New Fic! Yaaaay. I got a little inspired this afternoon and thought of the perfect Edward/Jasper fic. I know this chapter is short but it's just the beggining. Enjoy!

Monday. How I hate Mondays. They are simply the worst day of the week. For normal people it means getting up early for work after the whole weekend of being lazy and probably getting drunk, for me it mean family brunch. Don't get me wrong I love my family, it's just that my mom and sister are really nosy when it comes to my personal relationships, and my dad is, well, my dad is okay. The reason why I hate family brunches is that every time mom or Rosie have to remind me that I still don't have a boyfriend, despite of being 25 years old already.

We originally had our family brunch on Sunday, but my dad now works on Sundays and has Fridays and Saturdays off, so we moved out tradition to Mondays. And today was like any other Monday, we had brunch, mom and Rose complained about my lack of romance in my life, dad and I catch up on our week and talked, and after that I went to see James, because there was nothing better than to see James after family brunch.

James has been my best friend since I entered college, he was my roommate on first semester, and after that we asked to be roomed together every semester. We've had our ups and downs on our friendship, things were going great at school but one day he kissed me. We both knew we were gay and it never bothered us since we weren't attracted to each other, until our third semester in college. I began to feel a sexual attraction towards James, but I never thought he reciprocated the feeling, until that day he kissed me. We thought we were in love, but it was all sex and urges, so after dating for three months we decided that it was best if we broke up and remained as friends. Of course at first was really awkward, but then James got himself a real boyfriend that loved him and we suddenly went back to normal. Up until this day James and Oliver are still together and the three of us are really good friends, we hang out all the time.

James has his own beauty salon, where he and Oliver work. The business is going great mostly because James and Oliver are gods when it comes to hairstyles, and because they are super gay, and when I say super, I mean SUPER, they use gay slang and all. I'm more the reserved kind of gay, the one that if you see walking around in town you wouldn't think he is gay, until you see him with another guy. But despite all that I totally love them. Okay, maybe I'm not too reserved when it comes to guys, but other than that I am. I mean I don't love going shopping and I don't have a keen sense of style like Oliver and James do. They are your typical gay couple that a girl would love.

Anyways, I love going to visit James and Oliver at Noir after family brunch, or any other time really, I think I go there every day and just hang out with them. If james is working Oliver is free and vise versa, so I always have someone to talk to. Also, Bella works there as a receptionist so I can talk to her too. Bella is 6 years younger than us and is still in college, so we see her as our little sister, we are very protective of her, and we love her. She is very cool and has a great crude humor, she is also very blunt. So yeah, I love going to Noir and hang out with my friends, and that's exactly what I'm going to do right now.

I parked my car at employees section of Noir and got out of my car. When I entered the local Bella was typing away on the computer, when she saw me her face lit up and she waved at me happily. "Hey Jasper." She greeted me with a smile.

"Hey kid, how's it going on this awfully gloomy Monday?" I asked as I smiled at her and sat down on the chair next to her on the back of the counter. This is something I always do. I sit next to her on the counter and we talk, if a costumer comes in I just help her with it.

"Good." Bella answered as she resumed her work on the computer. She was scheduling an appointment for someone named Marleen Anderson. "How did family brunch went? Esme and Rosalie are still teasing you for your lack of sex in your life?" I groaned and put my head down on the counter. Bella laughed. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Yes!" I exclaimed and sat back up. "They just don't understand I don't want just a one night stand or a boy toy. They are whores, in the good way, but they still are." I said in frustration. They just wanted me to get laid. I mean, I do too, but I'm not the one-night-stand kind of guy, I'm still waiting for the right guy.

"Don't let them get to you Jasper." Bella replied as she turned to look at me with a serious expression on her face. "Now get your ass out of here and stop distracting me. I have an exam tomorrow and I really need to study."

I sighed and got up the chair next to her and walked to the back of the salon where James and Oliver probably are working with costumers. When I rounded the corner I saw James blow drying a guys hair, but I couldn't see his face, his hair was all over it. James was talking and talking and the guy wanted to say something but James wouldn't let him. I chuckled at this, making James turn to look at me.

I fakes a sigh. "How many times have I told you not to talk away with your clients? You are boring as hell, they'll never come here again." I told him as I walked up to where he was.

"Oh shut up, you love talking to me. Otherwise why would you come here every day?" James asked and he turned off the bow dryer and continued with his work.

"I just love talking to Oliver and Bella." I said with a smile. James scolded at me and I laughed. I was about to asked him were Oliver was, but I was distracted by the guy in James chair. He was... gorgeous. I have never seen someone like him. He has bright green innocent eyes and the strangest hair color, but it looked great in him. His skin was pale and looked very smooth, it called my name and begged for my fingers to touch it. And his lips, oh don't even make me start with his lips, they were so full and pouty, I just wanted to kiss them and bite them and suck his bottom lip into my mouth. He was just-

"Jasper!" I heard my name being called by James.


He sighed in frustration. "God, you need to stop ogling my clients."

"Hey I never ogle your clients okay?" I told his as I crossed my arms over my chest, I looked down to gorgeous guy, he was staring at me and he quickly looked away and blushed. He looks so cute when he blushes. I hid my smile. "I'm going to go find Oliver."

With that I walked away to the back room. Oliver was sitting on a chair with his eyes closed, he had his feet up on the table and was balancing back and forth on his chair. He hadn't heard me come in so I decided to have some fun with him. I sneaked up to him and scared him. He yelped and almost fell off his chair. I began to laugh so hard that tears were running down my face and my stomach was hurting.

"Jesus Christ Jasper!" Oliver exclaimed as he slapped my arm, hard. I rubbed the sore spot and continued laughing. "You almost gave me a heart attack! Stop laughing!" He stomped his foot on the floor like a little kid and pouted. Jesus could he be more childish?

"I'm s...sorry." I said between laughter. He rolled his eyes at me and walked away from the employees lounge. "Oh come on Oliver, don't be a cry baby." I said as I followed him. I knew where he was going. He was going to tell James. When I found him he had a smirk on his face and James was next to him, straight faced.

"I can't believe you fucking told on me." I exclaimed incredulously. "What are you 5?"

James sighed and I heard Bella chuckling from her place. I also noticed gorgeous guy was gone. "Can you stop scaring my boyfriend Jasper? You always do that."

"It's just too easy." I said with a smile. They always managed to lighten my day. "I'm sorry Oliver." I apologized again. Oliver smiled at me and I knew he was not mad at me, he never is. James just shook his head and chuckled. I wanted to ask him about the guy, to know his name even, but I didn't want him teasing me about it.

"His name is Edward Cullen." James suddenly said. I looked at him and found him smirking. I looked away from him and muttered a silent thanks.

"Well, I have to go." I told them. I really don't have to go, but I didn't want them to tease me about Edward. Edward, what a unique name. I felt the urge to get to know him, to hear his voice. I wonder how his voice sound. I bet it's sexy as hell. "See you later guys."

"Bye Jasper." Oliver and James said in unison, which was totally weird and made me laugh. I waved Bella goodbye and wished her luck on her exam on my way out and in no time I found myself at home. All the car ride I thought about Edward, his green eyes, his strange hair, and his full lips. I sighed and shook my head to clear my mind, I needed to get to work.

I work as a history teacher and I needed to grade some papers, task that I dread due to the lack of interest on my students part. I sighed and figured I could procrastinate one more day in grading them. Besides, Edward was already taking part of my attention so I figured what the hell, let's just obsess over a guy that you don't even know.

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