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This is a Christmas story, albeit early, and for my friend, Darksoul24, whose been a great guide as I wrote fanfiction on this site.

Merry early Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Firion

So this is where I lived. The weaponmaster looked around at the snowy landscape.

He was currently in the town of Salamand, where his adopted parents told him he lived in before.

As his feet crunched through the snow, he looked around at the small town.

"Mama!" A young Firion ran over to a beautiful woman with Firion's brown eyes.

"What is it, sweetie?" The woman he called his Mama asked the young Firion.

"I made a pinecone for the tree!" And little Firion held out his creation.

"Oh, Firion!" The mother exclaimed, taking the pinecone from him. "This is lovely! It will look beautiful on the tree!" And she placed it in the center of the tree's pines.

"Hi honey!" A man stepped into the house. The man had long white hair, the came color as Firion.

"Hi, dear!" His mother greeted the man. The man kissed the mom's cheek.

"Daddy!" Little Firion ran up to his father.

"What is it, my boy?" His dad asked him, going down on his knees to be in eye level with the boy."

"I made a pinecone and Mama put it in the tree!" He pointed to where his creation now lay snug in the tree.

"It looks great, son." His father told him. "But not yet complete."

He went around behind the tree, and then pulled out a huge, bright star.

"Do you want to hang the Christmas Star up?" The dad asked Firion.

"Yeah!" Firion answered and as his father was holding him up on his shoulders, Firion was straining to reach the top of the tree.

"Sir?" And Firion snapped back to the present. He looked up to see a young girl with long brown hair and blue eyes.

"Sir, are you okay?" The girl asked him. "You were spacing out there."

"I-I'm fine." Firion told her.

"You're new here, aren't you?" The girl asked him.

"Not really." Firion told her. "I've been here before. But not in a long time."

"Well," The girl said, "Have a Merry Christmas!" And she skipped off.

As Firion walked into the cemetery, he glanced down at the little bundle in his cape.

"Here lies Eve and Adney Brinon

Loving parents

To their son: We love you and keep the light in your heart always."

Firion smiled, placing the small bundle right in front of the grave.

"Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad."

The bundle he left on the grave was a pinecone.

End. I hoped you enjoyed it.

And, Firion at his parent's grave, the whole thingm except for when Firion places the pinecone at the grave is based on Darksoul24's Trials of a King.

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