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Summary: One day while looking for "their" meadow, Bella comes face to face with a red eyed vampire but this one is not looking to kill her nor does he only want her for her blood.

After Edward left me, I fell into a deep depression for two months but I pulled myself out of it when I saw the effect it had on Charlie. I started to eat again, hung out with Charlie more, visited with Jake and the boys of La Push and pulled my grades out of the crapper.

It was the weekend; Charlie was going fishing with Billy and Harry. Jake was supposed to go hiking with me today but he canceled at the last minute without an explanation. I shrugged it off because it wasn't the first time that he's done that to me. I was in no way going to stay home, so I grabbed my hiking boots, dressed in a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt. I left a note for Charlie, letting him know where I was in case he made it home before me. I left it on the fridge where I knew he find it and then headed out to my truck after locking up the house and picking up my backpack filled with some snacks, water, map, a book and my compass.

I finally came to a stop at the opening of a trail head, parked and locked up the truck. I took out my compass out of my backpack, popped my earbuds in and started in the direction that I hopped was the right way to the meadow. I had been walking for a good couple of hours when I came to a clearing; I looked around and was disappointed to see that it wasn't "our" meadow. I looked at my watch, saw it was late afternoon so I decided to sit down and have something to eat. I took out my earbuds so I can listen to nature for awhile after I sat down under the share of a pine tree.

I was completely lost in the book that I was reading and so when I heard a twin break I nearly jumped out of my skin. I looked all around me but didn't see anything or anyone; I shrugged my shoulders and went back to reading my book. I had barely finished the paragraph that I was reading when I heard something rustle the bushes to my left. I was not fully scared yet but I was concerned about what was watching me; it was either a bear or a vampire, I knew that Victoria was still out there and wanting me dead, was this her making all the noise?

I placed my book on the ground and then stood up to see if I could see anything and that's when I saw a flash of red streaking through the trees. My hands began to tremble, my legs began to wobble and my sight became hazy. She's back, she's back, Victoria came back for me kept playing over and over in my brain. I didn't know what to do. Do I let her kill me, do I try to run, or do I hope to go that by some miracle she is stopped and I am saved.

I was rooted to the spot, frozen in front of a pine tree while a sick and sadistic vampire watched me with malice on the other side of this clearing. I stood there with baited breath to see what she was going to do. Finally she emerged from the tree line, a twisted smile upon her angelic face and her flaming red hair flying around her head in the light breeze.

She came to a stop mere feet from me, and just stood there sizing me up that smile never leaving her face.

"Well, well little Bella I've finally got you alone. I thought I would have to kill that coven of yours to get to you but all I had to do was wait till they left you all alone and unprotected." she said to me with anger in her voice.

I didn't answer her; I just stood there staring at her waiting for her to get on with whatever she was planning on doing to me.

"What, little Bella's not going to talk to me now?" she sneered.

"I don't know what you expect me to say." I mumbled.

"Beg, plead for you life. Do something." she huffed out.

"Nothing you do to me will be anything compared to what he did to me." I replied angrily.

She stood there staring at me for a few minutes and slowly her features changed from anger to pain. I didn't know what was going on nor what she was playing at.

"What happened Bella?" she asked with such tenderness in her voice.

"What do you care, what that sleaze ball did to me?" I didn't have as much anger in my voice as I did in the beginning.

"Because Bella, I was lied to all my life, like you were. Come sit down and I will tell you my story."

I watch as she folded her feline like body onto the grass and hesitated for a beat of my heart before I sank down; not so gracefully, on the grass; not next to her incase this was all a game. She paused for a few minutes just staring at me before she took a deep breath and began her story.

"I was born in the mid sixteenth century London England to a scullery maid. My father was the master of the house that my mother worked in. I was the second child born to her, my sister Anne was only a couple of years older than me. Anne was gorgeous and the men of the house lusted after her and her long wavy mahogany hair, big doe eyes and her cream and rose complexion. Me, no one paid the slightest mind to.

We worked in the house where we were conceived till we were old enough to find work on our own. We were lucky to get positions at the same house; Anne was a lady's maid while I worked down in the kitchens. The master of the house was not kind and he was quick to beat a servant should they do wrong. I got a lot of beatings by him because I wasn't quick enough to flee when he was in one of his rages. By the time that I was twelve, Anne and I decided to run away; which didn't turn out well for us.

Because we had no references, we were not able to find jobs. We had no food, no shelter and winter was fast approaching. Much to my dismay Anne agreed to work for a local pimp on the condition that I could have free lodging with the other working girls. The place that we were living wasn't idea but it was better than the streets. One night Anne went out to meet a client but she never came back home, I was heartbroken. The pimp was angry and held me prisoner and made sure that "I learned my place."

I was lucky though that with the old master being an asshole as well as the pimp, I learned how to disappear and eventually I broke free of the pimp's house. However this meant that I was out in the cold again with no food and no way to keep warm. Till I started to become sort of a cat burglar, I sneaked into house, took what I needed to survive and spent some time curled up in a small corner to get some sleep. I never stayed in one house for to long though; I kept moving till I was fifteen. I had heard a scullery maid get sacked and so I applied for the job; my lack of references was overlooked. It was hard work but at least I wasn't on the streets in the cold.

Things were going much better till I was coming home one day from the grocery store and that's when the pimp spotted me. He tried to follow me home, but I was able to lose him, it was also around that time, that Anne had found me again. I woke up one night and saw Anne standing over me in my tiny attic bedroom. She was just as beautiful and I launched myself at her but I was never able to wrap my arms around her, she kept moving at a speed that was too quick and silenced me. She wanted to know if I was happy and safe but when I started to tell her everything she wasn't very happy.

Anne then bit me and when I awoke I found out that I was much stronger than before and I wanted blood all the time. I was living with not only my sister but three other women; Hilda, Mary and Heidi. Two years after I had been with them, Hilda brought another woman into the house that we shared, her name was Noela. The Volturi came then and even though Hilda tried to explain to them that there was ever only one newborn at a time, they still didn't believe her and sentences us all to die.

Obviously I didn't die but I didn't trust any other vampires till James came along. I fell in love with him; stupid I know, but I did. I felt safe with him and happy. Little did I know though that he didn't feel the same. I was out hunting one night without James, I came home to find James banging some other chick, I was mad as hell but he promised me that it was nothing. I believe him and stayed with him. The rest you know, your coven actually did me a great service by killing him because he kept up his cheating ways and he said that because he was my mate and he was the one to help me to trust again that I couldn't leave him."

I sat there, mouth agape. I couldn't believe the hell that this poor creature had gone through. It was hard to hate her after hearing about the horrors that she's had to live though. No one deserves to be lied to, beaten and forced to do things against their will, what Edward did to me, seems so trivial compared to what Victoria had to go through. She said there with a faraway look in her eyes and venom filling them. I knew that I had to say something, "Victoria, I am so sorry for what you had to go through in your human life and your vampire life up to this point. No one should have to live through what you did."

"Thank you for saying that Bella. I've tried to move past it but some times it's so fucking hard. Now tell me what happened to you."

I took a deep breath and began, "After my mom remarried, I knew she wanted to travel more with him; he was a minor league baseball player you see, so I decided to come and live with Charlie. When I went to school on the following Monday after I arrived I saw them. They were incredibly and walked with such grace and pose; even the men. They occupied a table all to themselves in the lunchroom, hardly eat just sitting there looking like they were bored out of their minds except for the blonde male, who looked like he was in pain.

It was the boy with the copper hair that caught my attention. I asked one of the chattering girls sitting at the same table that I was, who they were and she told me. I was intrigued by the whole family but it was Edward that I wanted to get to know that most. He kept his distance from me, till a van nearly crushed me. He was there in a blink of an eye and I had know idea how he did that because he was on the other side of the parking lot. He pushed the van off of me, he was so strong that he left a dent in the car. I tried to talk to him in the hospital but he wouldn't confess to anything.

I was down at La Push talking to my childhood friend Jake and he was telling me about legends about his tribe. There was one story that stuck with me, that of cold ones that couldn't be destroyed. I wanted to know more so I found a bookstore in Port Angeles that dealt with Aboriginal legends, I bought the book while on a shopping trip with some friends. Once I realized what the Cullens were I told Edward that I didn't care, that I was already falling in love with him.

The rest of the school year was going great; till you guys came that is, and the summer was good as well. Life was great, till my 18th birthday a couple of months ago. I got a stupid paper cute and Jasper lunged at me; I knew that he didn't really want to hurt me, he was just feeling the bloodlust of the rest of the vampires in the house. Edward threw me across the room where I landed on top of the table, crushing it and slicing my arm in the process from the broken glass of the plates that were on the table.

Carlisle stitched me up and I thought we were going to be ok after that but we weren't. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett and Edward stopped showing up to school and then one day Edward was waiting outside my house. He said that he wanted to talk to me, he walked me into the woods and told me that they were leaving, I thought that he meant him and I were leaving but it turned out that wasn't the case it was the Cullens that were leaving. Edward then told me that he was tired of playing human, he said that he didn't love me and that with me being human, I would forget him soon enough. He then made my promise to not doing anything that would end up with me getting hurt, he then placed a kiss on my forehead and left.

I tried to follow after him but I got lost in the woods. I tripped over a tree root and laid in the mud crying for Edward to come back while the rain pelted down on me. Soon though one of the La Push boys found me and took me home to Charlie. I was in a deep depression for two months before I saw what it was doing to Charlie and I pulled myself out of it and began to live again."

The fire and anger were back in Victoria's eyes but this time I had a feeling that it wasn't direction towards me.

"That bastard..." she growled out. "What kind of sick son of a bitch brings a human into this world only to leave her once he gets bored? He had no right to do that and if the Volturi ever find out, no matter how many gifts he has, he will be burned."

I didn't know how to answer that, so I just sat there staring at her. She calmed down some and with a sigh said, "I had every intention of killing you when I came here searching for you but that has changed. I no longer feel anger towards you but that doesn't mean that I'm going to leave you, I'm going to stay here and protect you. This supernatural world is no place for humans to be."

"Y... you don't have to do that." I stuttered out, I was more shocked that she wanted to protect me then I was scared of her.

"Yes I do Bella. You need help in this life and I'm going to be the one to do it. If the Volturi ever find out about you, they'll insist on either having you killed or turned. With me being here, you don't have to worry about nomads harming you."


And that's how Victoria and I became the best of friends. She didn't change her diet and I never asked her to. She hunted in Port Angeles or Seattle and when she was at my place or we were hanging out somewhere, she always made sure to have lots of contacts with her to hide her red eyes. She became a better sister to me then Alice ever was, she taught me a lot of things and was never one to play "Bella Barbie", if I didn't like something she never made me wear it.

Charlie loved her as well, they got along famously. It took awhile for her to trust him but once she saw his easy going nature and his laid back style, she instantly grew to trust him and like him. When the Cullens left, I never thought that I would have another vampire in my life but as Victoria pointed out to me, I was destined to be in this supernatural world no matter what.

We talked about my change and Victoria said that if I really wanted to become a vampire; something that she highly suggest that I do, that I should wait till I finish high school this way here I can have a couple more years with Charlie and Renee and then for the first year of my vampire life I could claim college as my excuse for nothing coming home for the holidays and if they wanted to come for a visit I could claim to be sick.

Victoria also told me that if after my year was up, I wanted to come back to visit Charlie and Renee she would help me out. She promised to always be by my side as not only a friend and sister but also as a teacher and sire. I told her that I would let her know if I wanted to come back and see them when that time came, which she fully understood.

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