"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind." – William Shakespeare

Santana's heart was pounding with such force, she was sure it was going to burst forth from her chest at any moment. The door of room 323 creaked open slowly in front of her, the hinges letting out a barely audible squeak as the interior of the room was revealed, Santana waiting with baited breath.

The room itself was murky, soft light filtering in through the partly-drawn blinds that hung breezily over the large windows across the room. Santana allowed a moment for her eyes to adjust, squinting, before looking over to the bed, almost passing out at the mere sight of the blonde she had been so desperately waiting for.

"Brittany." Santana breathed in exultation, exhilarated as she saw Brittany right ahead of her, propped up in bed with white patches covering each of her eyes, the television droning on softly in the background.


And then she was running.

Running across the room, gathering Brittany up in her arms, peppering kisses all over smooth, pale skin.

"Britt." She mumbled, burying her face in the blonde's hair, wrapping her arms around Brittany's shoulders.

"Santana, I can't believe– I mean, I didn't know– God, I've missed you so much!" Brittany gasped, holding Santana to her as if she thought the woman was going to float away.

"I've missed you too." Santana replied earnestly.

A few minutes passed with the two women simply holding each other, Santana resting her forehead on Brittany's cheek, until the Hispanic woman couldn't hold her burning questions in any longer.

"Britt, just tell me. What have the doctors said? Has their treatment worked? Will you– I mean, can you–?"

Santana trailed off uncertainly, absentmindedly picking at some fluff protruding from the bed sheet as she laced her fingers through Brittany's.

"Well," Brittany began quietly, "Okay– long story short… everything went well, I mean, my body accepted the steroids, they had no trouble with the medication, no serious side effects–," she took a deep breath before continuing, "So, what I'm saying is… the treatment worked. It worked, San. I'm going to– I mean, I can–"

Brittany's sentence tailed off, the atmosphere in the room suddenly becoming a lot heavier.

Santana was frozen by Brittany's announcement, her body being wracked simultaneously by feelings of elated joy and utter shock.


"I, uh– just give me a moment."

They sat in silence for a minute or so, the only sound that could be heard was the soft ticking of the clock above the door.

"Take off my bandages." Brittany said softly a few moments later, breaking the dense stillness that had descended over the room.


"Take off my bandages." Brittany said, a little firmer this time.

Santana eventually complied, tentatively reaching up to gently pry the pristine patches off each of Brittany's eyes. The blonde closed them once each bandage was off, which Santana noticed, furrowing her brow in perplexity.

"What, uh– why are your eyes shut?"

"Because I want to prepare myself for when I finally see you." Brittany whispered.

Santana swallowed apprehensively, only then realising how nervous she was and how much she had been simultaneously longing for and dreading this moment.

"O– okay." Brittany stuttered. "Here goes nothing."

A blink. Another blink. Eyelids connecting every few seconds, splashes of colour appearing and disappearing with reckless abandon. Eyes flitting around, looking for a specific place to land.


Tan, caramel skin, lush and tantalising. Plump, pink lips, upturned into a caring smile. Dark, almond eyes, twinkling lovingly. And raven-black hair, shining beautifully even amongst the dim hospital lighting.


Brittany was rendered entirely speechless for a moment, unable to comprehend that the woman she was gazing upon was actually real.

"You're an angel." She breathed, watching in delight as Santana's cheeks flushed the most beautiful shade of pink Brittany had ever seen. "You're even more beautiful than I imagined."


That's how Brittany would describe herself in that moment in time, when retelling this story to friends and family in the future. She was completely, irrevocably, utterly enamoured by Santana and her sheer, infallible beauty.

She found herself unable to speak any more after uttering those few words, entirely captivated by the breath-taking, exquisite woman who stood before her.

Santana felt like she was being judged, scrutinised on every aspect of her appearance. But, contrary to past situations, this form of judgment did not make her feel wrong, or tainted, or like she should be ashamed.

Brittany's eyes, those beautiful, crystal-blue eyes, now so full of life, raked over her form, studying every little detail, as if she wanted to memorise Santana's entire anatomy.

They had ended up like this, Santana standing a few feet away from Brittany's bed, when the blonde had insisted that Santana stand across from her, so she could see her properly. This had progressed into Brittany simply gazing at Santana, love-struck, her face dominated by an expression of total awe and wonder.

"How did I get so lucky?" she whispered in amazement, so quiet that Santana merely heard it as one would hear the slight crunch of leaves or the almost inaudible rustle of pages.

A few moments later, Santana strode back over to the bed, unable to restrain herself any longer. She perched next to Brittany, lacing her fingers with the blonde's outstretched hand, before leaning forwards and planting a sweet, languid kiss on Brittany's soft lips.

"God, I've missed kissing you."

Brittany was required to stay in hospital for another week or so, under observation, just to ensure that everything involving her treatment was continuing as successfully as it had been. But, just over a week and half later, after daily visits from Santana and quite a few from both Puck and Rachel, Brittany was given the all-clear and was discharged from the hospital's care.

Santana drove to pick Brittany up after receiving a call from the hospital the previous day, Rachel, Puck and Quinn accompanying her on the ride over. After collecting Brittany's things and thanking Doctor Abrams repeatedly for everything he had done for her girlfriend, Santana led the blonde out to the car, holding her hand tightly as Brittany surveyed the bright new world that was just waiting for her to discover and explore it. The ride back to Brittany and Rachel's bungalow was a cheery one, filled with cavalier singing and many hugs for Brittany, who was seated in the back, sandwiched between a grinning Puck and a rather ecstatic Rachel.

Brittany, meanwhile, was overwhelmed by the fresh, vibrant world around her. Bright flashes of colour flooded her vision, assaulting her eyes in the most wondrous way possible. She couldn't help but let out a little squeak of excitement every time she spotted something new, be it something as simple as a dog foraging in the grass along the sidewalk, or a woman running to reclaim her hat back from the grasps of the blustering, unyielding wind that was blowing relentlessly outside.

They arrived back at the bungalow a short while later, all in high spirits. Brittany yelled excitedly when she was greeted at the door by Lord Tubbington, scooping him up in her arms and nuzzling her face into his fur, gazing upon his portly form with a loving smile.

Quinn said her goodbyes and left soon after, Kurt picking her up and driving her back to their place of residence, leaving Puck to meander around aimlessly while Rachel helped Brittany unpack her few items from the hospital, while Santana perched on the bed and watched, her eyes tenaciously following Brittany's every move.

But the blonde kept growing more and more distracted, more often than not stopping to plant kisses on Santana's lips, cheeks, and forehead, until Rachel couldn't stand feeling like such a prominent third wheel any longer.

"Okay Britt, you're all unpacked." She announced, hastily making her way towards the door. "I figured you two would want some alone time today, so Puck and I are going to the theatre and then we'll be out late having dinner."

Puck, upon hearing his name, entered the room, smiling kindly at Brittany before adopting his signature Puckerman smirk.

"Yeah, we're seeing a show called Cats. I'm just hoping this means that there'll be lots of pussy–"

"Okay, time to go!" Rachel interrupted, yanking Puck towards the door.

He winked cheekily at Brittany, and then allowed himself to be dragged out by a rather embarrassed Rachel, much to both Brittany and Santana's amusement.

"God, Puck's ridiculous." Santana chuckled as she hopped off the bed, walking to check her hair in the mirror.

But Brittany barely even heard her speak; she was too captivated by Santana. The way her hips swayed enticingly as she walked, the subtle, alluring curve of her calves beneath her jeans, the teasing swell of her breasts just peeking out from the top of her tight-fitting vest.

"Hey you." Brittany purred, as she sidled over to Santana, placing her hands on either side of Santana's waist and locking eyes with her in the mirror.

"Hey." Santana smiled, although her expression faltered slightly when she saw the lust in Brittany's eyes. "Britt–?"

"San, I want you. No– I need you."

Santana was about to disagree, to tell Brittany that she needed to rest for a while before they did anything like this, but her words were stolen from her lips when Brittany dragged her hands teasingly up Santana's stomach, resting them atop her breasts, massaging them gently yet firmly.

"Come to bed with me. Let me make you feel as good as you make me feel. Please."

Santana could hear the want, the need in Brittany's voice, but there was something else, lingering just below the surface; a sense of pride. Brittany wanted to prove something, wanted to prove that she was good enough for Santana.

And although Santana thought Brittany was in fact too good for her, she understood why Brittany needed this. And so she crumbled, giving in to her body's animalistic, primitive desires. And when Brittany led her over to the bed, climbing up and straddling her, she sighed in ecstasy, as Brittany began peppering her neck with frantic kisses and gentle nibbles. Santana then locked her legs around Brittany's waist for a moment, holding the blonde still, effectively stopping her previous ministrations upon Santana's neck. When Brittany gazed down at Santana, confusion etched into her features, the mocha-skinned woman held her face in her hands and leant up, pulling Brittany into a passionate, languorous kiss, breaking away moments later, face flushed, breath coming out in rapid pants.

"I love you, Brittany."

"And I love you, Santana."

And with that, they gave in to each other entirely, losing themselves in a flurry of tangled limbs and feelings of unencumbered euphoria; whispered promises of eternal love drifted around the room, settling over them like the dust that adorned the farthest corners of the bookshelves in the library where their journey had first begun.

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Just a few little things to clear up, as some of you had queries concerning these points: the second blow to Brittany's head did NOT cause her to regain her sight. The doctors simply noticed the change in the swelling of her brain during the scans they executed while making sure her injuries weren't too severe. Also, the reason for Santana being unable to visit Brittany was due to the fact that she's not immediate family, so wasn't permitted visitation rights. So yes, I'm very sorry for any confusion regarding this part.

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