interrogation Room Gibbs helped Jackie down off his desk then she along with her teammates,her Boss,Tessa,and Robert all headed to the Interrogation Room Gibbs,Tim,Ziva,Abby,Ducky,Jenny,Robert,and Tessa all watched as Jackie Interrogated Tony, and India.

Jackie "What the hell do you two think you're doing kissing during work hours India you should know better,and Tony you,you are Gibbs senior field agent Gibbs expects more from you he wants you to give you're all on the job not making out with my niece." Tony "You,and the Boss make out,and do more during work hours."

Jackie "That's different Tony,Gibbs and I are married we're also going to have a baby plus I have more say over you,and India being together because India is my niece." India "That's not fair Jack you're Gibbs's employee so why is it okay if you guys make out,and do more,and it's not okay for us to do the same?"

Jackie "Life isn't fair India you have to deal with it day by day,and as it comes you are a young woman who is in love but you don't understand what kind of trouble love can bring you." Tony "I know you're concerned about India because you're her aunt,and worried that I won't be good to her but I will I promise."

Jackie "Tony you have a very rocky past with woman in all truth Tony you're dating history sucks." Tony "I may have a had few bad relationships." Jackie "A few Tony?"

Tony "Okay a lot but I'll make it work between India,and I you may not believe it but I love India I really love her."

Jackie "I believe you Tony but mark my words you hurt my niece in anyway shape,size,or form and I will hunt you down,and once I find you Tony I'll kill you no I won't do that Gibbs will have you're badge understand me?" Tony "Yes I understand you."Jackie "Good now India you drive you'reself carefully back home,and Tony you get back to you're desk,and get back to work." India "Yes Ma'am." Tony "Yes Ma'am."

Jackie watched as India left the Interrogation Room in tears,and she also watched as Tony left the Interrogation Room,and went back to his desk the tension was thick you couldn't cut it with the knife from Psycho.

Tessa,and Robert left the Navy yard Jackie sat in the Interrogation Room by herself until Gibbs walked in he sat next to her he wrapped his around her Jackie rested her head on his shoulder.

Gibbs "Are you okay Jackie." Jackie "Yeah I'm okay do you think I was to hard on Tony,and India?" Gibbs "No I don't think you were to hard on them." Jackie "I'm sorry if I was but I'm concerned because before India was born my sister almost miscarried when she was pregnant with India."

Gibbs "I'm glad she didn't miscarry."Jackie "So am I, Gibbs there's something you need to know it's about Tessa." Gibbs "What about Tessa?" Jackie "Her real father is Ron not Bruce Barry." Gibbs "Did you tell Tessa?" Jackie "Yes I told her." Gibbs "How did she take the news?"

Jackie "She took it pretty well she's not mad at me let's put it that way oh being a mother isn't very easy."

Gibbs "No It's not but you've done a good job half raising Tessa,you also helped you're sister take care of her kids so you'll make a really great mum to our daughter come on let's go home." Jackie "Okay help me off the floor thank you oh it's a bitch trying to get off floor thank god I have you to help me." Gibbs "Yes you do."

Gibbs,and Jackie walked hand in hand out of the Interrogation Room when they reached the bullpen Jackie put her coat on,grabbed her purse,and her bag then she waited for Gibbs once he was by her side they left NCIS Headquarters.

Once they got into their cars they headed home as soon as they got home Jackie opened her car door,and stepped on the walk way when it started to rain she started to run whenever Gibbs grabbed her then they kissed outside their house in the rain.

Jackie "I love you Jethro." Jethro "I love you too Jackie come on let's go inside." Jackie "Okay." Jethro "Jackie there's something for you." Jackie "It's letter from my aunt Terri's sister Sharon I'll have to write back to her."Jethro "We're you close to you're aunt's sister?"Jackie "Yes I was I'm going to go shower care to join me Mr. Gibbs." Jethro "Yes I'm right behind you."

Jackie,and Gibbs went to there bedroom while Gibbs turned the shower on Jackie called Abby, Ziva,Tim,Ducky,Tony,and Jenny,and asked them help her with something she explained that she wanted to dance during work hours

,and she needed help staling Gibbs until she was ready they told Jackie they would help her she thanked them then she removed her wet clothes,and headed into the bathroom where she bumped into a naked Gibbs she smirked when she started having dirty thoughts.

They got into the shower once they finished their shower they went to bed the next morning while Gibbs slept Jackie found the perfect outfit she smiled when she saw Gibbs start to move in bed Gibbs got up,got dressed then they went downstairs Jackie,and Gibbs ate then they grabbed their stuff,and left for work.

Once they arrived at the Navy Yard Jackie headed up to Jenny's office when she got there Jenny,Abby,Tony,Tim,Ziva,and Ducky where ready Jackie got dressed then the others went downstairs Jackie waited for her cue Tim played the song Show Me How You Burlesque from the movie Burlesque.

Jackie started to sing the song then she began to walk down the stairs she sat on the railing,and slid down it once she reached the bullpen Jackie started to dance around Jenny,Abby,and Ziva were singing along with Jackie Ducky Tim,and Tony were dancing with the girls.

When Jackie hit the high note everyone smiled at her Gibbs got up from his desk Jackie,and Gibbs finished dancing to the together then they kissed eachother.

The next song was Welcome To Burlesque also from the movie Burlesque as Jackie danced,and sang the song she had her eyes on Gibbs,Gibbs had his on eyes on her.

Jackie danced up to Gibbs sat down on his lap,and kissed him she could feel that he wanted her she wanted him too the next song Tim played was Dancing In The Dark by DEV

Tim took Jackie's hand then she,and Tony danced together then Ducky cut in Jackie rested her head on Ducky's chest she loved Ducky as a friend,and father figure Gibbs wanted to dance with his wife so he tapped Ducky on the shoulder then Ducky passed Jackie onto Gibbs she rubbed her head against Gibbs chest as the dancing continued someone showed up to see Jackie she was so shocked she ran away from everyone hid in the Conference Room,and called her mum.

Debbie said she was on her way Jackie stayed in the Conference Room for a little while longer then she took a deep breath left the Conference Room went back to the bullpen,and joined the group.

Jackie "Hi everyone mum you came."

Debbie "When you called me,and told what was going on I wanted to be there for my baby girl who's not a baby anymore." Kenny "I have the right to see my daughter."

Debbie "Right what right do you think you have to see Jacqueline because you use to send an check every month or because she spent time with you a couple times or because you paid for her 2009 trip to England a father is supposed to be there for his child 24/ 7 not when he feels like it."

Kenny "I would have been there for her 24/7 if you wouldn't pushed me away,and if it wasn't for Lucie lying to me about what Jacqueline wanted." Debbie "She's better off without you."

Jackie started crying,and she began to feel sick to her stomach listening to her mum,and her dad fighting about what's best for her.

Jackie "Please stop fighting about me I can make own choices,and I have this is my life I'm an NCIS special agent I'm married to my Boss,and I'm 6 months pregnant with my,and Gibbs's first baby a daughter I chose to live my life with only my mum as my parent because she was there for through everything school bullies,my bitching during my periods,Ron,and I getting together

when Ron,and I split up she was even there for me when I had my last secure she's put up with me when i've been a pain in the ass she's been the one who whipped my tears,cleaned up my bumps,and bruises,popped my zits watched I Love Lucy with me bought me whatever I wanted she was there to guide me she showed that I could amount to something that I could be someone who could,and can do good she's the only parent i've known since I was a baby,and she'll always the only parent i've known I love you mum."

Debbie "I love you too Jack So who is who here?" Jackie "Mum may I present to you my co- workers,and best friends Tim McGee,Tony DiNozzo,Ziva David, Donald Ducky Mallard,Abby Scuito,this is our Director Jenny Shepard,and last but not least this is Leroy Jethro Gibbs my Boss,and my husband everyone this my mum Debbie."

Debbie "It's so nice to meet all of you Jack has told me all about you in her letters." Ducky "It's so nice to meet the women who gave birth to such a beautiful young woman." Jackie "Ducky you are so sweet as always." Tim "You're daughter is a very good agent she solved 3 cases since she's been a part of our team."

Tony "You're daughter is kind hearted." Ziva "She is good at what she does." Abby "She's a good friend to us all." Jenny "She's very brave too." Gibbs "She's the best thing that ever happened to me,and she is a very good agent."

Debbie "Wow it's so good to hear good things about my youngest daughter."

Jackie "Yep things are going really well I'm happy for the first time in along time,and the best part is no one can stop me from happy this time so how is our family doing do they know that I'm so very happy?" Debbie "Tom,Betty,and India know about you're great happiness,and their proud of you."

Jackie "And India is in love with Tony I was against it at first but then I remembered everyone was against Ron and I being together so I gave in." Debbie "You'll take care of India won't you Tony?" Tony "Of course I will." Debbie "Then you may date my granddaughter."

Jackie "Oh watch out Tony you'll have my mum,and my uncle riding you're asses they ruin what you,and India have like they did to what I had with Ron." Tony "What did they do Jackie?"

Jackie "They acted like I was a disease Ron was going to catch they always had things for him to do when he came to visit me George told me to leave the man alone my mum told me I was selfish bitch for wanting to be with him she always waited until Ron,and I were about to have sex or were having sex to go to the bathroom so I'd hear footsteps while we were into it or she'd call me to do the dishes whenever Ron,and I wanted to be alone I barely saw him."

Tony "I'll watch out I love India,and I want to be with her but we'll need plenty of privacy."

Jackie "The only time Ron and I could have privacy is when we out or when we went on our trips away from my house other then that I'm sure if you asked my mum,and my uncle they could tell you how I moaned."

Debbie "She's joshing you all we never did anything like that." Jackie "You did more then that you caused Ron and I to break up,and I know that's what you wanted."

Debbie "We never wanted that." Jackie "Then why were you two constantly up Ron's ass keeping him busy so he couldn't be with me?" Debbie "We enjoyed having Ron's help but we never kept him from you." Jackie "I beg to differ mother you,and you're buddy/brother George forced Ron to do work so we'd be apart then if I started crying you told me not to I was supposed to happy Ron was leaving you also said Ron was much better off home with his mum then he was being with me."

Gibbs "How could you treat you're daughter like crap." Jackie "It was very easy Gibbs I was a dumb bitch to think that my mum,and uncle truly cared about my feelings." Gibbs "You're not a dumb bitch." Jackie "Thank you Gibbs."Gibbs "You're welcome Jackie."

Tim played I Wanna Be Bad By Willa Ford Gibbs took Jackie by the hand then they began to dance Jackie wrapped her leg around Gibbs waist then he turned her when her back was against his chest she turned her head,and kissed him he kissed her back Gibbs put Jackie's leg over his shoulder walked backwards then they spun around he picked her up in the air then the two of them just danced in a circle Jackie kissed Gibbs again she smiled Gibbs also smiled.

Jackie "I love you Gibbs." Gibbs "I love you to Jackie." Jackie "I'm going to go shower,and change my clothes I'll be back in a little while."

Gibbs "Alright I'll be here when you get back."

Jackie "I hope so." Gibbs "I'll be here I promise."

Jackie went to the showers in the locker room she smiled she was very happy she hoped that when she finished her shower that Gibbs would still be waiting for her in the bullpen Jackie finished her shower then she changed her clothes put her dress in her locker then she headed back to the bullpen.

As soon as she got their she noticed that her parents had left but Gibbs was also gone Jackie frowned then she sat down at her desk,and got to work as Jackie did tons of paperwork she didn't even notice Gibbs walk into the bullpen with roses,and chocolates Tim,Tony,and Ziva started clapping so did Jenny,Ducky,and Abby.

Gibbs "Mrs. Gibbs I brought you roses,and chocolates I love you,and our daughter with my whole heart,and promise both of you I'll never leave you." Jackie "Mr. Gibbs thank you for the roses,and chocolates I love you,and our daughter with whole heart,and I'll never leave you."

Gibbs,and Jackie started kissing Jackie was crying because she finally knew what real love was,and she also knew she was more then just a mere plaything to Leroy Jethro Gibbs as the kissing continued Gibbs phone off Gibbs answered it

"Yeah Gibbs okay we'll be right there." Jackie "What is it Gibbs?" Gibbs "Come with me Jackie, Tim,you hold down the fort while we're gone."

Tim "Right Boss."

Gibbs,and Jackie headed to the house where the suspect was hiding they both got out of the car with their guns drawn when they to the front door Gibbs gave Jackie the single to open the door she turned the handle they both walked inside.

Jackie "Clear." Gibbs "Clear." Jackie "Well whoever it was must have left Gibbs get down ow goddamn it." Gibbs "You've been shot I'm calling an ambulance." Jackie "Gibbs it's only my shoulder I'm fine." Gibbs "The hell you are oh screw the ambulance I'm taking you to Ducky hang on Jackie."

Jackie "I'll hang on like I said it's only my shoulder I'm fine." Gibbs "You're really brave thank you for saving my life." Jackie "I would have given my life to save you Gibbs I love you ow well at least I can say I've been shot twice since i've been working at NCIS." Gibbs "Yeah at least you can say that."

When they arrived back at the Navy Yard Gibbs helped Jackie out of the car then he picked her up,and carried her to Autopsy he ran past Tim,Tony,and Ziva who saw the blood they looked at eachother for a few minutes then they ran down to Autopsy when they got there Jackie was laying on one the tables with a blanket covering her bra.

Ziva "What happened?" Tim "Is Jackie okay?"

Tony "Is there anything we can do Boss?"

Gibbs "Jackie got shot she's fine,and no there's nothing you can do." Jackie "I took a bullet for Gibbs I wasn't going let anyone take him away from me,and Karen." Tim "You really are brave Jackie did you get a good look of the shooter?"

Jackie "Yes I did." Ziva "Who was it?"

Jackie "My stepfather Joe Leiden." Tony "We'll get him I promise." Jackie "I know you guys will get him."Ducky "I've removed the bullet my dear now I'm going to sow you're shoulder up alright." Jackie "Alright Ducky,and thank you for sowing me up again."

Ducky "You're welcome my dear you do know you'll have some nasty scars from you're gun shot wounds." Jackie "I know." Gibbs "You're gorgeous even with you're scars." Jackie "Thank you Gibbs." Gibbs "You're welcome Jackie here I brought you another shirt." Jackie Thank you Gibbs." Gibbs "You're welcome Jackie."

Ducky "There you are my dear you're all fixed up now."Jackie "You're the best Ducky." Ducky "I try my dear I do try." Abby "Where's Jackie is she alright?" Jackie "I'm right here Abbs I'm fine." Abby "Are you alright Gibbs?" Gibbs "I'm fine Abbs Jackie took a bullet for me." Abby "You really are brave."

Jackie "I'd do anything to protect my team,and my family."

Tony "And we'd do anything to protect you."

Jackie "I know you will,and I thank you for it."

Gibbs "Come on let's go home." Jackie "Good idea." Ziva "Here let Gibbs,and I help you down off the table." Jackie "Thank you Zee,and thank you Gibbs." Gibbs "Here let me carry you to the car." Jackie "Oh Gibbs you are so sweet to me."

Gibbs "I'll always be sweet to you hang on tight."

Jackie "I will."

Gibbs carried Jackie to his car helped into the car then he got into his then he drove them home

once they got home Gibbs helped Jackie out of the car,and into the house.

Jackie walked over to the couch laid down then Gibbs walked over to the couch he lifted her legs up,and sat down.

Jethro "Are you alright?" Jackie "I'm fine I'm craving Ice cream,and hot fudge as well as nachos smothered with cheese." Jethro You got it Ice cream,and hot fudge,and nachos smothered with cheese coming right up." Jackie "Thank you Jethro." Jethro "You're welcome Jackie."

As Gibbs was getting Jackie her snacks Gibbs cell phone rang Jackie smiled whenever Gibbs handed her his phone Jackie answered Gibbs cell in a deep voice Gibbs laughed.

Jackie "Yeah Gibbs." Tony "Boss are you alright?"

Jackie "Tony it's me Jackie yeah Gibbs is fine,and so am I Karen is fine too Gibbs is making me some snacks." Tony "That was a great impression of Gibbs you sounded just like him." Jackie "Thanks Tony,and thanks for calling to check up on Gibbs,and me we'll see you tomorrow Tony bye." Tony "Bye."

Jackie closed Gibbs cell phone she got up off the couch put one of her ALF dvd's in the dvd player,laid back down on the couch,and started watching Alf Gibbs also joined Jackie on the couch he had made her snacks,and brought her a couple bottles of ice tea.

Jackie "Thank you Jethro for the snacks,and the tea." Jethro "You're welcome Jackie."

Jackie stopped the dvd player she crawled onto Gibbs lap she began to kiss him she started unbuttoning his shirt then she removed his shirt then his famous white t shirt that was always under his dress shirts,and vests then she undid his belt Gibbs couldn't take much he laid Jackie on the couch then they made love.

Jackie "I love you Jethro." Jethro "I love you too Jackie come on let's get some sleep." Jackie "Alright."

Gibbs,and Jackie started kissing again he picked her up,and carried her to their bedroom he laid her down on the bed then they began to make love again they didn't want to stop but when they did they fell asleep.

The next morning Jackie put her robe on,went downstairs,turned the coffee pot on once the coffee was made she took a cup upstairs to Gibbs she placed the cup on the nightstand then she went into the bathroom to take a shower as Jackie showered Gibbs was waking up he smelled the coffee he took the cup into the bathroom he peeked in the shower,and watched Jackie shower.

Jackie "Morning Jethro." Jethro "Morning Jackie thank you for the coffee." Jackie "You're welcome care to join me in the shower."

Jethro "Sure." Jackie "I love you Leroy Jethro Gibbs."Jethro "I love you too Jackie Gibbs,and I love you too Karen Gibbs." Jackie "Aw Jethro you really love Karen,and she's not even here with us yet." Jethro "Yes I really love Karen I bet she's going look like you."

Jethro "I think she'll look like both of us." Jethro "I'd be okay with that." Jackie "So would I."

Jackie started to cry Gibbs whipped her tears away then he kissed her.

Jackie,and Gibbs finished their shower then Jackie got out of the shower followed by Gibbs Jackie began to get dressed Gibbs also began to get dressed once they were dressed they grabbed their stuff,and headed to the Navy Yard.

Tony "Morning Boss morning Jackie."

Jackie "Morning Tony you're looking well."

Tony "Thank you you're looking well too."

Jackie "Thank you Tony." Tony "You're welcome Jackie."

Tim "Morning Jackie, Boss." Jackie "Morning Tim,Tim I was thinking you can say no if you don't want to I was thinking you would be the perfect choice as a boyfriend then husband for Karen."

Tim "I'd love too." Jackie "Great I'm glad you'd love to Tim because I think you'd be perfect for Karen." Tony "Why not me?" Gibbs "Because you're with Jackie's niece India that's why." Jackie "And Tim is a good man he'll take good care of Karen." Tim "Yes I will,you,and Gibbs can count on me."

Gibbs "I know we can."Ziva "Morning All what's going on?" Tony "Tim,and Karen are betrothaled." Tim "Using big words are you Tony." Jackie "I think Tony is jealous of Tim that's why he's mad." Tony "Me jealous of Tim that's crazy." Jackie "Then be a man,and except the fact that Karen is getting one of the greatest men in DC as a boyfriend then a husband."

Tony "I'm fine with the idea." Gibbs "Good now let's drop this subject,and get to work."

Jackie "Is Leroy Jethro Gibbs mad at his wife because she choose the perfect man for our daughter without talking to you about it first?"

Gibbs "No I'm not mad at my wife she made a very choose." Jackie "Thank you oh."

Gibbs "Jackie are you alright?" Jackie "I'm fine Karen just kicked in agreement." Gibbs "She's a strong baby she takes after her mum."

Jackie "She'll take after her father for sure,and she'll join NCIS when she's older for sure."

Tim "If you,and the Boss don't mind me saying I think she'll take after the both of you she'll be kind like her mum,and she'll be strong like her dad." Jackie "Come here Tim give me a hug that was very nice,and sweet thing to say." Tim "It's the truth." Ziva "How many months are you Jackie?"

Jackie "7 only two more to go then there will be a newborn in the Gibbs house oh crap the nursery isn't even ready yet." Gibbs "You leave that to us we'll be back in a little love you." Jackie "Love you too."

Jackie continued to do paperwork while Gibbs, Tim,Tony,and Ziva worked on the nursery as Jackie worked Tessa showed up to visit Jackie set her paperwork aside then she,and Tessa went to the vending machine's,and got some snacks then the girls picked a table in the break room.

Jackie "Thank you for coming to visit me Tessa I love you you'll always be my little angel."

Tessa "You're welcome Jackie I love you too so how have you been feeling?" Jackie "Like I got hit by a bus heading to Pittsburgh." Tessa "Ouch."

Jackie "But it's not long now until Karen is born."

Tessa "Was my daddy there when I was born?"

Jackie "Yes he was baby he was there he saw you,and he got to hold you he said you were so cute,and he also said how much he loved you Ron still loves you Tessa he still loves me too."

Tessa "Why didn't you,and my daddy get married?" Jackie "You're daddy,and I didn't get married because we drifted apart I guess."

Ron "That's true Tessa we did drift apart."

Tessa "And you still love my mum even though you're apart?" Ron "Yes I still love you're mum." Jackie "And I still love you're dad."

Robert "Come on Tessa it's time to go home you have school today." Jackie "Really Tessa that's great baby what grade will you be in?"

Tessa "Kindergarden." Ron "Wow well have fun,and you be good,and you're mum,and I will see you again real soon won't we Robert?" Robert "Yes you will." Ron "Bye Tessa."Tessa "Bye."

Tessa,and Robert left then Jackie,and Ron were alone Jackie leaned forward,and kissed Ron,Ron kissed Jackie back they were friends they were parents they shared a daughter,and they still had feelings of for eachother.

Ron "I better get going I love you Jackie I always will." Jackie "Alright Ron wait do you think we'd still be together if things hadn't turned to shit between us?"

Ron "Yes I think we'd still be together."

Jackie "So do I Ron drive safely home alright." Ron "I will." Jackie "Ron?" Ron "Yeah ?"Jackie "I still love you too I always will." Ron "Bye Jackie." Jackie "Bye Ron."

Ron left Jackie started crying Ducky just happened to be in the break room the whole time Jackie went to leave whenever Ducky grabbed her arm he pulled her into a hug Jackie cried harder then they went down to Autopsy to talk he made Jackie a cup of tea.

Ducky "My dear girl please stop crying?" Jackie "Am I a horrible person Ducky I love Jethro with my whole heart I mean look at me I look like freaking shamoe but I also love Ron because we share a daughter?."

Ducky "No you're not a horrible person you've been faithful to Jethro I understand you still have feelings for Ron he is you're daughters father." Jackie "I'd never hurt Jethro I know he's you're dearest friend Ducky,and you want what's best for him."

Ducky "I know that too Jethro loves you,and he understands you still have feelings of love for Ron." Jackie "What if I lose Jethro Ducky?" Ducky "You're not going to lose him."

Jackie "I'm glad I'm getting to old to go man hunting again." Ducky "My dear you can't be older then I am you're young at heart,and soul."

Jackie "You're so sweet Ducky thank you."

Ducky "You're welcome my dear you look tired you're welcome to lay down here in Autopsy,and take a nap." Jackie "I'll take you up on that offer Ducky thank you just don't mistake me for a dead body,and do an Autopsy alright?"

Ducky "Alright."

Jackie laid down on one of the Autopsy tables,and fell asleep while Jackie was sleeping in Autopsy the team returned from their nursery building op Gibbs got concerned when he didn't see Jackie in the bullpen at her desk just as he was getting ready to go look for her Ducky was coming up to let him know that Jackie was sleeping in Autopsy.

Ducky "Jethro there you are dear boy Jackie is asleep in Autopsy the poor girl was so upset she talked to me,and I helped her." Gibbs "Why was she upset is it the baby?"

Ducky "No it's not the baby Tessa came by to visit her so did Ron they got to talking Tessa asked both her mother,and her father if they still loved eachother." Gibbs "What did Ron,and Jackie say?" Ducky "Jethro it's not my place to say."Gibbs "Please tell me Duck?"

Ducky "They told Tessa that they still love eachother but Jackie is,and always be you're wife,she has been faithful to you since day one."

Gibbs "I'm going kill Ron he keeps butting in where he shouldn't." Tony "Boss don't you think you're going a bit overboard Jackie is still with you she loves you,you two are having a child together." Tim "If you do kill Ron Tessa,and Jackie would never forgive you." Ziva "Tessa needs you,Jackie,and Ron as well as Robert."

Gibbs "I won't do anything rash." Jackie "Good because my last name is Gibbs now so as my mum used to tell me pull you're horns in."

Ducky "You're awake my dear how did sleep?"

Jackie "Alright but my phone went off,and woke me up Tim would you call back whoever called me please while I go splash water on my face."

Tim "Sure." Jackie "Thanks Tim you're a doll."

Tim called back the number on Jackie's phone it was Robert Tessa got hit by a car on her way to the school the driver was drunk Tessa was in the hospital it was touch,and go for the little girl.

Tim "Oh my god,Oh my god." Tony "What is it Tim?" Tim "That was Robert Tessa was hit by a car walking to the school bus the driver was drunk she's in the hospital it's touch,and go with the little girl." Ducky "Oh the poor little girl."

Ziva "Poor Jackie,Gibbs,Ron,and Robert."

Tony "This is going to break Jackie's heart." Jackie "What's going to break my heart?"

Tim "Jackie Tessa's in the hospital she got hit by a car walking to the school bus it's touch,and go with her right now I'm so sorry."

Jackie "No Tessa is fine she's in school right now she's having lunch,she's playing with toys,and taking naps my baby girl is alright she's alright she's alright."

Jackie fell to her knees crying then she grabbed her car keys,and purse she ran down the steps almost falling she ran to her car,unlocked the door she got into her car she drove like a nut when she arrived at the hospital she asked the nurse to show her to Tessa's room.

When she walked into Tessa's room her heart stopped beating for a few minutes she saw the sweet innocent little girl that she gave birth to hocked up to machines,and wrapped in bandages Jackie sat down in a chair that she pulled next to Tessa's bed.

Jackie "Tessa I'm here sweetie come on baby wake up I'm not leaving you baby girl you'll pull trough this,and when you do we'll go to the park we'll have ice cream,we'll go shopping please baby girl you got to pull through this please?"

Jethro "How is she doing?" Jackie "Tessa's dying Jethro I don't want to lose her now that I found her again she's my daughter Jethro She's my daughter."

Jethro "She's going to be fine I promise."

Jackie "You promised me Becky would be fine too,and look what happened to her I'm sorry Jethro I'm worried about Tessa." Jethro "It's alright I know you're worried so am I come on let's go home,and get some rest the doctor will call if there's any change in Tessa's condition."

Jackie "Alright I'm no good to Tessa if I'm tired." Jethro "That's true come on."

Tim "Tony,Ziva,and I will stay here we'll call you if there's any change you go home, and get some sleep." Jackie "Thank you guys please sit with Tessa talk to her let her know that you're here with her." Tim "We will." Jackie "Bye."

Tony "Bye."

Gibbs,and Jackie went home when they got here Jackie laid down on the couch Gibbs sat with her to watch her sleep,and to make sure she was alright he could see she was hurting he could also see the fear in her eyes.

Jackie smiled at Gibbs her eyes were filled with tears she sat up,and laid her head on Gibbs shoulder then Gibbs rested his head on Jackie's.

Jackie fell asleep so did Gibbs they both jumped whenever Gibbs phone went off Gibbs answered his phone

"Yeah Gibbs." Tim "Boss I have news on Tessa."

Gibbs "What is it Tim?" Tim "I'm so sorry Boss Tessa passed away a little bit ago the doctor's did what they could for her." Gibbs "Thank you for calling Tim." Tim "You're welcome Boss,and again i'm so sorry." Gibbs "Bye Tim." Tim "Bye Boss."

Gibbs closed his cell phone then he turned,and looked at Jackie then he walked up to her,pulled her close to his body,and hugged her tightly Jackie knew what Gibbs hug meant the hug meant Tessa was gone.

Jackie "I know Tessa is gone." Jethro "Are you alright Jackie." Jackie "I'm fine Jethro my heart hurts but I know Tessa is free from pain."

Jethro "You can take a few days off from work you know?"Jackie "I know but I want to work catch some bad guys to keep my mind off what happened."

Jethro "You're one hell of a woman I love you Jackie." Jackie "I love you too Jethro."

Jackie kissed Gibbs on the lips then she headed upstairs to take a shower once she was in the shower Jackie started crying she missed Tessa

Jackie's Flashback

Ron "Jackie are you alright?" Jackie "No I'm in labor oh my god it hurts ahh remind me to let you sleep on the couch from now on alright?"

Ron "Alright I'll even sleep outside in the dog pen if you wish me too." Jackie "You don't have to do that ahhhhhhhh."

Dr. Evey Grant "Okay Jackie one more good push then you're baby will be here."

Jackie "Ahhhhhhhhh." Dr. Evey Grant "You're daughter is here." Jackie "We have a daughter is alright Evey?" Dr. Evey Grant "She's perfect."

Jackie "Ron I love you so much." Ron "I love you too Jackie what are we going to name our daughter?" Jackie "Tessa Leigh Owen."

Ron "That's a very pretty name for a very pretty baby."

End Of Jackie's Flashback

Jackie let out a scream of pain then she slid down the shower wall Gibbs ran upstairs when he did Jackie was out of the shower getting dressed once she was dressed Jackie walked downstairs, grabbed her car keys,got into her car she drove to the hospital to see Tessa one last time.

She rested her head on Tessa's chest then she started crying again she kissed Tessa's forehead held her little hand then she drove to the mall when she did she went to video store she bought a few dvd's,then she went to get a pizza,and some soda.

When she got home she put Forever Lulu in she skipped it to the end to hear the song Say Goodbye by Lauren Kinkade as she listened to sing she started to cry as Jackie laid on the couch Tim,Tony,Ziva,Abby,and Ducky showed up they could see how heart broken Jackie was they all walked over to the couch Jackie hugged them all they held her close then Gibbs walked up to the group,and joined in the hugging.

Gibbs began to sway with Jackie in his arms Jackie began to sway with him they were dancing Jackie was crying but she started to clam down in Gibbs arms she smiled Gibbs held her tightly to her body before she knew it she was kissing Gibbs he kissed her back.

The next day was Tessa's funeral she never thought she'd ever to lay a child of her's to rest her heart was broken she placed 6 red roses,and one daisy on Tessa's coffin she watched as her baby girl's coffin was lowered into the ground she gave Robert,and Ron a hug then Jackie,and her team left the cemetery.

Once Gibbs,and Jackie got home Jackie removed her black dress,and dropped it on the floor right in front of Gibbs then she went upstairs to get ready for bed Gibbs picked Jackie's dress off the floor then he went upstairs when he walked into their bedroom Jackie was laying on the bed asleep Gibbs removed his suit then he joined Jackie on the bed he hugged her body close to his she held his hand while they slept.

Jackie "I love you Jethro." Jethro "I love you too Jackie." Jackie "Make love to me Jethro please?"

Jethro "Are you sure?" Jackie "Yes I'm sure I need you Jethro." Jethro "I need you too Jackie."

I'm Bound To You from the movie Burlesque started to play while Jackie,and Gibbs made love Jackie truly loved Gibbs she always would,and Gibbs truly loved Jackie,and he always would once they finished they went back to sleep.

The next day Jackie woke up took a shower went downstairs made breakfast then she went back upstairs with a cup of coffee for Gibbs then she picked out her black dress pants,and purple shirt her red bra,and pantie combo then she got dressed Gibbs woke up walked up behind Jackie, and wrapped his arms around Jackie's waist then he kissed her neck.

Jackie "Morning Jethro." Jethro "Morning Jackie." Jackie "It's time to get ready for work get dressed so we can leave." Jethro "Alright I'll be down in a few minutes." Jackie "Alright I love you." Jethro "I love you too Jackie."

Jackie went downstairs when Gibbs finally came downstairs into the kitchen Jackie gave him a plate of food Jackie had some melon,and some juice then they left for work.

When they arrived at work Jackie pulled her MP3 Player out of her bag then she started singing the song Ultimateby Lindsay Lohan Gibbs got up from his desk took Jackie by her hand then he started to dance with her she continued to sing to Gibbs he smiled.

Jackie "You're the Ultimate you." Gibbs "Come here gorgeous I love you so much." Jackie "I love you so much too Gibbs."

Jackie,and Gibbs continued to dance Tim,Tony, Ziva,Abby,Jenny,and Ducky were also dancing around the bullpen.

They watched as Gibbs picked Jackie up,and spun her around they clapped as the couple kissed eachother Jackie took a breath then she,and Gibbs felt their daughter kick they smiled.

Gibbs "Our daughter is kicking up a storm."

Jackie "She's a strong baby for sure like her daddy." Gibbs "And like her mother." Tony "Boss there is a slight security problem." Gibbs "What is it?"

Tony "There is a man here with a gun looking for Jackie he says he's her stepfather."

Jackie "The bastard found me again."Gibbs "Again what do you mean again." Jackie "He tried to kill me once before." Gibbs "Jackie go to Abby's lab stay with her I'll come,and get you when we've got him."

Jackie "I'm not going to Abby's lab I'm staying put I've faced him before I can face him again." Gibbs "Alright just stay behind me." Jackie "I'm not going to hide from the bastard." Tony "Jackie he might kill you." Jackie "Let him try Tony I have a gun remember I know how to shoot."

Tony "Good point let's get the bastard."

Gibbs,Jackie,and Tony joined Tim,and Ziva in the parking lot where Jackie's stepfather was standing with a 44 magnum.

Jackie "I see you found me again Joe." Joe "Yes I did,and this time I'm going to finish what I started." Jackie "I'd like to see you try you're nothing but weak now you hit Tom,mum,you threatened Betty,you made my life a living hell all the beatings I took from you,and of course the half nelson head lock you gave me where I couldn't breathe I could feel my larynx being crushed thank good I kicked you were it hurts to get you off me so go ahead shoot but I'll warn you now I'm a federal agent,all these people here with me will shoot you on sight if you fire you're gun."

Joe went to shoot Jackie Tony jumped in front of her Jackie pushed Tony out of the way then she fired her gun the bullet hit Joe in the shoulder Tim,and Ziva put the cuffs on Joe while Jackie went to check on Tony she was grateful he didn't get shoot.

Jackie "Tony you saved me." Tony "It's my job besides I wasn't about to let that bastard kill you."

Jackie "Thank you Tony." Tony "You're welcome Jackie." Gibbs "Yes thank you Tony Jackie can I see you in the Conference Room?" Jackie "Yes you can."

Jackie headed back inside building she looked back at Gibbs then Gibbs took the elevator when both of them reached the Conference Room Gibbs walked up to Jackie,picked her up,laid her down on the Conference Room table he locked the door, tossed his jacket onto the security camera then he climbed on top of her he began to make love to her Jackie moaned as she felt Gibbs inside her she enjoyed it she then got Gibbs on his back she climbed on top of him she made loved to him they both came hard.

They laid there on the Conference Room table catching there breath Gibbs kissed Jackie hard he was so glad she was alright he didn't want to let her go so Jackie started moving her hips again Gibbs smiled then they made love again.

After a few minutes Gibbs,and Jackie got dressed then they went back to the bullpen they kissed eachother Gibbs kissed Jackie's stomach,and said hello to his daughter then the two of them got back to work.

Gibbs "Jackie would you like to go to lunch?"

Jackie "Yes I would I get to chose." Gibbs "Where do you want to go for lunch?" Jackie "Our house I'll cook." Gibbs "I'm there."

Jackie,and Gibbs headed home Jackie started cooking for them Jackie set the table they sat down,and ate lunch together as they were eating Gibbs phone went off

"Yeah Gibbs okay yes Director we'll be right there" Jackie "What is it Jethro?" Jethro "The Director needs to see us." Jackie "What does see us for we were having a nice lunch." Jethro "Yes we were but we're needed now." Jackie "Yes Sir."

Jethro "Don't call me Sir,and please don't be upset she probably wants to give us a couple days off so we can be together." Jackie "I hope you're right."

When the Gibbs's arrived back at the Navy Yard Jackie walked ahead of Gibbs when they both arrived at the Director's office Cynthia let them go in the Director motioned them to sit down.

Jackie "Hi Jenny what's up?" Gibbs "Yeah on the phone you sounded like you were in dire need of our help." Jenny "Well here's what is going on I need Jethro to go on a Stakeout for a couple of days." Jackie "No no Jenny he's not doing any stakeouts I'm sorry but no." Jenny "Come on Jackie be reasonable Jethro would go on the stakeout for a couple of days,and when it's all over he'll come back to you." Jackie "That's if he comes back at all he could get killed."

Gibbs "I'm willing to do it." Jackie "Who else is going on this death quest oh I'm sorry I mean stakeout?" Jenny "Tony,and Ziva."Jackie "I see well since Gibbs is going on this thing I'm leaving too."

Gibbs "Jackie come on don't be like this think of our baby." Jackie "I am thinking of Karen are you thinking of her or me for that matter go on you're stakeout Jethro go do you're job I'll see you if in a couple days that's if you don't get killed bye to the both of you."

Jackie stormed out of the Director's office she ran down the stairs to the bullpen she sat at her desk then she made a phone call

Jackie "Carly hey sis it's me hey can you come to Washington I need you Carly my husband has decided to get himself killed on a stakeout for a couples days I need someone I talk to,and lean on great I'll see you in little while oh Carly stop,and get some booze please I'm in the mood for a party bye." Tony "Ziva,and I will keep an eye on the Boss for you we'll keep him safe."

Jackie "Whatever Tony just keep away from me as far as I'm concerned I can't trust you,Ziva, Jenny or Gibbs." Tim "Jackie clam down take you're medicine." Jackie "Thanks Tim I almost forgot about that."

Jackie took her secure pill then she put the bottle back in her desk then she got back to work as she worked her sister Carly showed up with some wine coolers Jackie gave her sister a hug she introduced Tim,and her sister then Jackie opened the wine cooler Jackie went to drink whenever Gibbs ran up to her grabbed the bottle out of her hand.

Gibbs "Jackie What the hell were thinking were you going to drink this wine cooler?" Jackie "Go away Gibbs leave me alone you betrayed me you chose a couple days with Larry,and Curly over me you're pregnant wife who is eight months pregnant,and there's something else too i'm oh god i'm."

Tim "What's wrong Jackie I'm going into labor I think Tim call Ducky tell him to get up here quick,and Tim will you stay with me so Moe,Curly,and Larry can leave for their important stakeout please?"

Tim "I'm not going anywhere,Ducky it's Tim Jackie's going into early labor can you get up here to the bullpen quick?" Ducky I'm here I was on the elevator when you called me Tim what brought on these pains my dear?

Jackie "Follow my eyes Ducky." Ducky "Oh I see what's going on why Jethro is leaving you ?" Jackie "His old flame the Director put him on a stakeout for a couple of days so now instead of Jethro being here to witness his daughter being born he's gonna be busy working,and god knows if he'll even come back OW!"

Ducky "Let's get her to Autopsy carry her Tim."

Tim "Do you trust me Jackie?" Jackie "Yes Tim I trust you."

Tim picked Jackie up,and carried her to Autopsy he laid her down on one of the tables what they didn't know was Gibbs was feeling like a jerk if he knew that Jackie was going to so upset about the stakeout thing,and go into early labor he wouldn't have agreed to go.

Ducky "Alright my dear push." Jackie "Ow damn it Ow!" Tim "You're doing good Jackie,you're doing just fine." Jackie "Thanks Tim I've been through this before when I had Tessa but this time it hurts worse." Ducky "You can push again Jackie."Jackie "OW!" Ducky "Stop,and catch you're breath."Jackie "I wonder how the stakeout is going."Tim "I'm sure their alright,and that everything is going fine."

Just as Tim said that his phone went off

McGee" Tony "Hi Tim how's Jackie doing?"Tim "She's in labor Tony how do you think she's doing?" Tony "I was only asking Tim no need to bight my head off."

Tim "I'm sorry Tony I'm just angry that Gibbs would leave Jackie right whenever she needs him." Tony "I understand Tim put you're phone on speaker I want to say hi to Jackie if she'll talk to me." Jackie "Hi Tony how's it going Oh god it hurts I'm fine I'm just having a baby here." Tony "Hi Jackie it's going good."

Jackie "Cool did you guys catch the dirt bag yet what hell are you three staking out anyway or don't I get to know I mean after all I'm just you're teammate,and Gibbs wife OW Ducky Karen is ready to come out."

Ducky "Alright my dear one more push then Karen will be here."Jackie "OW!" Ducky "She's beautiful just like her mother." Tim "Jackie,and Karen are fine let the Boss know that's if he remembers he has a wife."

Jackie "I doubt it Tim work is more important then Karen,and I she's perfect Karen Terri Gibbs."

Tim "Can I hold her I mean after this little one is going to be my future girlfriend then wife."

Jackie "Sure you can hold her." Tony "Who does the baby look like most?" Jackie "Me she's strong,and stubborn like her father though that should please Gibbs."Ziva "What color are Karen's eyes?" Jackie "Baby blue,and her hair is black like mine she also has her daddy's temper so watch out Tony she might Gibbs slap you." Tony "Gibbs wants to say hi."

Jackie "Alright." Gibbs "Hi Jackie." Jackie "Hi Gibbs." Gibbs "How are you feeling?"

Jackie "Tired I just did give birth to our daughter you do remember that I was pregnant right?" Gibbs "Yes I remember." Jackie "Some of you're best work Gibbs." Gibbs "Thank you I miss you I want to see our daughter,and you."

Jackie "You're welcome I miss you too I want you to see Karen,and I." Gibbs "Come see us please?"

Jackie "I can't for one you're old flame might get mad,and two I have no idea where you are, and 3 I'm so tired I don't think Ducky would let me journey to where you are I'll wait til you come back it's only a couple of days right?"

Gibbs "Right Tim if you're there take care of my girls for me until I come back alright?"Tim "Sure Boss well I'm going to go now I'll take Jackie,and Karen home."

Gibbs "Thank you Tim bye." Tim "Bye Boss."

Tim hung up his cell phone he asked Ducky to get in touch with Abby so Ducky turned on his computer intercom so Tim could talk to her.

Abby "What's up Tim?" Tim "Jackie had her baby." Jackie "Come down to Autopsy Abbs so you can see you're god daughter." Abby "I'll be right down."

Jackie "Alright." Abby "I'm here where is she?"

Jackie "Isn't she gorgeous?" Abby "Yes she is."

Jackie "I never been so happy in my life except whenever I had Tessa but I feel even more happy now I just wish Gibbs could see Karen." Abby "Where is Gibbs at?"Tim "He's on a stakeout with Tony,and Ziva.

Abby "Excuse for a minute." Jackie "Sure."

Abby pulled her cell phone out,and called Gibbs Jackie smiled because she knew she had a true friend in Abby she could see Abby cared for her,and Karen.

Gibbs "Yeah Gibbs?" Abby "So you're on a stakeout huh instead of being here with you're wife,and daughter Gibbs who's brilliant idea was that?" Jackie "The Director's." Gibbs "Abbs it's only a couple days I know you're mad at me so is Jackie,even Tim is mad at me I'm sure Ducky is too but I know that you,Tim,and Ducky will take good care of my girls for me while I'm here doing this stakeout." Abby "Yes Gibbs we'll take good care of them hang on I'll take a picture of Jackie,and Karen so you can see you're daughter."

Gibbs "Alright Abbs I'll hold on."

Abby took a picture of Jackie holding Karen then she sent the picture to Gibbs phone Tony helped Gibbs bring the picture up on his phone once they saw picture Gibbs started crying.

Gibbs "I'm a father Karen is beautiful."Jackie "Yes she is." Gibbs "She looks like you Jackie I love my girls." Jackie "And we love you hurry home Gibbs I'm missing you bye baby."Gibbs "Bye gorgeous."

Abby hung up her cell phone Jackie put a pink onesy on Karen wrapped her up in her pink blanket then Tim helped Jackie to her car Abby carried her purse,and bag,and Ducky placed Karen in her car seat Jackie gave her friends a hug then she headed home to a big empty house.

Jackie carried Karen onto the house took her upstairs to the nursery she placed her in her crib then she picked up the baby monitor,and went downstairs.

She made herself some dinner,then she got herself a bottle of Icetea once she had her dinner,and Icetea she went into the living room put the movie Worth Winning in she watched it she laughed at the funny scenes then she smiled at the romantic ending scene.

She wished Gibbs stakeout would end so he could come home,and spend time with her,and their daughter but she knew he had a job to do,and he wouldn't be home until his job was done.

Jackie went upstairs to her,and Gibbs room she went into the bathroom,and took a shower then she got ready for bed but before she went to lay down she checked on Karen she smiled her baby was sleeping soundly then Jackie went to bed it was hard to sleep without Gibbs in bed with her but Jackie fell asleep somewhat at ease.

What Jackie didn't know was that Tim stopped by to check on her,and Karen Jackie woke up cause she heard a noise so she went downstairs with a baseball bat she turned the living room light on she was about to swing the bat whenever she noticed it was Tim Jackie set the bat on the chair.

Jackie "Hey Tim what are you doing here sorry about the baseball bat I thought it thief or someone else in the house." Tim "I came by to see how you,and Karen are doing."

Jackie "Aw Tim that's so sweet would you like something to drink I can make us some herbal tea." Tim "I'd like that thank you." Jackie "I'll put some water on for tea please sit down?"

Tim "Thank you oh I brought these for you."

Jackie "Thank you Tim their so beautiful I'll put them in a vase." Tim "You're welcome Jackie do you mind if I go see Karen?" Jackie "No I don't mind of course you can go see her." Tim "Thank you Jackie."Jackie "You're welcome Tim."

Tim went upstairs to the nursery to see Karen he couldn't believe how beautiful Karen was he was very happy that he would be the one date her then marry her he promised Jackie,and Gibbs he would take very good care of her,and he meant it.

Tim went back downstairs when he got to the kitchen Jackie was sitting at the table Tim joined her then they started drinking tea,and talking the talking continued til four in the morning.

Tim left Jackie went upstairs,and found that Karen was awake Jackie picked up her baby girl laid her down on the changing table Jackie tickled Karen's stomach then she changed Karen's diaper then she sat down in the rocking chair,and fed Karen then she burped her.

Jackie "Oh Karen you are my life no one is going to hurt you little one you have me,you're daddy, Tony,Tim,Ziva,Abby,and Ducky we'll protect you don't you worry you'll be safe trust me."

Karen touched her mummy's face Jackie smiled then she started crying she was missing Gibbs like crazy she wondered if he was alright she also wondered if he was or would be coming home a couple of days my ass Jackie thought this was poly to get Gibbs away from her,and Karen as Jackie sat holding her baby girl her cell phone off she didn't know it though.

Jackie placed her sleeping daughter back into her crib then she went back downstairs saw that her cell phone one new voice mail Jackie hit the voice mail button,and listened to it

Gibbs "Hey Jackie it's you're husband I'm just calling to say I love you,and Karen I miss my girls and I'm sor." Jackie "You're sor do you mean sorry?"

What happened next made Jackie start crying.

Jethro " Yes I mean I'm sorry I'm sorry I decided to go on the stakeout instead of being with you,and Karen do you forgive me?" Jackie "Yes I forgive you oh I'm so glad you're home but how come you're home early?"

Jethro "We caught the suspect Jenny let us go home early?" Jackie "I'll thank Jenny tomorrow but right now I want to meet our daughter."Jethro "I'll take you up on that offer."Jackie "Come on." Jethro "Alright."

Gibbs picked Jackie up,and carried her upstairs when they got to the nursery Gibbs placed Jackie on her feet he walked up to Karen's crib he smiled at his daughter then he started crying Jackie walked up to him,and hugged him after they spent a few minutes watching Karen sleep they headed to their bedroom Jackie grabbed her cell phone,and texted Jenny Thank you,and I'm sorry for acting like well a bitch. Jenny texted Jackie back You're welcome,and it's alright.

Gibbs,and Jackie went to bed Jackie snuggled against Gibbs she was happy to have him home,and Gibbs was happy to be home the Gibbs's slept the whole night through.