May 7th
Today, I have had a busy schedule filled with lounging on couches, re-reading books for the seventh time, walking around (the gas station convenience store was closed for absolutely no good reason today, and as far as I can tell, it's going to be like that all week), tree climbing (I don't think the neighbors appreciated my appropriation of their tree; I'll have to pay a visit to the park some time), and general lazing about.
It's been like this since Sunday.
I really need to find something to occupy myself with. This is just sad.
And it looks like I won't have that long to wait.
Tomorrow morning, I'm going to be helping mom and dad to clear boxes out of the attic.
Apparently, Aunt Petrie and Uncle Andrew mailed over boxes of things ranging from when they were dating up until when we moved away, and my parents stowed everything up in the attic until they could sort through it.
Also, apparently we have an attic.