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It was great getting to know the new vampires. Each of them came from such different backgrounds. Riley, Alistair and Randall became like brothers to me and Stefan and Vlad became like uncles to me. At this point Mary was just a good friend to me, I tried to keep her that way because I didn't want to start picturing her as a sister because I had a feeling that she would soon become my new stepmother.

We spent a lot of time at the Cullen house. I thought that it would be hard for me to be in that house because of all the old memories but it didn't bother me in the least. I was determined to not live in the past; I was going to only live in the future.

We were having a movie night at the Cullen house when all of a sudden the vampire's emotions shifted. Everyone had become tense and some of them were growling, I turned so that I could look into Garrett's eyes, "What's wrong Soldier?"

"There are some unwelcomed vampires coming up the drive."

"Who?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"By the scents, Carlisle and Esme."

"Did anyone call them and ask them for help?"

"No darlin', we would never do somethin' like that to ya." Jasper said.

"What do we do?" I didn't know if I was ready to see them or not. I missed them so much that it hurt but they hurt me so bad.

"I think that we should see what they have to say beloved. I'll protect you no matter what." Garrett replied, his eyes held all the love that he had for me as well as protectiveness.

I nodded my head and then felt a sense of calm settle over the room. I thanked Jasper and after turning off the movie, we sat and waited for the car to come to a stop. A few minutes later, I heard two car doors opening and then closing, steps on the stairs and then the key in the lock.

"Carlisle, why are there so many vampire scents here?" I heard Esme ask.

"I don't know love. Let's see what we can find out." was his response.

It took them a few minutes to get to the living room; I guess they were checking out the other rooms and when they saw all of us, Carlisle took a protective stance in front of Esme.

"What's going on in here?" Carlisle asked, I noticed that his British accent seemed to be stronger, hmm wonder if they were in England recently.

I knew that I need to be the one to talk to them, so I stood up from my spot beside Garrett and said, "Carlisle, Esme, there are some things that you need to know that have happen since you left. I hope that you will hear us out fully before you make any decisions."

They nodded their heads, took seats in the only remaining arm chair and I told them everything that had happen since they left.

"After that disaster of a birthday party; where my brother Jasper didn't try to drain me I would like to point out, your precious son dumped me in the middle of the woods. He told me that I wasn't worth it anymore, said that he was tired of playing human and that in time I would forget about him. My heart shattered into a million pieces that day and not only because he left me, but because you all left me. How does a person leave someone when they claim that, that person is like a child to them?" I was yelling at this point.

"I tried to follow him; stupid I know, but I did it anyways. Why I don't know, maybe I hope that I could plead for all of you to stay. I got lose, it got dark and I tripped over a tree root. I crumpled to the ground and just stayed there, curled in the fetal position, mumbling his name over and over. I think I said some of your names as well but I'm not sure. Finally, Sam here found me; because Charlie sent out a search party, and brought me home. Days and weeks went by, I hardly ate, didn't talk unless spoken to. I just was going through the emotions of everyday life. I knew that I was hurting Charlie and there were times, that I thought of ending my life, so that I could end not only my suffering but Charlie's as well.

I finally pulled myself out of the depression that I sank into. Pulled my grades up and started to talk more. The life was coming back to me but it was a slow process. I was out in the forest one day when Vic came across me, I knew that she was going to kill me. But she didn't. We sat and talked she told me about her life and I told her how Edward left me. She vowed then and there that she was going to protect me and that she would turn me when the time came for me to enter the vampire world.

But that's not the end of the story, oh no, not by a long shot. When Vic was out hunting in Canada, she heard a very disturbing rumor. That a copper hair vampire is trying to get together some vampires to help him kidnap a human girl that he was forced to leave... me. That is why these vampires are here. Vic put out a call for help and they came no questions asked and after hearing my story, they've all vowed to help protect me."

I was so pissed at the beginning of my story but now I was just emotionally drained. The tears were still streaming down my face; they started somewhere around the second half of the story, before I explained about Vic. Garrett came over to me, wrapped his arms around me and walked me back to the couch and I snuggled into his side, finding the strength to calm down; with the added help of Jasper.

Carlisle and Esme had yet to say anything and really, I didn't care if they did or not. If they didn't believe me, it was no sweat off my back. We would just leave this house and make our preparations sooner for changing me because I had a feeling that if Carlisle and Esme didn't believe me, that they would get in contact with Edward and tell him how many vampires have been gathered to protect me.

Finally Carlisle spoke, "Bella I am so incredibly sorry for what my son has done to you and what he's planning on doing to you. I can not believe that I failed him, I was always so sure that I was raising him right in his vampire life but I can see now, that he has a side that he has kept hidden from me... from all of us. I never knew that he was this sick and twisted and if I had known sooner, I would have tried everything in my powers to protect you from him. I vow here and now, that I will stand with you and protect you when he comes."

I looked him in the eyes to see if he was telling the truth and he was, his eyes were swimming with venom tears that would never fall; this was the first time that I ever saw him this emotional. I unwound myself from Garrett's hold and then walked over to Carlisle, he stood and then I wrapped my arms around him. We hugged for a few moments and then pulled back, to see what Esme was going to say.

"Bella, I am so sorry that I ever left you. I should never have listened to Edward when he said that you didn't want to see any of us anymore. My heart was telling me that he was lying but I listened to him because he's my oldest boy. I know that is a poor excuse and I hope to make it up to you for the rest of my long life. I to will stand with you and protect you."

I hugged her as well and thanked her. We then resumed our seats and I told them about Garrett and I being mates as well as Charlie being mated to Mary. We told them about when Charlie and I were planning on being changed and Carlisle promised that he would make sure that nothing gets leaked out, that all papers would be kept silent. I noticed that it was getting late, so Charlie and I decided to head home with Garrett and Mary following us, as I was leaving, Carlisle and Esme caught up with their old friends.


It's been a week since the four new vampires and Carlisle and Esme turned up. I was beyond glad that I would never have to say goodbye to Charlie. It was a rare sunny day in Forks and I was currently sitting outside under a tree reading. Vic, Riley, Randall, Stefan, Alistair and Vlad were out hunting. Em, Rose, Mary, Jasper, Peter and Garrett was at the Cullen house planning a training schedule and a battle plan. Charlie was at work, Carlisle was at the hospital, Esme was grocery shopping and the wolves were doing a shift change.

I enjoyed having Carlisle and Esme back in my life again, it was great to be coddled by Esme again, I hardly had to cook anymore; Charlie had no complaints on that matter, and it was good to have Carlisle to talk to about the pros and cons of a human diet compared to an animal one; I knew that I could talk to my mate and family about this subject but hearing it from a doctor was easier to understand.

Charlie and I would be leaving soon on our "vacation" to Alaska and I had been busying packing things that we were going to take with us, packing the other things up to ship to the house that we would be living in and throwing out things that we didn't need anymore. The Cullens had a huge plot of land in Alaska; far enough away from the Denail's, and there were a couple of houses on that land.

One was going to by the Cullens house, the second one would be for Charlie, Mary, Garrett and me and the third would be for the other vamps. I was ready for this next step in my life, I wanted to be with Garrett forever and I wanted to be strong when Edward comes for me. I tried to picture what Edward was planning on doing with me; if I didn't have this army protecting me, each scenario was worst than the last and they all involved with my death. Part of me hope that because at one point he loved me, that he would kill me quickly but the other half of me had a feeling that he never actually loved me, that he was only pretending to do so and that he was going to drag out my death if he ever got his hands on me while I was still human.

I shook my heads from the road my thoughts were going down and went back to the romantic world in my book. At one point I felt as if someone was watching me but when I looked up from my book, no one around. I shrugged my shoulders thinking that it must be one of the wolves and went back to my book.

Ten minutes had gone by when I got the being watched sensation again, and again when I looked up, there was no one around. "Jake, Sam, Paul, Quil? Are you guys playing a trick on me. I can feel that someone is watching me."

"Someone is watching you my dear. But it isn't any of those slimy shapeshifters." was said behind me by a voice I didn't think I would ever hear from. Before I could respond though, a hand was covering my mouth and I was being lifted off the ground, I watched as my book flew to the ground and landed with a dull thump before everything around me became a blur. I said a silent prayer that I would be found and told Garrett that I loved him; something that I wish I had told him sooner, then everything went black.

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