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It's been two months since Vic and I became friends instead of enemies. I've recently found out that the guys of La Push are shape shifters, the turn into horse sized wolves when there are vampires around. They weren't to happy when they found out what the Cullens did to me and they didn't like the fact that a human drinker was going to be in town all the time now but Vic and the elders have made a treaty that stated as long as Vic is here that she is not aloud to drink the blood from humans in Forks, La Push and Port Angeles but hunting in Seattle is fine.

They also understood that I would need to be turned sometime soon because we explained to them about the Volturi and what would happen if they found out about me. No one in La Push wanted to see me killed because of what the Cullens did to me and also because they've known me for so long. They agreed that if anything should happen to me before my time to leave for college, they will not start a war with Vic. They also stated that if I was to come home after I was a vampire and in control that the same rules applied to me; that of me not hunting in Forks, La Push or Port Angeles.

Once that was sorted out, life was pretty much good from then on out. I still thought of the Cullens from time to time; I mean it was hard not to, they were like a second family to me. Vic asked me what I was doing in the woods and I told her about the meadow. I explained the meadow to her in perfect detail, I didn't want to find it to reconnect with Edward but because it was a beautiful spot and I enjoyed being there. Vic asked me if I still wanted to find the meadow and I told her that I did, so she promised me that we would find it.


It was a couple days later; I was sitting on the couch watching a chick flick while eating ice cream right out of the container. Charlie was at the station working nights and Vic was off on a hunting trip, I was so lost in the movie that I didn't notice when Vic sat down beside me till she said, "Good movie Bells?"

I jumped a little, which only served to make Vic laughed. After a few minutes I said to her, "Yeah it is. Didn't hear you come in."

"Guess not seeing as how you are in a zombie like state watching that movie." she replied with a laugh.

I laughed along with her and then said, "Good hunt?"

"Yes it was. I've got a surprise for you Bells."

"Oh really?"

"Yep but you don't get to see it till this weekend."

"You're mean." I fake pouted at her.

"Yes but you still love me."

"That's true."

After that we settled in to finish watching the movie. I jokingly offered some ice cream to Vic which she turned her nose up, and that made us bust out into a fit of giggles. Just as the second movie ended, Charlie walked in, he wasn't surprise to see Vic sitting with me, he greeted us both and then went into the kitchen to get a beer and the dinner I left for him.

Once he entered the living room again he said, "Good evening girls?"

"Yes we watched some movies and had ice cream." Vic answered him.

"That's good. What are your plans for the weekend?"

"Don't know yet Chief but whatever it is, we'll be sure to be safe."

He nodded his head, took another bite of his food and said, "I'll be down at La Push this weekend, they are having a bonfire. You're both welcome to come."

"I don't think that would be wise for me Chief." Vic said.

"And why's that Vicki?" Charlie asked with a raised eyebrow

"I have a slight fear of fire sir." I knew that wasn't the case because of the treaty but Charlie didn't need to know that.

"I'm sorry to hear that dear." I could hear the sympathy in his voice.

Vic just nodded her head but didn't reply. It was quiet for a few minutes; I broke it announcing that I was tired and heading to bed. Charlie looked at the clock and said, "Its awful late, why don't you spend the night Vicki?"

"I wouldn't want to trouble you sir and I'm sure that I would be ok heading home."

"Now way, a young lady like you shouldn't be out late at night. You're staying here. I'm sure Bella can lend you something to sleep in."

"That's very kind of you sir. Thank you." Vic replied while dipping her head.

"No need to thank me dear, it's my job as a father and the chief of police to make sure that all young girls are safe."

Vic just nodded her head and then after I placed a kiss on Charlie's cheek and giving him a hug, Vic and I said goodnight and headed upstairs to my room. This wasn't the first time that Vic had spent the night at the house but for the first couple of times she was here, Charlie didn't know. Not long after Vic decided to stay her protecting me, we went shopping to get her some new clothes and she had taken to leave some of her clothes.

I left the bottom door of my dresser for Vic clothing and after we entered my room, wordlessly Vic walked over to my dresser and pulled out a pair of sleep shorts and a tank, she then went out into the hall, called down to Charlie that she was using in the bathroom and then went to grab a shower; I had asked her bout that once and she said being a nomad didn't give her the option to shower as often as she liked so now that she was here, she was going to take advantage of the shower, I just laughed at her and never asked her again bout it.

Ten minutes later, she entered my room fresh from the shower. I then grabbed my p.j. and headed out to the bathroom after telling Charlie that I was heading in. Once I was out of the bathroom, I let Charlie know that it was all clear. I walked into my room and saw Vic giggling,

"What's funny?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Charlie." she said between giggles.

"I'm confused. I don't have your super hearing, human remember."

She finally calmed down enough to say, "Once you told him that the bathroom was his, he mumbled, about damn time. Bloody woman in this house always take up the bathroom."

She fell into a fit of giggles and I joined her. We were lying on my bed laughing where there came a knock on my door and then Charlie was poking his head in, "Everything alright ladies?" he asked with a smile.

"Yes dad, just laughing at a comment that Mike said today."

"Oh alright ladies. Good night, see you both in the morning."

"Good night Mr. Swan." Vic replied.

"Please Vicki, call me Charlie." he supplied. Vic just nodded her head.

"Good night dad, love you, see you in the morning."

"Love you to kid." he replied with a smile.

He then closed the door, I got under the covers and Vic went to sit in my rocking chair with a book.

"Are you staying the night?" I whispered to Vic.

"I'm not sure yet."

"Ok. Good night Vic."

"Night Bells."


It was finally the weekend, the week past in boredom. Nothing exciting happen; not that it does anymore, even with a vampire around. I couldn't wait to see what surprise Vic had for me. I was currently in the kitchen whipping up breakfast as well as making some sandwiches for my lunch; Vic told me that it wouldn't take long to get to where we are going but she had a feeling that I would want to stay there for awhile meaning that I would need to bring a lunch, Once I had breakfast ready, I called Charlie down and proceed to pack up my lunch, I put the sandwiches, chips, some fruit, pop and water into my backpack.

After breakfast, Charlie said goodbye to us and then headed out, once I put the dishes in the sink, I grabbed my backpack and Vic and I headed out to my old beat up, but still running great truck.

"So who's driving Vic?" I asked standing in front of the truck.

"I will." She replied as she walked over to the driver's side.

I nodded my head and then walked over to the passenger's side. Vic started the truck once we were in the truck and then she pulled out and we began the drive to wherever we were headed. I turned on the radio and we sang along to the songs that were playing. Soon we pulled to a stop at the beginning of the trailhead that led into the woods. We got out and Vic turned to me and said, "Hope on, we will get there quicker if I run."

I nodded my head and walked over to her, Vic bend down and I got on her back. I wrapped my arms around her neck and after Vic stood up, I wrapped my legs around her waist.
"Secure?" Vic asked while looking over her shoulder at me.

"Yep I am." I replied.

"Well then hold on." she answered with a laugh.

We took off like a bullet after being shot out of a gun, I had to close my eyes briefly against the wind but I didn't keep them closed for long because this was the best part about running on the back of a vampire. It was thrilling to know that even though it looked as if the trees were going to hit us but knowing that they won't.

We came to a stop and Vic said, "Close your eyes. We are close to your surprise."

I did as I was told and once Vic was sure that I had my eyes closed, she took off but it wasn't as fast as before. We ran for ten minutes and then we stopped, and I opened my eyes, I had to blink a couple of times but once my eyes were focused, I let out a gasp because Vic had found the meadow.

I carefully got off Vic's back and walked forward till I was standing in the middle. It looked exactly the same as the first time that I was here. I had a fear that I would break down and crumbled into a crying heap because of Edward no being here, but I didn't. It didn't even care that Edward wasn't sure; I no longer tired Edward to this meadow. Sure I had memories of our time here but they didn't make me want to break down and cry for a man who clearly didn't want me in his life.

I turned to look a Vic, who was standing in the same spot, I gave her a big smile and said, "I can't thank you enough for finding this."

"It was my pleasure Bells. I came across it when I was coming back from hunting one day."

She walked closer to me and after giving her a hug, we took a seat under one of the trees and I told Vic all of my memories of this place. It didn't hurt anymore to say Edward's name and I was glad for that fact; when he first left, there was a hole in my heart and anytime I thought of him or the rest of the Cullens or said any of their names, that hole in my heart would get bigger. Now though the hole didn't get any bigger, in fact I don't think there was a hole in my heart anymore.

I had my lunch and then because it was such a nice day, we moved out from under the tree we were sitting under, and laid in the direct sunlight. Vic had brought blankets; something that I didn't notice that she did, Vic then pulled out a book to read and I drifted off to sleep.

Some time later, Vic woke me up and said that it was getting late and we should probably think about heading home. I agreed and so we picked up the blankets and gathered my backpack, we had just started to walk when Vic stopped walking and let out a growl; she spun back around and continued to growl. I turned around also to see what she was growling about, she was staring at the tree line opposite us.

"Vic what's wrong?" I asked her in a whisper. She didn't respond, only put her hand on my waist and moved me till I was standing behind her. She was in a half crouch and wasn't letting up on her growling. I didn't have a clue what was going on, I kept looking in the direction that Vic was but I didn't see anything and I silently cursed my weak human eyes.

Part of me wondered if it was one of the Cullens behind the trees. If it was one of them, I knew that I would have some questions for them. I also wonder what my reaction would be, happy or sad to see them again. Finally after a few minutes, the vampire emerged from the trees. It was a man, a human drinker, he was really tall and had his sandy hair tied back. I never saw him before but that was to be expected seeing as how human drinkers never came around the Cullens in all the months that I knew them; of course the exception was James, Laurent and Vic.

His hands were held up in front of him to show that he didn't mean any harm as he kept walking, slowly Vic came out of her crouch and stood to her full height. When the vampire was five feet in front of us, Vic said, "Long time no see Soldier."

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