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When Vic first got in touch with me asking for my help, I didn't think that my life would take a complete 180, from where it was months ago. I thought that I would come to wherever she was located, kick a couple vampires' asses and then be on my merry way looking for my next adventure. Little did I know that, I would be meeting my mate; something that I thought I would never find, and coming to love not only her father but the other vampires that she calls family.

I couldn't be happier, my mate is an angel but I know that she will be a devil once she is turn, I also can't wait to claim her, so that other vampires knows never to come within a hundred yards of her or attempt to harm her in any way. I also couldn't wait to make her my bride; I wasn't sure when I wanted to propose or if she would even accept.

I was currently at the Cullen house planning on how we want to go about the transformations of Bella and Charlie as well as how we were going to handle Prickward, I wish that we had more information on what exactly his plans were as well as when he was expected to be here but unfortunately we didn't. I know that the Cullens have a seer in their coven but no one was currently on speaking terms with her and even if they were, her whereabouts were unknown.

However, we had the Major and his Captain on our side so I was confident that we would have a strong battle plan in place for when he came, we decided that two plans would be best; one for if he was alone and the other for if he wasn't.

"So, I think its best for all of us to lure Edward and his army if he has one, to the baseball field. It's big enough to accommodate all of us and also it's far enough away from the human population that no one would come across us. It will give us an edge in battle." Jasper said from behind me.

I turned to look at the map that everyone was pouring over, Jasper pointed to the spot that he was talking about, "Yes I think that will be best the spot. Looks like it will be big enough also for training sessions."

"It is. It will hold memories for Bella though; hurtful ones, about the last time that we were there but I know that she is strong and will not let the memories of the past ruin her." Em replied.

I rubbed my hand over my heart. I never knew pain this bad since my transformation, I was really missing Bella. When I heard everyone chuckle, I looked up and raised my eyebrow at them, "What?"

"Hurts doesn't it?" Peter asked with a smirk.

"Yeah it does."

"Don't worry Garrett, it won't be as strong soon, you'll always feel the ache no matter what but after awhile it will just be a dull ache." Carlisle replied.

I nodded my head and then my cell rang; I was still getting used to the dang contraption but I was glad to have it so that I could talk to Bella whenever I wanted to, I flipped open the phone, "Hello."

"Hey, Garrett, it's Jake."

"Hey, Jake, what's up?"

"Is Bella with you man?"

"No, she's at the house. She wanted some alone time to read and get some housework done."

"She's not at the house man, I checked everywhere and even outside but nothing."

"What do you mean nothing?" I was starting to get angry now but I was also concerned.

"Like I said, she ain't here."

I was running out the door by this point while still talking to Jake, "Could she be in town, visiting her father or down in La Push?"

"We haven't checked town yet or Charlie but I know she's not in La Push."

"Well why in the fuck haven't you checked yet?" I was halfway to Bella's house by this point with the rest of the Cullen's and Whitlock's following me.

"We're doing that now but I wanted to make sure that she wasn't with you guys before we started to worry Charlie."

"We are almost at the house, are there any scents around that you recognize or don't?"

"Yes, there is a scent that I recognize but I want to make sure that I'm smelt the right vampire."

"We'll be there in two minutes and we will check it out." I closed the phone without waiting for a reply.

As soon as I got nearer to Bella's house, I could smell the other vampire's scent and I cursed. My heart was killing me but I was trying not to pay attention to it. I came to a stop when I saw a blanket and book on the ground; they both reeked of Bella's scent.

"What happen?" I growled out to in Jacob's direction.

"Well after she got the housework done, she wanted to come out here and do some reading. We needed to do a shift change; we needed to let the younger ones go home, I offered to stay but she told me to go; you know how she is when she gets to reading, so I told her that I would be back before she had time to miss me, her reply was to take as much time as I needed, she said that she wanted a little time on her own, when I reminded her about Edward, she told me that she will be fine for half an hour. It took her a lot to get me to leave but I did. When I got back here, she was gone. I'm so sorry man."

"FUCK!" my growl was so loud that it scared some birds in the trees. I whipped around then to face the Cullen's and Whitlock's, "Is it him?" I growled out.

"No, it's not Edward." Jasper replied through clenched teeth, "But it is someone that we had a run in with before."

"Could he be working for Edward?"

"I don't know, it's possible but I thought that he had turned good." Carlisle answered.

"What do we do?" I said while running my hand through my hair.

"Track him." Em replied.

"Are any of you skilled trackers or know someone that is?" I said looking each of them in the eyes.

"The best tracker is Demetri."

"The Volturi's Demetri?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes." was Carlisle simple reply.

"So I guess we will have to get in contact with the Volturi then." Vic replied.

"What the hell is the Volturi?" Jake asked cutting in.

Carlisle turned to look at the members of the pack that were here, "The Volturi are the vampire world's royalty. There are three brothers; Aro, Caius and Marcus, who rule over all of us. They have a guard made up of very talented vampires serving them. The guards gifts range from making you feel pain to tracking and everything in between."

"Do they know about Bella and her knowledge about your world?"

"No they don't Jake and I will have to tell them everything when I call Aro. If it weren't for the fact that we needed the use of Demetri's talents than I wouldn't be calling them in the first place." Carlisle responded.

"Do you think that they will help us?" Jake asked with a raised eyebrow.

"They are sticklers for rules and once they find out what Edward is planning, I have no doubt that Aro will send Demetri to help us track Bella, they may also send others but I can not say at this time." was Carlisle's answer.

"Well then I guess we better call them, the longer we wait, the harder it maybe to find him and Bella." I said.

Carlisle nodded his head and said, "I'll head back to the house now and give Aro a call."

"Thank you Carlisle for leaving work when we called you, hope you won't get in trouble." I said sincerely.

"Don't worry Garrett, I was on my lunch break when you called and if I take an extended break, the hospital won't say anything. They are just happy to have me back." he replied. When he said lunch, he used air quotes and I had to laugh when he did so.

"What did the say when you wanted to come back?" I enquired.

"They didn't say anything, I just told them that the big city life wasn't for me and that's all they needed to hear. Got back my old office and everything."

"Well that's good."

"Yes, now I'm going back to the house and I think that someone should go and speak to Charlie about what's going on. If he's going to be apart of this world, he'll have to get used to the vampires that are not like us."

"I'll go, I think its best that he hears it from me." I answered.

Carlisle just nodded his head again and took off in the direction of the house with Esme, Em and Rose following him. Jasper and Peter said they were going to scout around to see if they can get any leads to help Demetri with and the wolves said they were going to do the same. I then took off for town; it wasn't hard to find the police station in this size of town even if I didn't know where it was. I stopped running when I got to the edge of town and walked to the police station.

"Garrett, what brings you here?" Charlie greeted me after I had walked through the door of the station.

"I need to talk to you, is there some place that we can go and talk privately?"

"Yeah, we can go to the interrogation room. Garrett what's going on?" I could tell that he was trying to keep his tough cop demeanor in place but it was starting to crumble.

"I'll explain everything when we are in private."

He nodded his head and then led me down to the interrogation room. We took seats and then I explained what happened. I didn't need to have Jasper's gift or have him here to tell me what Charlie was feeling after I had finished speaking. He was much like Bella, always wearing their emotions on their sleeves. Anger and sadness was the two strongest emotions playing on his face.

"What's going to happen now?" he whispered.

"Well Carlisle is on the phone with Aro now and hopefully Demetri will come and help us to track Bella, if not, well then I'll do it myself."

"These Volturi, are they trustworthy?"

"To be completely honest, I haven't had much reason to deal with them."

He nodded his head and then said, "So when we will know if this guy is coming or not?"

"Well I'm heading back now to see if there is an answer yet or not."

"I'm coming with you."

I just nodded my head and waited for him to let his deputy know that he was in charge for the rest of the day but that if he was needed, to just call him. We then got into Charlie's blue pickup and drove to the Cullen's house.

We pulled up outside the Cullen house, packed and then walked into the house without even bothering to knock. Charlie followed me to the living room where everyone; even the vamps that were hunting at the time of Bella's kidnapping, was sitting.

"Well?" I asked to no one in particular.

"I've talked with Aro," Carlisle replied while walking down the stairs, "He doesn't like what Edward has done and he's agreed to send Demetri to help us locate Bella. Demetri should be here in the morning, until then we just have to wait."

"What is he planning on doing with Edward?" I asked.

"Well for now, he's letting us deal with it but if we fail to do so, I got the impression that he will kill Edward. I know that Aro has wanted Edward in his guard for a long time now but knowing how delusional he is, I think he rather him be dead than alive."

"Good." I replied.

I hated waiting, I was never good at it as a human and I still wasn't good at it as a vampire but there was nothing else that I could do, sure I could have gone hunting for Bella myself but I knew that it was better to have a tracker do it, he would probably find her faster than me.

A/n: So do y'all still hate me? most likely seeing as how I haven't mention who the kidnapper is yet. Next chapter we will be seeing how Bella is doing and I may or may not reveal who the kidnapper is. I would just like to point out that it's not a woman who kidnapped Bella, its someone from her not so distant past. *waves* until next time.