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Chapter 4 Sleep and Clan Training

After I told my Mother I wanted to be a ninja she didn't tell me I couldn't it wasn't her place really, even if I was her daughter, and only link left to her late husband and my father, I was still Uchiha Miku.

Uchiha meaning that I was expected to be a ninja if possible, Uchiha who aren't ninja are scarce.

If you are a Uchiha and not a ninja there could be three reason 1. You don't have the physical capabilities meaning your where born disabled or became impaired 2. You married into the clan or are the step child of a Uchiha and where a civilian to begin with before joining the clan 3. The last reason you weren't able to become a ninja because you failed out of the academy.

The others were excused mostly, but the last was so dishonorable for a Uchiha parents were known to excommunicate children for failing. Not all families did this of course, but enough to be noticed.

Uchiha is not just a name it has a reputation, you have to be the best you can be, that's why there is so many prodigies among the Uchiha.

You show some promise and it is squeezed out of you, they push and push because you are Uchiha you must be the best!

This is why some eyes turned toward me and before I knew it, seriously I must have been in my own world during those first three years because when I started to take notice I saw many eyes on me.

Maybe it was because I was way to perceptive for a child, to observant, or considered my words to often. Whatever it was about me I drew attention sometimes, and even if it was just a little it was enough. They had to make sure that if I had potential that is was properly focused at building on the family name.

I would be trained with the other higher clan children, now what do I mean by higher?

Well my Father having been a half Uchiha and my Mother a non-clan civilian I'm what you would call low in the clan in fact almost as low as you could get, higher would mean your blood is purer with strong Uchiha roots.

This is why it was important they wanted me to train now.

Normally they spent their efforts on the higher clan members children their blood being purer, and more likely to have the Sharingan. They helped the lower children when they joined the academy. It wasn't discrimination its just people are busy, and you wanted the ones most likely to have what the Uchiha are known for with proper training to defend themselves.

I only have about a twenty-five percent chance of having the Sharingan you see, but apparently I acted different enough from other children to be noticed and start training with the higher-ups.

That's how I found myself a month after my father's death in the clans library along with a group of about ten other clan children some younger, and some my age, or slightly older. I watched them fidget and chat with each other as they all started to head to their places in front of our teacher our parents having left a few minutes earlier, my Mom being the one most reluctant to leave.

There where a few other single parents I noticed, either alone because there partner was away or busy, or like my family there was only one parent left.

I pushed the depressing thoughts aside, and sat down and watched as other kids joined the rest of us sitting in our desks in front of the instructor. I saw a shy dark brown-haired girl staring intently at the ground, an arrogant spiky haired boy who stared down at everyone with his nose in the air, and small black-haired boy who was wiping his runny noise on his sleeve (gross!), and then I remembered Itachi was around my age so I searched the faces of the children around me but none matched how I imagined he would look, at this age.

Then it hit me of course he wouldn't train with us he probably had his own private tutors, with a private study, and his Father who no doubt contributed a lot to his training. Itachi is the Uchiha heir of course he wouldn't train with the other clan children.

I scowled that meant I'd have to work three times as hard as the children around or more to catch up. I almost groaned to myself.

This plan was getting harder and harder everyday, I constantly found myself just wanting to sleep forever and forget about it. Giving up and pushing anything that stressed me out to the back of mind was something I was good at in my last life, but I couldn't do that in this world when my problems included all the people I saw everyday. It had me irritable sometimes, depressed, and stressed other times.

I'm just not suited for this sort of stress, and that's why I want to shut down and sleep, maybe I should have been reborn a Nara, that would have been better, maybe they know the value of a good nap when stressed, of course a Nara could probably come up with a better plan than me.

I had never been one with much of a plan, or goals. If I remembered right even Nara Shikamaru had goals they where goals to be completely average, but goals none the less.

I am really pitiful aren't I? Why me? The moody lazy girl, with horrible strategic ability, minimal social skills, and who repressed every worry.

I pushed all my woes to the back of my mind as I fixated on the instructor, he apparently had started talking while I was distracted.

"- the great Uchiha clan. I will not tolerate anyone who does not take these lessons seriously. Today we will start on your reading skills using the book the The Basics of -" and I started to tune him out his voice was so boring to me I couldn't concentrate and my mind wandered about the room focusing on random points every once in a while until I heard snickering, and I felt cold.

My mind focused on the source of cool energy my Sensei's icy glare.

"Well?" he asked.

I didn't know what he was talking about so naturally I replied with a confused "Huh?".

The whole class smothered their laughter in their hands at my confused expression.

The teacher was getting impatient with me "I asked why haven't you turned to page one in your book?".

"Oh uh..."I blushed my face heating up quickly I quickly fumbled with my book flipping past the table of contents to page one.

"I expect you pay attention in the future Miku, ninja need to be constantly aware of their surroundings, and as a Uchiha with such low status within the clan I expected you to be grateful that you are receiving this training so early." he then turned and started to explain some simple Kanji.

I would love to say after the first day I did great, but the first incident was the beginning of a long road with Fumitaka-sensei.

It decreased some slowly over time, but I still had problems focusing sometimes, witch led to me having to actually study at home more than the other kids. This helped me stay slightly above average so Fumitaka couldn't kick me out, but that didn't stop me from having a scolding almost everyday after class.

The next chapter will be very exciting I and I know that they learn reading in the Academy I figured though that they wouldn't be able to learn hardly anything without learning how to read first obviously. It is also their first day so they wouldn't be learning the clans taijutsu right off the bat.

This chapter was mainly to give you some insight to Miku's personality and quirks and some inner working of the clan. I wove some history in there for her parent if you noticed and some war-time depression I hope it was an OK chapter. I hope everything is starting to come together :/ well R and R lol.

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