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The Wrong Way


Chapter 1



It had been almost twelve years. Twelve years since Sirius Black had been thrown head first into Azkaban and landed in this grimy cage they called a cell. If he had had sparse moments of insanity in the past, it was nothing compared to now.

He sat in a corner of his cell, the cleanest of all four of them, huddled up on the floor and shivering as the cold and humid wind of the North Sea cooled the normally warm June air. Or was it actually July? He didn't know. Nor had he any way to find out.

It wasn't cold per se, but for a man with skin stretched right over his bones, it was like standing naked in the middle of a blizzard. Besides, the Dementors made it impossible for warmth to ever reach them, for warmth was something good. And Sirius Black wasn't allowed to feel good anymore.


His grey eyes were empty as they stared right in front of him, at the bar of his cell on the extreme left of the heavy steel gate. They no longer sparkled with youth or a longing to live. No, they were the eyes of a man who had lost his faith in everything, and especially in happiness. For Sirius Black knew there was no such thing as happiness anymore. These long years had taken all traces of happy memories from him and he was forced to constantly relive the worst moments of his life.

Remus screamed in despair as a flash of green light hit Mary in the chest. It was all his fault.

Sirius twitched.


Dark bags were heavy under his eyes. He couldn't sleep anymore. He didn't want to anyway. He always had nightmares, nightmares of pain he had lived and was living. He didn't want to see those painful images anymore.

He stepped into the Potters' destroyed home. He stared at the dead eyes of his best friend, his brother. His wife was dead too. He hugged his crying godson one last time. It was all his fault.

His hair hung long and dirty, way past his neck. They never allowed his to wash and barely ever allowed him to cut his hair or shave. His clothes were matted with blood, vomit, sweat and dirt. They had never washed these either. He remembered the beatings he had received after his first three suicide attempts. But he couldn't do it anymore.


All these people whose lives he had ruined… He deserved this, didn't he? He had killed them all. He was a murderer.

Sirius twitched again and groaned. He heard a chuckle coming from near his cell. "You alright itty baby cousin?" he heard a high pitched voice ask mockingly.

"Shut up!" he told the voice irately and twitched again.

He heard the evil cackle again. "I take it you still haven't forgiven me?" she asked sadistically, her voice getting on his nerves. "You didn't like my confession on how you were the biggest Death Eater in Great Britain?"

"I said shut up!" he yelled again, but regretted it instantly. His throat was dry and he wouldn't be able to drink until that evening.


"I couldn't just let you rat out our spy, you know." she told him. "It's a shame you were too stupid to figure out what he was. But then again, you were never the smartest of us, were you?" She laughed again.

"Bella, I swear," he said in a low dangerous voice which contrasted with his frail and feeble looking body. "If you continue, I will kill you."

"Like you killed them all?" she asked, cackling again. "Grand Sirius Black, the murderer of Peter Pettigrew, your best friend, Mary McDonald, your best friend's whore, Lily and James Potter, your best friend and his whore, not mention your own whore… and your own brother. Quite the record you've got there cousin." He heard her clap him ironically. "I should take you as an example."

He gulped, knowing she was right.


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