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Chapter 2

You are now detective Mal Fallon

It's your first day at work without your partner. As you enter the precinct, you glance on the empty desk and remember the times she'll greet you. As you reach your table, you sigh and start sorting your paper works.

Here goes

7am…. 8am….. 10am….

Time seems to slow down as you look at it for the third time

Blaise: getting impatient aren't we? Never thought of you to be the office-do-all-the-paper works kind of guy

You stare at her and snort while finishing one of your papers.

Mal: I didn't think about that myself either

Blaise: that's what I said, something's bothering you?

Mal: Nah, nothing really.

Blaise: Come one Mal, it's been what? Years? Since I've known you and you still can't tell if I know when you're lying or not.

Your eyes lock at hers and it's as if she can tell every pain and regret you've been trying to forget. You shift your gaze to the clock as it strikes 12 noon.

Mal: There goes lunch, you want to grab some?

You try to distract her and it looks like it's working.

Blaise: Thought you'd never ask, darn I'm starving, and it's been a while since we had lunch together.

You were about to relax and go back into trying to forget while you fetch your keys when she adds…

Blaise: Plus. You have so much to tell me

You roll your eyes in defeat as she gives you that friendly smile.

As you wait for you lunch, Blaise touches your hand and looks into your ocean eyes. Two great bodies of water join. And you can't help but look away.

Blaise: You can tell me

Your food arrives but instead of digging in like she usually does. She keeps her eyes on you. You sigh in defeat and break the silence.

Mal: You're not going to let go of this, aren't you? Well, you eat I'll talk.

She starts to touch her food at the same time you tell her the first time your eyes fell on Natara. You tell here every memory you've been keeping every piece of your life come into place as you get to know her. How she wrinkles her nose and her brows meet every time she's frustrated, how her lips glimmer every time she smile, her scent that hovers into you whenever she passes you and that perfect almond eyes that keeps you going through out your day. You also tell her how broken you were when she swore to another man and how much you've wished it to be you, as you finish your story, Blaise is almost done with her meal.

Mal: Guess I'll have to take my food with me

As you head for your car, you notice Blaise lagging behind you.

Mal: well? Are you coming or what?

Blaise snaps from whatever she's thinking and catches up at your side.

Blaise: Maybe you should go first; I remembered there's somewhere I need to be.

Mal: Alright, you need a ride?

Blaise: No need, thanks anyway,

She smiles and waves at you as you climb into your car.

You are now Special Agent Natara Williams

As you check your things-do-bring for your honeymoon mentally, the memory of a pained Mal slips to you.

I wonder what's bothering him

You continue loading your bags when a cab stops at your your apartment and to your surprise, Blaise steps down from it. You give her a smile and wave at as she's approaches you.

Blaise: How's the day-off so far?

Nat: Blaise, good to see you, i'm currently preparing for a flight with Oscar, though i still don't know where he'd set us because he won't give me the slightest hint. How about you? and What takes you here?

Blaise: I figured that i needed yo tell you something

You glance at your watch; you still have an hour so you nod on her for approval

Nat: Shoot.

She leans on your car and look at you with hurtful eyes

Blaise: this is about Mal, I know I don't have the right to butt in but I'm just concerned about him, it's not that he needs any of it, we both know how tough he is, but anyway, let me get to the point. Is Oscar really the man you want? Let alone love?

Nat: I wouldn't have married him if he's not, right?

Blaise: Oh come one Natara, you probably married him because you saw Mal kissed me that night at the Drunk Tank. Natara he kissed me.. on the cheek, like in a friendly gesture. Anyway since he's too martyr to tell you how he feels, I'll be the one who will tell you and I know that you feel the same way; you're just too stubborn to admit it. He's in love with you Natara, he didn't tell you anything because all these time he only thought about your happiness, it doesn't matter if he's already dying inside seeing you with that dashing DA, I've never seen him like that in all these years that we've worked together, even when Sandra divorced him.

You look intently at her eyes as she continues...

Blaise: Look I'm not telling you this to make your honeymoon miserable, hell who wants it to be and God know what Mal will do to me if i made you feel that way, but you're one of my friends, and even if we only met I have this feeling that you know I'm telling you that truth, that you love him too. I just want you guys to be happy, and if what I'm feeling is wrong, then I guess I don't have anything to do now, just... stop hiding your hearts.

You were left hanging by those last statements

Stop hiding you hearts...