My first fan fiction. this is still a work-in-progress just something thought off while my mind drifts off from the discussion of our professor. well i hope you guys enjoy. i'll try updating as soon as i figure out how things work here :) Reviews will be very much appreciated and please be patient for updates :)

Chapter 1

You are now Detective Mal Fallon

You wake up on your couch thinking about the events that changed your life. Some for the better and some you wished didn't happen. From the moment you received that BB gun as birthday present to the time you were warned about the ambush of Estebans' goons.

The next thing that comes to you is the scene yesterday. You feel the smile creeping up to your face the moment you saw the girl entered and illuminated the church as she walks the isle. Your gaze follows her until she reaches the end of her walk. You realized that your smile disappeared when you saw the man in suit waiting for her.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz

Mal: Ah hell.. I almost forgot that the captain wants me at the precinct.

You quickly get up and prepare for work. You leave on your usual suit and arrive at you destination.

You are now Special Agent Natara Williams

You wait on your desk for the arrival of your partner. Eyeing the heaps of paperworks racing their way to the ceiling because you recent wedding took you whole day off from finishing at least half of them

Natara Mansign Santos

You mumble to yourself. you still can't believe that you are now married. you are brought back to reality by an all-too-familiar voice.

Mal: well good morning to you too

Mal greets with his signature grin.

Nat: Mal.. Sorry i didn't notice you there

Mal: Obviously, since all you are doing is stare at your wedding ring. Mrs. Santos

He flashes you that same grin, although this time you know that there's something about how he said the last two words. You brush this thought as you hear the captains' voice.

Mal: after you Princess

You glare at him and punch him hard enough that he flinched and rubs his arm as you two enter the office.

Captain Maria Yeong: let's get to the point. it's been almost 2 years since you two locked up psychotic criminals greater than our precincts' usual. Given this and the fact that we have here a newly wed. I am giving you a privilege to go on vacation.

You are now Detective Mal Fallon

You know that this announcement would've made your day. But instead you've thought of something that is unusual for you.

Mal: Can I not take this day-off? i'd figured that I have nothing to do at home so instead of lying the whole day i'd prefer finishing some papers i still have and, if time permits me, i would love to do Nataras' as well for her to enjoy her honeymoon.

Although you quickly drift your mind to other matters, you can't help but feel that pain

Not having anything to do would only let me think about that day. i need distractions not moments to remember her wedding.

Captain Maria Yeong: very well detective, I admire your enthusiasm. if that's what you want then i won't contest. How about you Agent?

Nat: We are partners, so if he...

You interrupt her before she finishes her sentence.

Mal: Naw Nat. You should take it. I'll be fine

You flash your smile and continue

Mal: You should already know that i can do almost everything, except of course creeping someone by reading their minds.

She gives you a thankful look as you exit the captains office. As much as you want to stop yourself from looking, you can't help but glance at her

damn, she's so beautiful, it still hurts that she is now married, but hell as long as she's happy, then that's it, that's what matters

You suddenly divert your attention to your paperworks as you sigh and realized what've you've done with your day-off

You are now Special Agent Natara Williams

As you approach your desk, you hear someone curse at the same time paper fly all around.

Mal: Ah hell.

You beam while approaching him

Nat: There goes our enthusiasm.

Mal: thank you very much for the help, princess.

He says as he bows playfully and flashes that grin that gets you every time

How does he do that

You are then drowned by an ocean as he glances back at you. Your eyes locks for a while...

Mal: is there something on my face?

You blink and look down gaining you composure

Nat: oh.. uhh nothing, it's just that you look too cute when you curse on some inanimate things. Who would have though, the tough-guy detective has his cute..

He interrupts you and stares at with with furrowing brows.

Mal: Don't. You. Ever. continue that thought. Aren't you supposed to be at your desk, compiling your work and handling them to me so you could pack for your honeymoon.

You nudge him hard enough

Mal: Ow. what have i done to deserve that?

Nat: now that you've mention it, i can't wait for it, Oscar's been keeping it a secret as to where we are headed...

You are now Detective Mal Fallon

you half-heartedly listen as she blabbers on about her honeymoon. By the time she finishes, you drop the papers at your desk

Mal: that's... great. I know you'll enjoy

As you sit and scan through you papers while watching Natara happily skips to her desk, you feel that as if someone stabbed you deep. But you ignore this and resume what you are doing.

As long as she's happy...