Author's note: this is the first of my new Drabble series. Each will be precisely 100 words discarding any labels. It's in the format of a countdown from sixty seconds, taking snippets from 60 view points from various parts of the 74th Hunger Games. Each chapter is in draft form so never fear, they will all be published. So please enjoy!

60. District 12 male: Peeta Mellark and sunsets

Peeta thinks of a sunset, with glorious golden oranges and dusky hues of pink. There is yellow there too- brave like a dandelion that refuses to be subdued by the other colours. He chooses not to imagine the bloody reds; soon they will fill his vision and block out the deep blue of the sky.

He can't shake the connection between the pert little flower that struggled between the cobblestones of the school courtyard, and the girl three tribute plates away.

At the end, he thinks of how the last rays of sunset will turn her rich hair to gold.