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The cover picture is called Naruto OC: Uchiha Miku by CookieKrisp I asked her to draw it because I wanted to give my readers a idea of what she looks like and I think it looks adorable :D anyways the link is on my profile check out her other OC pictures and if you read HxH she has written a great OC X KIllua story :D

It was a stupid way to die in my opinion, I should have paid attention I suppose. Getting hit by a car! A freaking car, I always kidded with my friends saying that would be how I'd die. Then Boom! it happened , again should have paid attention.

I just wish I could have told my family how much I loved them, I wish I could have said bye to my best friend Monique and smack my friend Mileena one more time and tell her not to be so pessimistic, I wish I could have tackled Catlyn after school again when she wasn't looking. I wish... I wish I had one more day.

It was not to be so. No I could feel my soul drifting off, and away from my former life and into a new one.

Everything was dark, and strangely warm. This overwhelming feeling of safety permeated my body. So I stayed suspended happily until an earthquake hit and I felt myself being turned and twisted and pushed out of the dark and warm place I had lived in for so long.

My seventeen year old mind immediately snapped back into a sensible thought , unlike in the time I was suspended.

Suddenly I started to panic and then everything felt cold, so cold compared to the warmth and then my new blurry eyes saw light for the first time and in my panic I wailed.

One thing you should know about being a baby is that it is extremely boring. Mostly I just laid around, and whimpered (to prideful to cry but I had to eat) when I was hungry or had pooped myself again. Being a baby really sucks.

At least I had a good family as far as I could tell at least. My mom a very attractive black-haired, black-eyed women she would coo at me and bounce me up and down a lot which despite myself made me giggle in delight most of the time.

She is also the person who yes, breast-fed me. Now can you imagine having nothing else to eat but the stuff excreted by a woman's breast? It was horrible! And to my horror my Mother refused to have me on a bottle. I would keep my mouth shut and try to resist, but dang it I was so hungry. Babies need lots of food all the time so naturally I had this monster of a belly that always betrayed me when my Mother came around, and despite my mental age, my resistance was futile.

My father on the other hand I didn't see much of he was stern man who would only hold me when I was pushed on him by my mother, when she would go to the store ,clean, take a break etcetera.

It was quite hilarious though when he held me, he would go as stiff as a board and even through his expressionless face I could tell he was at a loss. He would stare wide-eyed at me and I'd giggle at him because seriously seeing such a stern guy freak out was hilarious! Then when my Mom would return he'd quickly hand me back to her.

I think my Mom liked seeing him have a small panic attack in his mind to, because when he would hand me back her eyes would gleam deviously. Man aside from the breastfeeding I think I liked her!

Even though he never wanted to hold me I of course could still tell he cared about me. He would smirk when my Mom made me giggle, his eyes would glow with warmth when my Mom would put me in my crib, he would buy me toys and casually drop them in front of me as he went past, yes my Father was a great guy under all that stone.

Other than my parents I found that I in-fact had quite the extended family, all with black eyes and different shade of brown hair or just black hair. Kinda weird really for me, my last family all had such different features, and another weird thing was they all looked Asian.

It was then I hypothesized that I was in fact living in Japan or China or maybe some other country in Asia like Thailand.

Although something kept nagging me in the back of my mind about this place something told me this place was familiar somehow.

Which confused me because I had never visited an Asian country before, and beside anime I had no contact with Asian anything.

When I wasn't contemplating my family, and my geographical location I concentrating on the tingly feeling in my limbs and well all over my body that increased as days went on.

It started as an ignorable itch, then tingles, then finally a powerful presence that bothered the heck out of me. It felt like I had this constant flow of warm energy throughout my body always moving and shifting, and it wasn't only in me it was in my Mom, my Father, and well everything around me. Like a very persistent mosquito it hummed around me and throughout me.

Like I said really annoying.

I would try to sleep and just when I started to relax I would notice the humming. During the day I could tune it out ,but at night it always bothered me. It reminded me of that stupid heater in my room with that low-pitched buzz. As you know baby's need lots of sleep, so with the buzzing I got much less sleep than the average baby making me a very irritable child to say the least.

I was five months old before I discovered what that energy was, and exactly where I was., who exactly I was.

It had happened when I was studying the symbol that seemed to be prevalent everywhere in my new life and home. As I looked at the red and white fan something kept bringing me back to it. I looked and looked and studied and then the dam broke and I paled. The reason it looked so familiar was because it was from the hit anime Naruto, more importantly it was the sign and symbol of the Uchiha.

Sasuke Uchihas clan, more importantly Itachi Uchihas clan who he murdered . Right then I realized my days are numbered. I also knew right then I did not want to die.

I am Miku Uchiha formerly known as Allison Hill and I don't want to die.

I thought I'd try my hand at a SI that has been on my mind. Don't worry I vow to not make her Mary Sue and please tell me if she seems Mary Sue I promise I won't bite I can take criticism. Also I need a Beta for this story. Well that's all for now Peace 3 Juni.