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When Fionna left home at the tender age of seventeen she expected some adventure; hell, that's what she was hoping for when she left the sleepy little kingdom she had spent most of her life in. She expected a little danger, and if she were being completely honest, maybe she was even secretly hoping for it. She even expected to have to prove herself over and over again because, at least in the Grasslands, a providence of the Candy Kingdom (so named because of the mass amounts of candy the kingdom constantly produces)in the Land of Aaa, girls did not learn to fight and swing swords and shoot arrows. If they were lucky, maybe they learned to use magic (if they showed a talent for it anyway) but never more than what would help them around the home. In short, when she traveled out of the Candy Kingdom and its providences and into the much larger Land of Ooo to the north, she expected a lot more than being a maid on a luxury cruise sky ship. It's not that women weren't warriors in Ooo, in fact Fionna had met quite a few in her first few days in the new land, but no one thought much of the fresh faced young girl with bright blue eyes and long, golden blonde hair. She was a pretty face, sure, but what could she really do in a fight all her potential employers had asked. Eventually, in need of money, food and a place to stay, Fionna took a job on the luxury sky ship, feeling as though she was selling herself short the entire time.

"It's not like I had much of a choice," Fionna grumbled to herself while she went about cleaning one of the upper deck suites. She growled in complaint when the hems of her long skirt got in the way again and cursed whatever idiot decided she couldn't wear pants. Quite frankly, Fionna hated her entire uniform. It restricted her movement and made her clumsy and awkward, something she hadn't been in years. Plus, there was no place to keep weapons discretely; assuming her idiot bosses would let her carry a sword in the first place. "I hate this job," she continued to complain as she picked up after snobs that couldn't bother to do it themselves. "But I had to get out of the Candy Kingdom and no one else would hire me."

The young blonde girl sighed once and looked out the large windows to the glowing bright moon. Usually, the maid service would come during the day but, because of a fancy ball taking place on the bridge deck that night, all the guests had stayed in their rooms getting ready until well into the night. Unfortunately, this meant Fionna and all of her coworkers had to work late that night as well. She scowled and all but hissed at a piece of paper left on the floor, not even two feet from the trash bin. "Lazy asses," she spat as she tossed the paper away and made one last sweep of the room. "Good enough," she mumbled before moving to straighten the beds.

Fionna had just stepped out of the room, moving down the hall to the last one she would have to clean tonight, already dreaming of her own bunk and a good night's sleep, when the lights suddenly went out. She tensed, listening intently to every noise around her. When she heard screaming from the deck above she didn't even think as she turned and bolted for the stairs that would take her up. She spared a moment's thought for the bright pink crystal sitting in her room, but decided not to take the time to go get it when an eerie quiet dominated the bridge deck just a few steps ahead. When she finally burst onto the open air deck, lit only by the pale light of the moon now that the brightly colored strings of lights were no longer on, she saw everyone standing, back to her, facing something she couldn't see. She heard a few whimpers escape from between gaudily painted lips as she forced her way through the crowd, but paid them no mind. She was more determined to see whatever it was that had turned out the lights than bother with the people it had scared.

When Fionna finally forced her way through the milling crowd, a part of her wished she hadn't. Now, the blonde girl was no stranger to weird creatures; she'd seen plenty of odd things on her adventures around the Candy Kingdom. And, she supposed if she wanted to be completely honest, she was familiar with the feeling of fear as well; though she usually just acknowledged it's presence before flipping it the bird and calmly telling it that it wasn't wanted. For the first time in a very, very long time, fear just grinned wickedly at her attempts and dug in its sharp, poisonous claws when she laid eyes on the thing in the center of a frightened ring of guests. Whatever it was, it was massive. Its body may have been covered in dark fur, but Fionna couldn't tell as the darkness seemed to wrap around it like a possessive lover that kept its form mostly in a blur. Except for its eyes; and Fionna would later reflect that perhaps they were what had made her stand, completely frozen as fear coursed its malevolent way through her, laughing harshly at her futile attempts to shove it aside. Its eyes were a burning, fiery red that seemed to bore into her very soul and feed that fear and egg it on. It only got worse when it smiled, showing of rows of razor sharp teeth glinting in the moonlight; more than one person screamed at that point.

It seemed that was all that the creature needed to move. It let out one loud, bone chilling howl before lifting a massive paw and swinging it into the assembled crowd. More people screamed and men and women went flying as the black claws tore into flesh and the wood of the deck. As shrill screams filled the air, counterpointed with the monster's hungry growls, Fionna found herself wishing she had taken the time to grab that crystal from her room.

"And this is why I wanted to carry weapons," Fionna hissed to herself, completely ignoring the fact that really, she wasn't expecting situations exactly like this when she petitioned to carry at least one sword on her person at all times. Growling lowly to herself, she decided to throw caution to the wind and sprinted forward anyway.

"Hey! Ugly!" she called up at the monster, bringing its piercing red eyes to her. "Yeah you," she hissed once she had its attention. "I don't know who let you out of your cage, but I'm sending you back."

The thing growled lowly, crouched low and swung a massive paw Fionna's way. She leapt to the side, tripping when her feet caught on the hems of her skirts. Her arms pin-wheeled through the air for a moment as she tried to catch herself even as she stumbled forward further than she had intended. The monster took the opening to swing its other paw towards her, sending her flying into the railing on the opposite side of the deck. By this point all of the passengers on deck had resumed screaming and only made matters worse by running around.

"Well, that was less than pleasant," Fionna growled to herself as she pulled herself into a sitting position. She rubbed at her aching head and winced when she felt a bump already forming. "Damn dress," she hissed as she eyed the fabric covering her legs as though it had personally wronged her; which, really, it totally had. She looked up sharply when she heard a heavy whistling sound and saw the thing's long, whip-like tail coming right for her. "Shit," she grumbled before throwing herself to the side once more. She landed in a roll and made it to her feet, stumbling once again when her skirts got in the way.

"See, this is why I asked to carry a weapon," she complained to no one in particular, everyone around her too busy screaming and making a general nuisance of themselves. She crouched low as the creature turned towards her, its rows of sharp teeth bared in a sadistic grin. She spared a moment to glance down at her clenched fists and rolled her eyes. "I may as well be trying to fight this thing with a stick of butter." She readied herself to pounce, knowing full well that this would be a very one sided battle when suddenly bright white light flooded the area.

Fionna blinked hard against the sudden overload of light on her eyes before she glanced up. Floating just above their own airship was another, much smaller and leaner ship, the light coming from a high powered lamp on the underside. Fionna could just make out three dark shapes slipping down ropes that had suddenly appeared to land lightly on the deck. Well, one of them landed on the deck, the other two kind of just floated there maybe two feet off the deck's surface. When the light finally cleared enough for Fionna to get a good look at the three new comers she saw two boys and a girl. One of the boys and the girl had a grayish pallor to their skin and both had dark, black hair, though the girl's hair was significantly longer. The girl was wearing skin tight pants, ending in low boots that just barely made it past her ankles and a loose fitting, quarter sleeved dark shirt that hung slightly off of one shoulder. The boy was in dark pants that fit loose enough to allow only a peek of his own shoes beneath the cuffs and a button up, long sleeved, gray plaid shirt that had been rolled up to his elbows and left enough buttons undone to show a black shirt underneath. Both of them had red axes slung across their backs and Fionna quickly zeroed in on the twin puncture marks on both of their necks. Vampires, she realized quickly as he attention turned to the other boy. Compared with the other two, his skin tone was normal, if just slightly darker than her own, indicating a life time spent outside under the sun. He was dressed in loose fitting blue jeans with a darker blue t-shirt that only made his impossibly blue eyes stand out even more. Most of his head was covered in a white beanie, though a small shock of bright blond hair peeked out to curl slightly against his forehead. He had an easy grin on his face, completely disarming the fact that he had a blood red sword with a hilt vaguely shaped like a cross slung across his shoulders. Upon closer look, none of the new comers looked more than two or three years older than her, but you could never be sure when dealing with vampires.

"Time to go to work," the male vampire suddenly said and that was all the prompting the three of them needed to blast forward and take over the fight with the creature.

The two vampires kept to the air, diving in and slashing at it with their axes, keeping it distracted, while the boy on the ground darted in periodically, searching for a weak spot to end it quickly. When he finally found one he let out a quick yell of triumph before driving his almost eerie sword deep into the creature right at the base of its throat. The monster screamed once, a horrible, high pitched keening that had everyone scrambling to cover their ears, before the sound cut itself off and the thing disintegrated into a cloud of black smoke; blowing away as if it had never been there in the first place.

For a moment, everyone stood silent, looking from where the creature had been to the three young adults that had taken it down effortlessly. Then, a sudden cheer erupted through the crowd and all of the guests on deck were tripping over themselves to thank the new comers.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," the female vampire said, holding up her hands and miming for the crowd to move back. "We didn't do this for free you know."

"As a matter of fact, you probably just traded one problem for another," the blond haired boy added as he stepped up next to the female of the group, a large smirk on his face.

"You see," the male vampire continued, looking almost disinterestedly at his fingernails. "We're pirates and, after watching us take down that thing without even breaking a sweat, I'd say none of you are in any position to argue with that. Now, if you'd all be so kind as to wait here patiently while my partners ransack your rooms for anything and everything of value that you might be hiding away, that would be much appreciated."

No one said a word, too stunned by the turn of events to even consider fighting back. Well, everyone but Fionna anyway. She knew she probably couldn't take on all three, especially since they were all armed and she wasn't, but if she bided her time she may just be able to stand a chance against the male vampire while the other two were away. And who knows, maybe seeing her take up the fight may inspire the passengers to actually help her this time; though a quick glace around had her rolling her eyes in disgust and seriously doubting it.

She waited for a few minutes after the other two had left to make sure they weren't close enough to come running back to help before she made her move. "You know, that's pretty low," she started off, hoping her tone sounded as bored as she was trying to make it. "You come swooping in here to save these people and then turn around and rob them instead. But I guess I shouldn't have expected anything better from a pirate." She heard a few people gasp and a few hushed whispers asking for her to shut up, but she didn't pay them any mind.

"Bold talk from a maid," the vampire boy replied with a smirk. "And just what are you going to do about it?"

"Take you down if I have to," Fionna answered with an easy shrug.

"You've got spunk, I'll give you that," the undead boy laughed. "But that would be very, very stupid of you. You couldn't even do anything against that creature, so what makes you think you can take on a vampire?"

"I'm not as weak as you seem to think," Fionna hissed. "And I'll be more than happy to prove it."

"What's your name, little human?" the vampire asked suddenly.

"Fionna," she answered after a moment. "Why?"

"Well, my name is Marshall Lee, the Vampire King. Do you really think you stand a chance?" he asked again.

"I can try," Fionna growled.

"I like you, little human," the vampire laughed again. "So I'll let you in on a little secret. See, we didn't really save all of these people. In fact, we've been casing this ship for a little over a week. It's just good luck that we turned up when we did. Sure, these people are going to lose some money, but at least they'll still have their lives."

"If all you were after is the money than why bother fighting that thing in the first place?" Fionna demanded.

"Something to do," Marshall Lee answered with a shrug. "And one of my crewmates likes getting into fights and saw this as an opportunity to test himself. Plus, had that thing been allowed to continue, it would have torn this whole thing apart and all the pretty things these people are so proud of would have been lost to the skies and gravity."

"We're back," the other boy's voice rang out over the crowd. Only then did Fionna realize the trap she had allowed herself to fall into. Marshall Lee had kept her talking, kept her distracted, so his crew could finish their job and he wouldn't have to deal with trying to fight her.

"And it looks like there was already another sneak thief on board," the female vampire added, her tone telling that she was amused. "Found this in one of the maid's rooms."

Fionna turned, dreading what she would see, and feeling her stomach drop out when her suspicions were confirmed. The female vampire held a large, pink-ish white crystal just slightly bigger than her fist in her hands. "That's mine," she heard herself saying.

"Was yours," Marshall Lee interjected quickly. "If it ever really was."

"Is mine," Fionna insisted, turning back and leveling the undead boy with a glare. "And you will return it to me now."

"I thought I explained all of this when I told you we're pirates," Marshall Lee responded, an amused smirk pulling at his lips. "If it was ever yours to begin with, it doesn't really matter because it's ours now."

Fionna growled once as the only warning she would give before she launched herself at the floating, undead boy. She aimed a kick to his chest that glanced off of him as he floated away.

"Temper, temper," he chided her, the smirk never leaving his face.

Fionna threw a punch to follow up, not for the first time wishing she had her sword instead; especially when her feet caught on the hem of her skirt again. "I've had it with this thing," she hissed and reached down to take two handfuls of fabric into her hands as she tore most of the skirt away to give her legs and feet room to move. "Much better," she smiled once most of the skirt had been torn away, leaving behind ragged strips to barely cover her legs.

"I'd say impressive, but I've seen better," Marshall Lee taunted her with a quick glance towards her exposed legs.

"Funny," Fionna replied smoothly. "I was just thinking the same thing about you. For a vampire king, you're really not much to look at, are you? You sure you didn't just invent the title to make yourself seem more important?" she added with a smirk of her own.

"You've got a mouth on you, don't you?" Marshall Lee retorted. "Too bad you're using it for something completely unproductive."

"As much as I'd love to keep bantering with you, I think I like the idea of beating you to a pulp much better," Fionna returned, launching herself forward once more. This time she expected the vampire to float out of the way and she used the momentum to spring into a front handspring until she reached a wall. Still keeping her momentum going, she quickly turned mid-spring and used the wall to launch herself back the way she had come. Once again the vampire drifted out of the way, though not before snatching the white bandana off of her head that kept her hair bound and out of the way. She snarled as she landed, even as her bright blonde hair fell around her shoulders and tumbled halfway down her back.

"Well, would you look at what blondie was hiding under this thing," Marshall Lee chuckled. "I've only seen one other person with hair like yours."

"Whatever," Fionna hissed. "Just because you snatched my bandana doesn't mean this fight is over."

"Actually, I think it's about time we got going," the female vampire interrupted as she floated over. "If you're done playing games, of course," she added to Marshall Lee, her arms crossed over her chest and one eyebrow raised.

"Fine, fine," Marshall Lee sighed as he tossed the bandana back to Fionna. "Let's ship out before the authorities decide to get off their lazy asses and show up."

"Hang on a sec," the other boy said as he jogged over, pulling the two vampires with him out of earshot of the crowd. The three of them stood there for a few minutes, talking about something Fionna couldn't hear, though the human boy kept gesturing to her and both vampires glanced back at her more than once. Eventually, the female vampire shrugged and nodded her head, slipping closer to the human boy, both of them looking expectantly at Marshall Lee. Finally, he too sighed and turned back to Fionna.

When she realized he was looking at her, Fionna quickly painted a scowl across her face. At least until said vampire floated over to her and promptly picked her up and slung her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. She struggled and snarled, kicked and punched, but nothing she did seemed to have any effect on Marshall Lee.

"Well, I'd say this has been fun," Marshall began, addressing the crowd of people. "But I highly doubt you're all that happy about us making off with all of your valuables and now one of your maids."

"What?!" Fionna screeched at that last part. "What do you mean 'one of your maids'? Put me down!"

"See you around," Marshall Lee continued as though he hadn't even heard Fionna. He raised a mock salute of two fingers, a cocky smirk on his lips, even as he floated backwards and up into his own ship.

Once they were within his own airship Marshall Lee promptly dumped the struggling Fionna to the ground. "Welcome aboard the Stratos, Fionna," he said, looking down at her and gesturing around them, his cocky smirk never leaving his face.

"What am I doing here?" the blonde girl demanded, glaring at each of the other three people on board in turn. "Why did you kidnap me?"

"An excellent question," Marshall Lee answered. "Finn? Would you like to enlighten the young lady since this was your idea in the first place?"

Fionna started at the name Finn and whipped her head over to stare at the human boy. Something about the name and the fact that, now that she could see him better, he looked almost eerily similar to her tugged at her memories, but for the life of her she couldn't seem to remember.

"Well Fi," the blond boy began, his hands shoved into the front pockets of his jeans and his shoulders relaxed, almost slouched. "I'm your brother."

Fionna stared at him for a moment, never blinking and never taking her eyes off of him, before her vision started to grow dim. The next thing she knew, the lights were out and she wasn't conscious to think of a single thing.

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