Hi please enjoy my new story! I made this for Child Abuse Awareness and Drug and Alcohal Addiction awareness. Please spread the awareness, it affects us all.

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It was raining cats and dogs as Amber drove her car through the storm. Work had been tiring, stressful and now this. The Kansas country roads didn't help at all, no trees to really block the pouring rain.

Amber was a 16 yr old teen, who had managed to pull her way through her cruel world, little at a time. Her blonde hair was pulled up in a ponytail under a John Deer cap, wear a navy tee and jeans. Her boots were muddy from the sudden rain and work.

She didn't really do anything else, except go to school, work and sleep. Well then she's watch her cartoons, when she could. The only thing that kept her happy and dreaming again. No time to read and it was her escape. Yu-gi-oh was her role model, never giving up and fight for what you know is right and what you believe in. However her mom didn't approve of anything that resorted to... abnormal. To her it was abnormal for a teen to watch kids shows.

Her mom wouldn't be home now... didn't bother her, ment no fighting for the night. Out drinking and hanging with 'friends'. What could she do? Her mom was an adult, she could do whatever she pleased. She just wanted to turn 18 and get the hell out. Be who she wanted to be and have nothing hold her back.

A flash of lighting startled her, her headlights were becoming pointless, for sight. She squinted her eyes ,seeing something in the road ahead. what the hell...? she slowed down, then hit the brakes suddenly.

In the middle of the road 5 teens laid unconscious in the rain. "Oh my god!" Amber put the car in park and rushed out. She didn't care about the rain and hurried to them, then froze seeing them up close.

4 male teens and 1 female lay there, but she knew them... "How...it can't be!?" she exclaimed. A teen with muti-colored hair answered her thought. Yugi, Tea, Tristan, Joey and Seto...they were from the anime Yu-gi-oh!

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