Yuri enjoys living in Haruru. It's quiet, peaceful, and the air smells fresh and beautiful. The petals are lovely and soft, and the ground doesn't make much sound as he walks, spare Repede's paws when he runs. Of course, he still has his guildly duties to attend to as an official member of Brave Vesperia, and Flynn to put up with whenever he drops by, but he still enjoys it. He enjoys coming home every day to a beautiful lady that smiles with rosy cheeks, looking up from her book as he enters, slipping off his boots and Repede immediately curling up by the fireplace.

A fiancé is a comforting thing to have, but it's better when she's like an angel.

He sets a kiss down on her forehead, his cheeks blooming as well, and sits down next to her, lazily putting his ankle at the tip of his thigh and stretching.

"And how are you this evening, m'lady Estellise?" He says with sarcasm and humour evident in his voice.

Estelle giggles and tucks the bookmark into the book as she closes it and neatly sets it down on her lap, looking at Yuri. "Just fine. How was today?"

"Running around Danguresuto is not something you wanna do all day, trust me," he says with a chuckle, earning a small laugh from her as well.

"Well, you didn't come back with your hair chopped off or your clothes in tatters, so today wasn't a bad day, I'll leave it at that," she says.

Yuri smiles and pours himself a drink of herbal tea. There's a comforting silence in the room for the following ten to fifteen minutes, and all Yuri can hear is pages of a book turning, Repede shifting and the fire crackling.

"I'm having a baby," she says as he takes another sip of his coffee.

Panic—excitement?—wells up inside him like a rushing flood of water after a strained dam has finally been broken, and his eyebrows shift upwards but he doesn't say anything for two minutes. He can tell Estelle's nervous now, not sure if she should've told him, but finally he smiles and laughs, leaning over and putting his forehead in the palm of his hand. When he looks at her, it's with a mixed expression of relief and joy.

He laughs again and takes Estelle's hand to take her off the seat, and she's smiling and giggling some as well. Both their cheeks are rosy as they touch their foreheads, eyes closed, staying there for a few moments.

Yuri is the first to break the silence. "I'm glad," he says, and all the emotion in his voice at that moment makes Estelle breathe shakily.

"I just found out last week. I went to a doctor to see why I hadn't been feeling too well lately and, well, here we are," she says, laughing. "I've always dreamed of having a beautiful baby girl or boy. For names, I was thinking something simple, like Eve for a girl..."

"Woah, woah," Yuri pulls back a little at this. "We're already thinking about names?"

Estelle puts more distance between them, but still holds onto Yuri's arms. "Oh, yes! I've been thinking about the design of the nursery all day. Maybe we should paint it green since we don't know if it's going to be a boy or a girl until it's born. Or maybe just a soft purple colour. I think purple would be nice. What about you, Yuri?" she chirps.

He pauses for a moment and then chuckles. "I think soft purple is fine."

i play ps3 version so its always been haruru and danguresuto for me LOL

ah i love this pairing... so much... written for the prompt "The main character finds out he's the father."