A Sweet Soul

My name is Dolphin, like the ocean mammal; first name, Natasha. I was sixteen when I was murdered on June 15, 1979. Most girls that were in newspaper photos had messy brown hair like me, but unlike me they were killed by someone they didn't know. I on the other hand was killed by my uncle, Tom Dolphin.

I was the nerd in school. I made straight A's and was always on time to class. All my teachers loved me and most students teased me. I sat by myself every day at lunch. Not that I didn't get along with any of the other students, I just choose to sit by myself. Jen Orth and Cary Dawn would chat with me before school and during study hall. After school, they would walk me to Tom's and then walk a little farther to their houses. I went to Tom's after school because my parents worked till nine in the evening.

On June 15, 1979, Jen and Cary walked me to Tom's as they usually do. Tom was drunk this time. When Tom was drunk when I got to his house he would abuse me or sexually assault me. He started doing this when I was little and he was my only uncle so in my mind I had thought that this is how uncles show their love. This time was different though. I tried to sneak pass him but caught me.

"Where do you think you're going?" Tom yelled.

"I'm going to your office to do my homework I have tons to do plus a project that is due tomorrow I need to finish," I answered.

"No you're not," he replied. Them he through a couple punches at my side. I gasped in pain. Then he threw me into the wall, which caused more bruises I would have to hide from my parents. Tom then grabbed me by the neck, choking me, and brought me to his bedroom. He then threw me onto the bed. "You deserve this, Brat," he said as he got on top of me. I kicked him in the nuts, grabbed my backpack and ran for the front door. Tom ran after me with a knife and stabbed me in the arm hitting an artery. Tom called for an ambulance, and it arrived ten minutes later. In the ambulance, they tried to stop the bleeding. When we were about have way there I passed out and a few minutes after I was omitted into the hospital I passed away.

I didn't know it at the time but when I had hit the wall I had butt dialed Cary. Cary was grounded for 3 months so his phone was turned off and my killing was recorded on his voicemail. My parents passed the news to Jen who passed to Cary. Cary was so sad that when saw I had called he didn't listen to the voicemail. Jen and Cary started eating at my lunch spot cause they couldn't dare to see it empty. Tom told the police that I had committed suicide.

On December 25, 1979, as a Christmas present to me Cary decided to finally listen to the voicemail with Jen. Cary had thought that the voicemail was a goodbye message. As him and Jen listened to it they found out what really happened. Jen called the cops as fast as she could. Cary sat where he listened to the voicemail crying.

"Cary, whatever you do don't delete that voice mail. It's our only prof that her uncle killed her," Jen commanded Cary. Cary nodded in response. The cops arrived soon later and listened to the voicemail. Jen helped Cary leave the room for he could not bare hear my death again. The cops took the phone and arrested Tom.

Tom was convicted life in prison for murder. My parents got to her the voicemail at Tom's trial and now feel bad for not listening to me when I was younger. Jen and Cary is now a couple and spend their days in honoring me. Cary got a new phone and number so he wouldn't have my death in his mind wherever he went. Jen moved away from Tom's old house so she won't have to walk past the place where my killing took place. I hope they all live a long and happy live.