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Anyway, as i told one other reviewer, I have been thinking and working on my fanfics these last 2 years; they just aren't done with the drama in my life. After so long, i don't want the wait to be for a crappy ch. I want it to be worth the wait and make it worth everyones while. Though i must thank you all for being with me for so long and through these tough times. Keep in good faith and encouragement, it helps immensely. I'll update as soon as i believe this ch is worth all your waiting. but.. i wouldn't make claims about working on these chs without proof :) heres a preview everyone. thank you again so much.

Hope Fall from the Sky

"Kaiba… I can dress her wounds. I've done it before…" he muttered. "Can you leave us.. please?" Kaiba closed his eyes and left him alone with her. Ash placed the oxygen mask over her nose, and cleaned the IV punctures before wrapping them. He hesitated to change her wet clothes, laughing at the thought of her waking up and punching him. But she barely stirred beside her chest slowly rising and falling. Ash sighed, "Please wake up soon..." He brushed her hair away from the oxygen mask.
Ash heard laughter ringing from the living room," A WHAT?!" Joey exclaimed.
"A rectal thermometer! Read before using you idiot!" Tea chided.
The sound of joey and the others in the living room made Ash's heart ache. "You're missing it, you know?" He whispered to Amber. "Everything we ever wished is in the next room. Friends, family, adventure... it's finally here. Just like we dreamed, right?" He bit his lip. "Yet here we are... if I had known that-"

"If you had known about anything, nothing is certain to change." Isis calmly entered the room. "Amber would say the same. For we both know that pain." She looked back at her brothers and friends behind here with a sadness in her eyes. "All we can do is have faith in ourselves, for even fate can be changed by the strongest of wills." She turned back at Ash with a sad smile and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Have faith in her will and yours. She will awaken and you can change your fates."

Ash huffs shaking his head, "Who would have thought Kaiba would change your thoughts on fate and destiny..."

"It was not just Kaiba, Ash."

Ash eyed her in doubt as she smiled. "Its the lives in our time that showed that to me. I have seen many eras of life and there is always more hope for the future generations. Not just in my world, but yours as well."

Child of Heart

Bakura walked in a daze under the hot rays of Ra. The ropes had dug into his wrists, bleeding with each tug. He ignored the pain as his mind lingered in Kul Eldna. Forever... But what if that voice doesn't keep his word...? He was surprised to feel they had stopped and looked up to see the bounty hunters unmount their horses. Looking over their heads, he saw two men carrying what looked like chains. He realized by their attire, it was royal guards. His anger reignited at this discovery.

"What brings guards of the royal court this far out into the desert?" A bounty hunter asked. He glared down at them with suspicion, for no one knew of there route and the drop off point was towns away.

"We are guards of the royal court here to relinquish Bakura the thief from your custody. He is to face trial by the court." A guard spoke.

"Excuse me! How did you even know we were out here!? Why should we believe-!" A hunter barked at the guard till the other pulled out a satchel.

"Forgive me, i should have mentioned that our court wouldn't pay you for your bounty. Our lords know many things and saw the distrust you'd bear." the guard explained. The other guard tossed the satchel to the lead hunter.
With spite, he opened the satchel to appear wide eyed. "This is-!"

"7lbs of gold, twice what you were paid as well as message to pass to your contractor for the intervention."

The leader sneered, "Alright, you can have him." Bakura was suddenly yanked forward and fell into the sand in front of the guards. With the slice of the rope, they rode off with their bounty of gold.

Bakura growled. Not only did he get captured and lost Amber, but he was to be killed by the very people that destroyed his village. He felt the guards put the heated chains on his ankles as another held his arms up. He didn't have any strength must to his annoyance. They cut off the bloodied rope around his cut up wrists to replace it with the hot chains. He groaned in pain and the nausea it caused him.

"I'm surprised it went as smoothly as they said." A guard commented. "They sure are mysterious."

The other guard nodded and turned to Bakura. "Now thief, the sooner we can get to the palace the sooner everything is over. Believe me, i carried those chains so i know the burn they are leaving. "

Bakura only glared at them to only be yanked to his feet and walk in the hot sand once more. He gritted his teeth, Even is that voice betrays me... i'll be damned if I die by their hands!