Okay, Hey guys whuts ahp?Lol well sad to say this is just an authors note, Now I know you probably hate be for it but! *Long dramatic pause* I got some heads up for you guys, Now these next few chapters are going to be a pain for me. Now I remember telling you all my sister deleted my plot line? Well I remember all the key points in the story that I as going to make, But on it I also had these five chapters, It's basically going to over the adventures that Percy and Pyr have over the next few years, Only focusing in on key points.

Now I also need to say, that I don't type on my computer seeing as sitting at my computer gets uncomfortable after a while. So I simply sit in my recliner when I write, I do this on my phone. so I only get about 15 WPM, depending. Now I am kinda putting this on hold as I told you guys about my other story, Well I am going to wait to post it. I am at like chapter 5, it's basically ahead of this one, not in length... actually maybe it is.

Now enough uselessness, I am still working on this one! Don't hate me, but I want you guys to answer me this. Would you like me to write all five chapters and post them at the same time? or just when there done? cause I only spend about say maybe an hour on this story a day now, seeing as I try to stress ideas. and this past week I have been dealing with a migraine that just won't go away.

But I need an answer, If I don't get one I'm just post them all at once. If you guys have any ideas, let me know. But for you guys that are interested in my next book. I have to say the pairing is going to crazy, I got this idea of a harem, from Winter-Buzz's story. Really good by the way, if you haven't read it, I suggest you take a look at it as you wait for my slow butt to post chapters.

But here is the spoilers for my next book(if any of you care.), Kronos? Not a bad guy, He just went evil for some odd purpose that will be revealed later on. He will be making multiple appearances, The titans? they are kind of forced good by Percy binding them into an oath. Atlas? Be prepared for a shocker! Percy, He will be powerful, like crazy? No. He will still managed to get his butt kicked A LOT. A good number of titans in mythology will appear. Now Luke will live, (Kronos saved him.), Now this will be ending after the titan war, and go along the lines of HoO, But I am not I repeat AM NOT stopping it there, You got me fucked up buddy. What do you think about the US going to war with Germany? Asia? *Winks* If you don't get what I am hinting at you're a total tard, and need a mythology lesson. But I trust you it ill not stop there.

Anyway there are your spoilers for my next book and some info. Cya around, Maybe...