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Chapter 5 Hannako

I swung my feet back and forth as I sat on one of the lower branches of a tree. It wasn't a super large tree, but the elevation was still enjoyable.

Now why was I in a tree? Well, I was hiding from my babysitter who was no doubt looking for me.

I'd always escape from my babysitters while my mom was away working. They weren't ninja, just regular babysitters, and therefore easy to escape from (as if a single parent could have enough money to hire a ninja babysitter). I couldn't help it, my mom was always worried about me. She'd keep me with her at all times except when I was at training or when she had work to do. Like right now.

Which was weird here. My observation is that other mothers and fathers weren't nearly as protective as her. On my outings, I constantly passed by children playing on the street with no parental supervision. My mother, though, was always worried, which was why I felt bad the first few times I ran away. Except I could only stand being coddled for so long, and I couldn't just stay in one spot forever - I might have been lazy, but I also get bored really easily. Adventures are fun, I can't help it, and that's why even though my mother hated it, I had to explore and be free, if just for a little.

"What are you doing?" a voice called from below.

I freaked out and fell out of the tree. Luckily, it wasn't a high enough fall for me to get seriously hurt. I groaned as I pushed myself up and held my head as the world spun. I felt a hand land on my shoulder steadying me.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

Once I stopped seeing double, I looked at the face in front of me. It looked familiar, but I couldn't place it.

A tic mark formed on my head. I roughly pushed off his hand and stood up myself. "What are you doing scaring me like that?" I started. "God, I could have died! I'm just minding my own business and you scare the shit outta me!" I poked the boy's chest, scolding him. He seemed to just take it.

"I am sorry. I did not realize you would fall out of the tree. If I have harmed you I can escort you to the hospital." he gave me a low bow as he said this.

I stared at him and suddenly felt like I overacted. I wasn't hurt and this boy was strangely polite for someone my physical age so I seriously doubt he had scared me on purpose. I crossed my arms and looked aside, avoiding his face as my guilt set in. "No, I'm fine... Thanks for your concern, I guess." I turned my head back and studied him. "What are you doing out here anyways?" I asked.

"I was wondering the same about you," he coolly deflected my question. Sneaky polite kid then.

"You know, if you don't want to answer my question you can just say so, and if you must know my babysitter is out looking for me and this tree seemed as good of hiding spot as any," I said in a huff. Yeah, again, not the best at plans.

"So you climbed up a tree to escape your babysitter?" he seemed to find the whole situation funny and even though his voice didn't convey humor I could tell he was amused by the slight twitch of his mouth. I've gotten good at reading faces thanks to my father.

Then his next statement made me want to throttle him.

"Pardon me, but don't you think an alternate choice of cover would have better suited such a purpose?"

I balled up my fists. He did not just say what I thought he said.

"Well sorry I am not the best at planning, oh great hiding master!" I said sarcastically. This cheeky brat. I hated it when someone pointed out stuff I failed at so I couldn't take criticism - it was one of my many flaws.

"I am sorry if I offended you, it was only an observation," he said back as he bowed slightly.

God, this guy was always apologizing, so polite, his attitude started to get on my nerves, it made me feel like I was in the wrong. I mean, I was what, twenty one or something mentally and this kid was way more mature than me. I couldn't stand how inferior he made me feel.

"Stop apologizing, it's getting on my nerves!" I suddenly exclaimed.

He stared at me with his eyes slightly wider like he hadn't expected that. Well of course he didn't, he was the picture of polite perfection, there was no reason for me to get so annoyed at him.

He then bowed. "I am sorry for apologizing to much."

I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed. Yup, polite through and through. Seems like it was beaten into him.

"That's what I was... You know what, just forget what I said, I'm outta here," with that I just gave up on him before I just lost it on him again which would just result in me feeling guilty and him apologizing, restarting the whole stupid loop.

As I turned around to leave I walked a few steps, then my heart gave a pang and I realized I couldn't just leave him. It made me feel guilty that he had been polite to me the whole time and I was only rude in return and now I was leaving him alone when he obviously wanted a conversation or he wouldn't have called out to me in the first place.

I groaned and swiftly turned around.

"Well are you coming or not?" I called to him. He stared at me, probably puzzled by my strange mood swings. He seemed to be frozen so I groaned and walked over to him and grabbed his hand and started to drag him along with me. He seemed to be in a daze for some reason, staying silent for ten minutes as he let himself be dragged through the forest.

"Where are we going?" He was confused, and did I hear a little curiosity in there?

I glanced at him and then returned my eyes forward.

"I don't know, places?" was the vague answer I gave to hide the fact that I didn't actually have a plan, though my feet seemed to automatically be leading me to my favorite spot. We soon arrived at a small clearing with a tree in the middle. I pulled him with me over to the tree and plopped myself down.

I leaned up against the tree and closed my eyes, calmly feeling the chakra flowing throughout the area. I felt the boy's stare on me. I studied him. He looked stiff... Well, he was just dragged by a stranger to an unknown area, after said stranger fell from a tree, insulted him multiple times, and then insisted on his company.

Yeah, I could see why he found me weird.

"Well you going to sit down or not? I don't bite, you know." I thought he was annoying with all his apologizing, but I didn't want him to think I didn't like him or something that would just make me feel bad.

When he sat down and the awkward silence started. The wind rustled the leaves, and he just stiffly sat there, the air thick. Finally, I couldn't stand it.

I studied him, looking for something to talk about, and then it hit me. I grinned evilly in my mind.

"Hey, are you a girl or a guy?" seriously this guy did look like a little girl, I envisioned him in a dress instead of his shorts and t-shirt. Yup, definitely girly.

His eyes widened and then his eyebrow twitched. "I assure you I am in fact male," he forced out. Then the clearing fell into silence again, and I started to fidget.

"Hey, you know what type of tree this is?"

He just stared at me. "Well, it's an Ash tree..."

I then prattled on and on about different facts I read about the Ash. How it is identify, the myths behind it and such. All stuff I had read in a book at my house. He just seemed to listen as I started to explain things I had read about. I moved from trees, to bugs, to bird calls, to the grass we were sitting on, all facts I had from my family's book collection.

Thus began our routine for the next month. I would run away from my babysitter, hide, and while engrossed in my thought,s he would show up outta the blue and scare the hell out of me. I think he enjoyed it secretly, even with all his apologizing.

Then we'd go to the tree with me chatting up a storm and him listening, and then we'd just sit - me either talking about random stuff or just relaxing, with him maybe adding an intelligent comment or just staring at me, listening patiently.

I don't know why he always came back every day; Maybe he was lonely or maybe he found me interesting. I wasn't going to complain though, I enjoyed his company and anyone who would patiently listen to my rambling was OK in my book.

Just like that I had made my first friend in this world, and I couldn't be happier. He was kinda weird though, but I'm weird too so who am I to judge?

Then after a month, I realized something: We've never introduced ourselves. I really needed to get people's names before I just started talking to someone. That's how I always ended up going weeks or months of talking to someone and never knowing their name. It had always been a problem of mine.

I knew for a fact that he was an Uchiha because of the symbol on his back, but I had never seen him before, though his face seemed familiar. Really confusing. Being around him, I just kept feeling like I should remember something important.

So after a month I finally remembered to ask him, right before we parted ways I popped my question.

"Um, this is stupid but, um, I just realized I've talked to you for a month and you don't even know my name, or me yours, really." I looked at the ground, embarrassed. Then I looked up into his face, my cheeks feeling as hot as lava.

When I did, he blinked. I think he also just realized that we didn't know each others names.

I stuck out my hand to him "I'm Miku."

He seemed hesitate but grasped my hand. "Nice to know your name Miku-san," and he didn't give me his damn name.

I puffed out my cheeks... this guy.

"You know its common courtesy to give your name also, Mr. Polite." I crossed my arms.

"I'm sorry, Miku-san," he bowed.

I started to wonder why he didn't want to tell me his name, then it hit me. Oh-oh, I know... "Your name can't be that embarrassing, maybe it's Hime. Hahaha, Hime." I laughed suddenly at my own joke.

His eyebrow twitched as I continued to name off girly names like Yuki, Hana and Ai.

"Ooh, I know, I know, Hanako," my sides started to hurt as I continued to laugh.

I continued to count off girly names, but I didn't question him on his name. If he wanted to tell me his name he would. I mean, it can't be that bad of name right? Well until then I'll just call him Hanako because seriously, his long hair reminds me of a hippie.

I stared at the group of mini ninja in front of me. Yeah you know how I said my mom couldn't afford ninja to babysit me? Well apparently, she got a hefty raise.

"Hello Miku-chan, we will be watching you for today!" the brown haired girl of the group said chirped cheerfully as she ruffled my hair.

"Uh... yeah." I've never been good at dealing with more than one person I didn't know. I'm fine with talking to one person who's a stranger at a time, but three? Yeah that's tough.

I studied the whole group. One bubbly light-brown haired girl, a bored green haired boy, and a small black haired kid.

"Oh man, I almost forgot! I'm Akari!" she pointed to herself and grinned, then she moved on to the green haired kid. "That's Wataru!" he glanced at me and gave a slight nod. "And Hazuki!" the weedy kid smiled weakly at me.

I noticed they didn't have any surnames. Must either be a group of orphans put together for the war as cannon fodder, or they just didn't deem it necessary to tell a little kid their last names. I hoped it was the latter. I also noticed they weren't in what I could remember from the show Naruto... I didn't want to think about why they weren't because that would be depressing so I pushed the whole matter to the back of my mind.

"Masahiro-sensei would be here, but he got..." she glanced at me "...sick on our last mission, but I'm sure he would have loved to be here!" the two boys glanced down but the girl kept smiling.

So their sensei got injured? That explained why they were put on babysitter duty...

I Bowed. "I hope your sensei returns to full health soon," I said. I truly did; I hated to think that the sensei they where all worried about would die. I don't like the idea of anyone dying...

Suddenly I felt like an anaconda just wrapped itself around me.

"Aww, your'e so cute Miku-chan," Akari squealed in my ear. I immediately started to plan my escape, because this girl will be the death of me if I don't.

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Akari-means light, brightness

Wataru- means navigation

Hazuki-means leaf and moon

Masahiro- means straightforward