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"I could say the same thing about you, Milady." the mystery vampire replied with a slight bow.

Vic giggled, and walked closer to the vampire and embraced him in a hug. I was left standing in the same spot, watching the scene play out in front of me. I could tell that they had known each other for some time, they were speaking at vampire speed but for some reason it didn't bother me like when the Cullens did it. I had a feeling that they were talking about me, but again it didn't bother me. I folded my arms across my chest and waited to see what was going to happen next. I had to admit that the unknown vampire was very handsome, he was rugged, like what I expected Jasper to look like if the Pixie Bitch let him dress himself from time to time.

Finally after a few minutes, Vic and the mystery vamp stopped talking, turned to face me and after gagging my reaction, walked closer to me but stopped so that there was some room in between us.

"Bells, this is my oldest friend Garrett. He's a nomad like me; I met him almost twenty years ago." Vic said.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Garrett." I said to him.

"Likewise my dear." He replied with a slight bow in my direction.

"Now you're probably wondering why Garrett is here," Vic started after a few minutes of silence, "I had gotten in contact with him when I was out hunting one day."

"Why? Has something happened?" I asked concerned.

"I've heard some rumors; I don't know how true they are but I wanted to have Garrett here to be of service to us in case said rumors come true."

"What sort of rumors?"

"Let us sit down first." Garrett suggested, "The young lady looks pale."

"No I think we should head back to her place. I don't want to be overheard out here."

I was really concerned now, "What the hell is going on?" I said in a tight whisper.

"I don't want to discuss it here, the woods could have ears and I don't want anything that I have to tell you to get back to Edward."

"Edward? Wh...What does he have to do with anything? He left me; he said he didn't love me anymore."

I was starting to panic, I looked in Vic's eyes and they held a shit ton of concern and worry, I then looked in Garrett's eyes and they were feel with determination. Whatever these rumors were, they weren't good ones. I felt like I was going to faint, there was a black haze surrounding my eyes and I knew that at any minute I was going to pass out. My limbs were feeling like Jell-O but before I could hit the ground, I was in Garrett's arms.

I looked up into his eyes, there was worry in them but he was looking at me with such tenderness. I had never seen someone look like that at me; not even Edward looked at me with the amount of tenderness that I could see in Garrett's eyes, it shocked me to my very core and made me question what in the hell was going on. I just met this man; there is no way that he should have any tenderness in his eyes while looking at me, nor should he have been the one to save me from hitting the hard ground.

We didn't speak, just kept looking at each other, after a few minutes, Vic cleared her throat; quite unnecessary if you ask me, and said, "Let's head home Bells, we can talk there. Garrett would you mind carrying here?"

"Of course not Vickie." Garrett answered her.

We then took off running and before I knew it we were walking through the backdoor of the house. Garrett walked me into the living room and laid me on the couch but instead of me using the arm of the couch as a pillow, he lifted my head and sat down while placing my head in his lap. He then started to run his fingers through my hair and I let out a contented sigh.

Vic was sitting in dad's recliner, her eyes going back and forth between Garrett and me but didn't say anything about our seating arraignment. I didn't understand this attraction that I had to Garrett; it seemed to be stronger then what I felt for Edward, it was odd but I wasn't going to question it; I had bigger things to worry about.

"Alright Vic, what the fuck is going on? And make it quick; don't know when Charlie will be home." I said from my spot on Garrett's lap.

"Ok, well you know how two weeks ago I went to Canada to hunt?" I nodded my head remembering when she took off on a Friday night and came back early Monday morning.

"Well when I was there, I met up with some other vampires and they told me of a rumor that was going around."

"Which was?" I asked dreading the answer.

"That a copper hair vampire is trying to find some nomads whose willing to help him abduct a human girl that he used to know."

"Edward..." I said in a strangled whisper. Victoria just nodded her head and my breathing started to become labored. I tired to sit up but Garrett wouldn't allow me to get to far from him, I was able to sit up but he had moved us so that I was leaning against his back and his arms were wrapped around me while gently rocking me.

I don't know how Garrett was able to do it, but he had calmed me right down, I was still in fear for my safety as well as Charlie's but I wasn't at panic attack levels yet. "So what are we going to do with Edward?" I asked.

"Well that's why I got Garrett here; I want to have other vampires around to help protect you. I know the wolves can protect you but you need warriors and Garrett here is a warrior."

"What does she mean?" I asked turning my head to face Garrett.

"Well Sweetheart, before I was turned into a vampire, I fought in the Revolutionary War. I was a hotheaded patriot and I fought for the colonies right to self-govern. My transformation was by accident, I was with ten other soldiers when I was attacked, I was knocked to the ground; no time to defend myself, and I hit my head on a rock. The next time I woke up, I couldn't hold down human food or drink."

"How did you know you were a vampire?"

"Well I didn't at first, I thought there was something wrong with me and when I went to go see a doctor, I attacked him and drained all his blood. I'm a curious vampire thanks to me not knowing about how to actually be a vampire in the beginning. I have no problems investigating a mystery."

"When did this all happen exactly?"

"In 1780, I was twenty-three at the time."

"Where were you born?"

"In New England."

"So do you think that you'll be able to help protect me?"

"I would die for you Sweetheart."

I could see the truth of his words in his eyes and hear it in his voice; I didn't question him about why he would do that. I figured that in time, he would come to tell me why he felt that way when he's only known me for little less than two hours.

"So Vic," I said turning back to look at her, "I don't think that the two of you plus the wolves would be enough to stop Edward and any minions that he may gather."

"Yes I know, there is some other people that I want to get in touch with but three of them I need your permission to do so."

"Why would you need my permission? If you think that they would help then you should contact them."

"Well it's who these three are, you have the final say."

"Ok. So who are they?"

"Jasper Whitlock and his brother Peter and Emmett."

"Why Jasper and Emmett?" I was pleased to see that, it didn't bother me that I might be seeing them again and I didn't think it had anything to do with Garrett.

"Well Jasper is known as "The God of War", he's a deadly fighter. How much do you know about his background?"

"Not much, Pussyward would never let me get to know him. I know that he wasn't brought into this life the same way as some of the Cullens were, but I don't know anything else."

"Well it's his story to tell. His brother Peter fought along with him in the Southern Vampire Wars."

"And Emmett?"

"He fight likes a newborn and with training he'll be better fighter. Plus also its you."

"Do you think they will help?"

"It depends on if Jasper and Emmett are still with the Cullens or not."

"How so?"

"Because I don't know if Pixie Bitch is working with Pussyward or not and I don't want him to find out that I'm with you, that I know his plans and that I'm getting others to help protect you."

"Well then call them please and see if they will help. I really don't want anything to happen to you, Garrett and the wolves."

"Alright Bella, I'll find a way to get into contact with either Jasper or Peter. I know that when Emmett finds out that you're in trouble, he'll come no matter what. He truly does love you like as sister Bella, I saw it."

"I know he does. I miss him so much, one of the biggest piece of my heart that broke off the day they all left me was knowing that I wouldn't get to see my brother anymore."

"What do you mean left you Sweetheart?" Garrett interrupted whatever Vic was about to say.

"What did Vic tell you, when she called?"

"Nothing, just that she needed some help. I didn't need to know anything else, she was a friend in trouble and I was coming to help no matter what."

I took a deep breath and then said, "When I moved to Forks to live with my dad, I met the Cullens and fell head over heels for Edward; the copper haired vampire that's after me, we dated, had to battle Vic, James and Laurent. Jasper and Emmett killed James, Laurent took off to live with the Daniels and Vic took off. Life went back to normal; well as normal as you can get with dating a vampire, then my birthday came around. I got a paper cut and Jasper lunged at me; though I never believed for a minute that he would attack me, he was just feeling the bloodlust of all the vampires in the house.

After Carlisle stitched me back up, Edward took me home and he was acting strange but I never put any thought to it. A couple days later, Edward asked me to take a walk once I got home from school and that's when he left me in the forest. He told me that he didn't love me anymore, I was nothing more than a play toy for him and he only let me hang around him and his family was because he couldn't read my mind. He told me that the rest of the family was already gone and then he left. I tried to follow after him but I got lost and it got dark and cold. If it wasn't for Sam; the alpha of the shapeshifters in La Push, I probably be dead.

I sunk into a depression, wouldn't eat, only talked when spoken to and didn't hang out with my friends anymore. I finally saw what it was doing to Charlie, so I pulled myself out. I was in the woods one day when Vic came across me, I thought she was going to kill me but after she heard my story, she vowed to protect me. And the rest you know."

Once I was finished, the room was almost completely silent, except for a growl that was trying to fight its way out of Garrett. I turned so that I could face him better and laid my hand against his cheek, I waited till he looked me in the eyes and then said, "Go outside Garrett and destroy some trees, I can't explain broken furniture to Charlie."

He just looked at me and then moved me off his lap and took off running out the back door. Once the door slammed shut I turned to Vic and said, "Who else do you plan on calling? Not the Volturi I hope."

"No, I won't be calling them unless it's absolutely necessary. I plan on getting in touch with Alistair, Riley, Stefan and Vladimir and if need be Mary and Randall. They are all nomads as well as human drinkers but I promise you, that you will be safe. None of them will harm you."

I nodded my head and we lapsed into silence until Garrett came back, he went to apologize but I stopped him, saying that I understood. He then came back to sit down, placed me on his lap once more and wrapped his arms around me while burying his face in my hair. Vic told him the people that she planned to get in touch with. He agreed that they would all be helpful in a fight should it come to that.

Vic then stood up and went to find a way to get in contact with everyone. Garrett and I remained wrapped in each others arms; I knew that I had to talk with him. My feelings were stronger around him than they were with Edward, even when he was just outside; I felt restless and wanted to be by his side even though I knew it wasn't wise.

I moved in Garrett's arms; he really wasn't helpful in that aspect till he saw that I wasn't going to leave his hold, once I was facing him I placed my hands on his cheeks and gently moved his head up till he was eye level with me, "Garrett we need to talk."

He just nodded his head and said, "Yes Sweetheart we do."

"Why are my emotions much stronger around you than with Pussyward?" I whispered out.

"I believe it's because we are mates."

"Pussyward claimed that we were mates..." I said with hurt coloring my tone.

"No Sweetheart, you weren't mated to him. If you were true bond mates, he would never have been able to leave you, the pull to get back to you would have been too strong."

"Pull? You mean the restless feeling, I felt while you were outside." I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes Sweetheart. When a soul meets it true other half, they form a bond that can only be broken by death of a mate. When vampires are first mated, its extremely hard to be away from your mate, but as time goes on, mates have been known to be able to be away from each other for a week."

"So what does this mean for us?"

"I won't force a change on you. If you wish to remain human than you shall do so and I'll be by your side if that's your wish. But just know that when you die, I'll be killing myself to be with you because I can't live in a world where you don't."

"And if I chose to be turned?"

"Then I will gladly do it whenever you are ready."

"I'll need some time to think this all over."

"Of course Sweetheart, take all the time you need. I'll only leave if you so wish me to."

"I don't think I could wish you away." I answered while leaning my head over his dead heart. I was glad to know that he had no objections to turning me. I had a feeling that I did want to be turned; I don't think I could live as a little old lady with Garrett by my side looking eternally handsome.

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