Taking a Back Seat

Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart glanced up as his office door opened, and suppressed a smile as Sarah Jane Smith wandered in, one of her deceptively-innocent smiles on her pretty face.

"Hello, Miss Smith," he said, always careful to address her formally if there was the slightest possibility of anyone overhearing him, "What can I do for you?" As if he didn't know.

She put her hands on the edge of his desk and leaned over it, bringing her face much closer to his than it had a right to be when he was still on duty. "Oh, I was just wondering, with the Doctor being away right now, whether you happen to have a spare key to the garage where Bessie's kept," she said.

Alistair tried to give her a reproving look, and knew he'd failed miserably when she smirked at him. "You know damn' well I do," he said, "You also know damn' well that none of us can start that car up without the Doctor."

"Oh, I wasn't planning on starting her up," said Sarah, turning sideways to rest one buttock-cheek on the edge of his desk, and glancing at the door before she whispered the next words, "But I thought I might see what I could do to rev your engine, so to speak."

"I'm not off duty yet," he murmured, though there was a tight feeling in his trousers that made him wish he was.

She looked up at the clock on the wall. "Only twenty-two minutes till you are," she said, hopping off the desk and extending a hand, palm up, "Woudn't do for us to go to the garage together, would it? And you're so much better at avoiding being seen than I am."

Opening the top drawer of his desk, Alistair pulled out a set of keys on a standard UNIT keyring marked '04', and dropped them into her outstretched hand. "That's the one you need," he said, pointing to a brass key a little smaller than the others on the ring, "And if anyone does see you…"

"I'm just checking something for the Doctor," she said, dropping the keys in her bag and giving him a wink. "See you in twenty minutes, Brigadier."

She went out, shutting the door firmly enough for everyone nearby to know she'd left, and Alistair gave up on completing any more paperwork as the various options of what he might do to Sarah Jane Smith on Bessie's back seat started chasing around in his head.

He hoped the springs would be able to cope.