*Aunt Mel, I need to tell you something.* Lennox was thinking about how she was going to tell her aunt. The blonde kept looking down at the plus sign on the pregnancy test as if it wasn't real.

It had been about two weeks earlier when she met this guy named Chad. It had been love at first sight.


School had just gotten out for the day, and Lennox was about to head home when suddenly she saw this guy staring at her from across the campus. He was one of the cutest guys she had ever seen. He had dark curly hair and big muscles. She slowly walked over and said, "Hi my name is Lennox I have never seen you around, are you new." "I just moved here about a week ago and started school today. By the way I'm Chad.

It had gone from there. They went out every night and then after about a week they had sex it being Lennox's first time.

Her period was three days late and she started puking the day before. So this morning the fifteen year-old went to the drug store and got a test. It read positive and Lennox just busted out into sobs. She was so scared about how Mel was going to act. And Joe she hadn't even thought about how the nanny was going to react.

Lennox decided she would tell her aunt after dinner that night and then figure out how to tell Ryder and Joe. "Damn it," Lennox pretty much yelled. She forgot that she needed to tell Chad. She decided to go ahead and call him and have him come over so she could tell him.

About an hour later Chad walked up the driveway. Over the phone all Lennox said was that she needed to tell him something important and to come over as soon as possible.

"Come on inside Chad I have some really bad news to tell you." When they got on the couch she said, "Chad remember about a week ago when we had sex? Well we forgot to use protection and my period has been three days late and yesterday I started puking, so this morning I went a got a pregnancy test and I'm pregnant." At that moment Lennox started sobbing again and couldn't stop

"Oh god I totally forgot about condoms," Exclaimed Chad. "I want you to keep this baby though, and I'm going to be with you the entire time. I love you too much to leave you and this baby."

"You are really going to stay with me? I though you would leave me so that you wouldn't be tied down and have to be a father to this baby."

"Of course I'm going to stay with you darling. I will be a father no matter what I do or say but I would be a bad father and bad boyfriend if I were to leave you. Now have you told your aunt yet?"

"No not yet I'm going to wait until after dinner tonight where she will hopefully be in a good mood. I'm going to try to figure out how to tell the others after I tell her."

"Do you want me to be there with you or would you rather tell her yourself? I will be there if you want me to or I can leave and you can call me and tell me how it went."

"I think it would be better if I told her by myself or you might end up dead. Do you mind going on and leaving now? I want to be alone for now and think about how I'm going to tell her. I'll call you tonight."

"Ok if that is what you want then ok I will leave and I will have to tell my parents too though so I will tell them either tonight or tomorrow. Don't worry about calling if you don't feel like it we can talk tomorrow"

After Chad left Lennox decided to take a nice long bubble bath. When she got in the bath she just thought and thought about how to tell Mel. Lennox knew that Mel would be disappointed in her but she had to know.

She just sat on the couch after she got out of the bath and just cried and thought about how much her life was going to change now that she was having a baby. There is a human being inside of me now Lennox realized. She made a human being. She already loved it. She knew that she would keep this baby and always protect him. A boy she wanted it to be a boy.

"Lennox I'm home," called Mel

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