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Thou Shall Learn to Find Peace

I woke up feeling some type of way and it definitely was the good way. All of my everything hurt from the waist down. My ass cheeks clenched whenever I moved my thighs apart and don't get me started on my head. Throbbing like someone took a hammer to my head. May as well have been like that anyway. Sesshomaru and I damn near wrecked this poor mattress.

Round two commenced after we went to the local convenient store and purchased a bottle of lube. Spit could only do so much, burning and drying the way it did and managing to get the lube up my duke was tricky. Sesshomaru was NOT going to stick those two inch, Madonna claws up my ass. We succeeded the best we could, him rubbing his dick with the lubrication. The room stunk of KY Jelly and cum for hours afterwards.

Now, here I was, having to lay on my stomach because applying any type of pressure to my ass was out of the question. I moaned miserably and rolled to my side, the sheets wrapped around my waist like a toga. The pain was unfortunate, but shit, it was worth it. I felt incredible, last night was incredible. I shared with the man of my daydreams and planned to have many more with him.

Speaking of which, I haven't seen him all morning. The digital clock on the nightstand read 9:29 a.m. I've laying here like a wet rag for about twenty minutes, cheek sticky with morning slob. My hair was a matted ruin, tangled and flipped in every direction imaginable, thanks to Sesshomaru's yee-haw need to yank and tug it like a lasso. Babe was wild in bed. I'll have to keep that bit of info in mind the next time we fucked or made love or whatever.

"Mmm fuck." My ass was killing me. I was having a really bad case of self-loathing and debating on whether all the blame should be put on Sesshomaru or myself for being the one to encourage him.

I heard three knocks on the door before it creaked open. "Babe?" Sesshomaru whispered in.

"Yeah," I grunted and peeked over my shoulder. "Come in."

Sesshomaru pushed the door open with his shoulder. He came in wearing a red short sleeve V-neck Tailwind t-shirt with the MVP Boston Sox emblem etched over his shoulder and grey basketball shorts. All of his hair tied to the back of his neck with a rubber band, braided in a thick plait. In his arms was a tray smelling like heaven.

"Awww," I gushed cheekily. "You didn't have to do that."

"Yeah I did. You gonna be sore for a minute. Can you sit up?"

I tried and failed. "Nope, you gotta feed me." I made a pouty face. "I'm pitiful."

"Nah, you're well fucked." Sesshomaru placed the tray of breakfast foods on the dresser and left the room. I thought he was expecting me to feed my damn self until he came back with a chair and two forks. I don't know who cooked this, but it smelled good.

Everything was laid out on plastic plates: scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, blueberry pancakes, fried ham slices, buttered toast, buttered grits, a small bowl of cinnamon oatmeal, and split hot sausages.

Yeah on second thought, I will need to sit up. And I did, but with a whole lot of help from Sesshomaru. I sat with a pillow under my butt and the bed board to my back as he placed the tray across my lap.

"You didn't have to do this, Sesshomaru," I repeated awestruck. "I won't be able to eat all of this."

"I know," Sesshomaru scooted his chair to the edge of the bed. "This is for me too." To prove it, he stabbed his fork into a whole hot sausage and lifted it to his mouth.

I smacked it out of his hand.


"Pray over it first, dummy." I rolled my eyes and closed them. "Bow your damn head . . . actin' brand new. Lord thank you for the food that we're about to receive to nourish our body and soul in Jesus name we pray, amen."

"Amen. Jesus wept." Sesshomaru shoved the sausage in his mouth after that. He slid my fork over and continued digging into his share of the food.

I have him the dumbest look in the universe. "I wanna eat some too!"

"Better hurry up then." He shot a wink at me. His fork went by me toward the stack of hot cakes, cutting out a large portion, stabbed a piece of bacon and whisking it pass my mouth.

I know I should've been eating some of the meal, but watching Sesshomaru eat was . . . kind of sexy. The way his mouth had this delicious, porno effect had me leaning in to get a better look. Sesshomaru was too engrossed with filling his mouth with everything his fork could reach. He took a mouthful of eggs, pancakes and bacon in one gulp, plump lips winding like a yo-yo, glistening from the sweet syrup. My eyes slid over the bob of his Adam's apple, navigating the food down his windpipe. . .

"Why is everything you do so sexy?" I heard myself say, when I thought I was just thinking.

Sesshomaru stopped chewing a minute and just looked at me.

"I'm serious. You walk sexy, talk sexy, even eat sexy." I tilted my head, taking him in all over again. I am SO glad this man is mine.

Sesshomaru swallowed his food and a slow, devilish smirk spread across his face. "Everything you do turns me on too."

"Yeah right," I chuckled and picked up my fork. "Stop trading compliments. You don't have to."

"Nah, I'm for real." Sesshomaru wiped his mouth and I started eating. "Whenever I look at you, I get this funny feeling in my chest and all you gotta do is look at me. The walk you walk with your head high, your swag, the proper way you talk—I bet you didn't know your ears flickered whenever you thought someone was staring at you. I always thought that was sexy."

Was it . . . getting hot in here or was it just my face?

"See? They're doing it now. Love that shit. Your blush is genuine, your confidence is attractive, how you don't take shit from anybody and how you're willing to care for others before yourself. I love that about you too."

My entire face probably looked like a tomato slice.

"And," he grabbed my hand and my body buzzed from toe to hairline. "You have to be the sexiest man I've ever wanted to spend my life with. Your hair, your skin, your build," his hazel eyes skated from my naked chest to the covers hiding my erection, "you're perfect."

Remembering to breathe was tough, especially with him talking to me this way. I never thought I'd hear someone like Sesshomaru make so many private confessions and be so, well, bluntly honest about them. Especially when it came to me. I felt all kinds of vibrations racing through me like static. I sucked in and released the pent up air before my lungs exploded.

He leaned in and kissed my cheek, a brief, sweet touch of his lips. He lingered, his pointy nose brushing over the baby hairs near my temple. He stood up and pressed our foreheads together. "I meant what I said when I promised to treat you like a king, Inuyasha. You deserve only the best." He lowered his mouth to my ear. "And when I come back, I'm gonna eat you the same way I ate these pancakes."

The deep promise flooded straight to my dick. Little man stood at attention and saluted. Sesshomaru kissed my forehead and left the bedroom, leaving me all quiet, surprised, and happy as fuck. I, Inuyasha Setsuna, can officially declare myself whipped and proud because with a man like that, how can I not brag.

I ate my breakfast with a new vigor, ready to face the new day with Sesshomaru. I could think of all sorts of things for us to do around this country place. Go to the movies, take a walk around the farm, chill by the swing under the tree or just chill and take in the fresh air and pretty day. None of the guys had come back from wherever they went. Probably one of the hotels on the outskirts of the city to have some cozy time of their own. Just wait until I told Hakudoshi and Miroku. Both those fools were going to drool with the details I have in store.

I showered and changed into a pair of Sesshomaru's black sweatpants and one of my red wife beaters. I went downstairs. The house was quiet. No one made it home yet and when I went to check the kitchen Sesshomaru wasn't in there. I checked the laundry room, but he wasn't there either . . ., the bathrooms . . ., the basement, or the living room.

"Sesshomaru?" I called out. I went around to the back. The back porch and backyard were empty. He must be messing with the neighbor's bull again. I told that idiot of he keeps throwing pecans at that thing, it was going to stab his ass like a pincushion. Him, Koga and Naraku had a bad habit of doing childish things just for the hell of it.

Voices erupted without warning, very loud and sharp. I froze, terror racing to my heart and sinking through the floor.

"How the hell you going to keep me from my son? I know he's in there! You bring him out right now! He belongs to me!"

"I can't do that Mr. Setsuna and I recommend you keep your voice down around here. The folks don't appreciate visitors being loud and obnoxious."

"You have some nerve! Sesshomaru, so help me—"

"And you plan to do Deacon? You lay a hand on my boy and it'll take more the hands of Christ to get me off you!"

"I'm going to lay more than hands on him Taisho! You knew this foul, nasty devil had my son stashed away in this house and you decide now to tell me. INUYASHA!"

I locked up from head to toe, shivering.


Oh God, please no. Please, please, please. There was no way—how, how had he known I'd be here. Why had he come? I thought it was enough for me to have gone. Why was he determined to make sure I remained miserable? I couldn't go out there. I was afraid, afraid of the man who helped bring me into this world.

"Sesshomaru," I whispered nervously, falling to my knees. Pain shot up my spine so abruptly, I fell to the floor, and curled into myself, shuddering. All of this time I was able to get over being home alone. Me and Sesshomaru—we've just started, our relationship has finally gotten to that peak of no return. "God, please." Don't give me this blessing only to take it away . . . please don't.


I felt sick, sick to the stomach. Overwhelming dread boiled in my stomach, devouring me whole. My father's voice was all I could hear in my head, ringing, shouting and demanding I come home and get rid of this façade. The words wouldn't stop. I kept hearing them over and over again, collecting in my stomach until I couldn't bear to hold it in.

Tears rolled from my eyes the same time all of this morning's breakfast forced its way from my gut. I heaved hard and everything on the floor. A mess formed around me, the smell and taste of the sour vomit making me wretch. Disgusting was how I felt, scared and disgusting. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't see, but oh, I could hear my father's voice booming, louder, the commotion getting closer. The door flew open. I choked back a sob when a blurry pair of legs hurried toward me and stopped.

"Inuyasha, ah baby."

Somebody—I think, Sesshomaru—shook my shoulder and rolled me over.

"Inuyasha," another shake, "baby—"

The door slammed against the wall. "What the hell happened to my boy!"

"You happened Mr. Setsuna. You got him scared." Sesshomaru pushed his hands under my legs and shoulders and stood with me in his arms. My vision blurred in and out, I was so dizzy with stress. My head listed to the side, right into the face of the man I hadn't seen in months. My heart leapt in my throat.

"D-dad-daddy," I choked on his name and fear gripped me.

He stepped up to my face, dressed in his Sunday finest. "Yeah son it's me. Don' you worry about a thing. Me and your mama here to take you home. You don't have to be around this nonsense anymore."

Sesshomaru jerked me away. "Nonsense?"

"Yes, nonsense. All this gay, flim-flam foolery stops today, you understand? TO-DAY! You better be grateful for your father, boy. I was this close to calling the police for kidnapping my son!"

"I don't believe this shit," Sesshomaru grumbled as he pushed past him and started up the stairs. I heard my father and his father following behind, right on his heels. I couldn't take my eyes off my daddy. It was like I was seeing him all over again, this complete stranger.

Sesshomaru went into my bedroom and laid me in bed. "Take me breaths," he whispered. "Try not to speak. I'll clean you up." Sesshomaru moved past my father and went to the adjoining bathroom. His father went behind them and their voices mumbled back and forth heatedly.

My daddy stooped down by my bedside, and grabbed my hand. "You don't say a word, you hear? I know what happened. Damn boy done brought you here to manipulate you into this foolishness."

"Daddy, please," I whimpered. "Don't—"

"Shhh," he pressed his finger to my mouth. "I said you don't say a word. I already called my lawyer. He'll be at home waiting for us in a couple of hours. Tell me where your stuff is. I'll pack it in the car."

"Daddy, no."

"No? No? Boy, what do you mean no?" He hissed bitterly. "Sesshomaru kidnapped you and brought you here. He brainwashed you into thinking he loves you and you know that ain't true. That boy gets around. He's nothing but the devil incarnated. You were not raised that way." He squeezed my hand hard, bones grating together. "I'm going to take you home, we'll ask the lord for forgiveness and act like this whole mess never happened. I forgive you. It's over and it's done."

He stood from my bed, n early colliding with Sesshomaru and the bowl of water he was holding.

"You listen to me, boy," My father jabbed his finger an inch from Sesshomaru's face, "I'm taking him home with me you hear? He's my son. MINE! I raised him to be a good Christian man. He follows the bible down to the last word. And I won't have you trying to shove your immortality into his head!"

Sesshomaru glared. "I mean no disrespect Mr. Setsuna—"

"Then you better keep it to yourself—"

"—but whether you like it or not, I love your son and ain't you, God or the damn devil going to keep me away from him. You can rip and rant all you want, but come hell or high water, I plan on marrying Inuyasha as soon as he graduates—"

To my horror, the unspeakable happened. My father spat in Sesshomaru's face.

"Daddy!" I screamed.

Sesshomaru stiffened, unmoving as the dribble slid down his chin.

Daddy's face was on fire. "Go to hell! I'll kill you before you take my son from me!"

I rolled off the bed and tried to stand. It was no use. My knees gave out on me and I flopped back down, shaking. "Daddy, just stop!" I shouted in a daze. "Why are you causin' all of this drama, when it don't have to be all of this?"

He whipped around to face me. "Because I am your father!"

"But you're not acting like it!" I shouted back. "You're treating me I contracted some kind of disease! Sesshomaru didn't kidnap me. I left on my own. I left because you stopped loving me. I felt like trash living in the same house with you. You won't let me be who I want to be. Get over it!" My voice rose higher and higher in volume, so loud the walls shook. "Believe what you want, but face facts! I am gay! I AM GAY! I am not leaving to go anywhere with you. I want to stay here with the man who loves me for who I am!"

The slap across my face burned as hot as the rage in his eyes. I touched my cheek, unable to hide my surprise and my anger or my tears. I was done. I was frustrated and above all else, I wanted him to go away. I hated that because deep inside, I wanted my daddy back. It didn't have to come down to being like this. . . I sniffled and turned away.

I stood from the bed and tried to leave the room. He caught me by my wrist and yanked me behind him. "To hell with this. You're coming home!"

"NO!" I dug my heels into the ground and pulled in the opposite direction. "You are not taking me back!"

"Damn it boy!" He raised his hand high, bringing me to the tip of my toes and dragged me with strength I had no power to counter. I fell to my knees, tugging and pleading.

"Daddy, stop, please stop! I don't wanna go home! Just let me stay here!" I cried out, clawing at his hand. "Let me stay, please let me stay!"

The door from the bedroom broke off the hinges, startling my father stiff and me silent. Sesshomaru emerged, clothes torn to shreds and eyes bloody red. The heat of angry poured off him like lava. His daddy stood behind him, cuffing Sesshomaru's arms behind his back as he trashed and snarled worst then a caged beast.

"Sesshomaru, calm down—"

"Calm down? Calm down!" Sesshomaru roared. "This rude son of a bitch came into my house, disrespected me and my man and thinks he's just gonna walk up outta here? Fuck that shit—Dad, lemme go!"

"What good is that going to serve, Sesshomaru," Pastor InuTaisho yelled just as angrily. "You going to give him more ammo to feed the police. Just keep your peace and wait."

"Wait for what, Dad? He's taking Inuyasha away from me!" I watched on, so horrified at what Sesshomaru was turning into, what he was willing to put himself through for me.

None of this was worth it. Not for me. I snatched free of my father's grasp and ran to Sesshomaru. All of this drama and bullshit. I grabbed his face. "Sesshomaru," he stilled, eyes fading back to honey gold. "Don't get arrested for me."


"Listen, damn it, just listen!"

"No!" he cupped his hands over mine. "You expect me to let me watch you get taken from me? Baby, we just got our shit together."

"And you wanna lose all of that for actin' out? I'll come back—"

"Like hell you will!" Daddy snapped in my ear.

Why couldn't he just go away? "Daddy. . . I'll come home, but you gotta promise not to call the police."

He seemed to give it some thought, looked at Pastor InuTaisho and snorted indignantly. "I'll think about. Pastor, you're the only reason, I didn't call the law in the first place. You," he pointed at me, "let's go. Your mama's waiting in the car."

Mama was, wait, he had said they'd both come here for me. "Mama," I broke away from them and shot down the stairs, ran through the short hall and burst through the door. I saw the car running, and saw her standing with Mrs. InuTaisho. If there were ever a more beautiful sight to beyond, it would look better than my mama would. I missed her so much.

Mama turned to the porch as the door clapped against the side of the house. Her hands covered her mouth before she started marching toward me. I trooped down the steps, pumping my arms and legs as fast as I could muster. She opened her arms and I flew into her embrace, welcoming that glorious warmth and southern smell. What a blessing it was to see her again. For a fleeting moment, my worries, fears and concerns left me and the strokes of her delicate fingers ran through my hair.

"Oh baby, I prayed for forgiveness everyday for letting you go. I was scared, so angry with myself, but look at you?" She pulled away and smiled in my face, cheeks damp with tears. "You're a little thin, and pale, but unharmed."

"I'm fine, Mama. I've been fine since I left. I go to school every day, do my homework and eat right." I hugged her again just to keep that warm feeling inside. "Everyone helped me get through my pain. Especially Sesshomaru." I pulled away and looked at her carefully. "Mama, please talk to Daddy. He won't listen. He's trying to bring me home."

"You don't want to come home?"

I looked away when she grew sad. "It's not that I don't want to. . . I'm happy here. I get to be myself and. . . . I can be with Sesshomaru."

Mama drew away from me, tilting her head to the side. A small smile spread across her lips. "You're together?"

Pretty positive there's a blush on my face, but this wasn't the time to care. "Yes ma'am."

She touched my face. "I wondered how long it would be before you finally got together. You've always had a fascination with that boy." She suddenly sighed and looked to the house where the baritone shouting and commenced. "I don't know what we're going to do with your daddy, son."

"Talk to him, make him listen. He's afraid of you."

Mama chuckled. "He's not afraid of me really. Your father respects me, as far as I trust him. But he's still the man of the house. It's not my place to under mind him."

"My happiness is at stake, Mama," I stressed impatiently. "You always told me that me being happy was the kind of blessing you've always prayed for. I want to be happy here with Sesshomaru, in this house or at least until we get our own place. You take this away from me; I don't know what will happen. . ."

"Stop, you stop that kind of talk, you hear?" Mama grabbed my hands, squeezing them hard. "All I've ever wanted is for you to be at peace with whatever decisions you made when you got older. You're still so young to fully understand what you want."

My ears sagged in my hair.

"But, from that look on your face, I guess you're determined to convince me that you are at peace with staying here with Sesshomaru." One of her fingers tilted my chin up. "Even if it means possibly losing your father forever? He's a God fearing man to the heart. He won't ever accept this."

Giant lumps formed in the back of my throat and a new fresh sting touched my eyes. "I don't wanna lose him," I whispered softly and scared. "I love Daddy."

"And he loves you, very, very much, Inuyasha. This is a decision you have to consider carefully, both the good and the bad that will follow no matter what you do. I can't do this for you. If you're absolutely sure this is what you want, I'll do my best to help you stay."

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"You're not scared of Daddy getting mad?" I swallowed, "I'm scared he might hit you or something. Then I'ma have to kill 'em."

Mama tossed her head back in a hearty laugh. "Your daddy knows better! Raise his hand at me? God won't be the only one he fears. That shot gun's in the house for a reason." She gave me a strong hug and kissed my ear. "You sure what you want, baby?"

I nodded against her neck. Even if it meant losing my daddy . . . to be honest, I feel as if I'd already lost him long ago. All those fishing trips at the water hole together and the pier, helping him clean the fire trucks as a child and listening to all the stories him and his friends told after spending the night with everyone in the fire station. . . I would miss it. A huge part of me can't deny wanting to still be a part of that fire fighter family. It seems to be a dream far off now.

"OK," Mama pulled away smiling. It went away as soon as the door slammed against the house and she glared over my shoulder.

"Izayoi, get in the car." Daddy stomped down the wooden steps, head up high and fists clenched by his sides. "Inuyasha we'll get your stuff later." He took my arm, nails digging in my upper arm and dragged me toward the car without a backwards glance.

I saw Sesshomaru make a move, but a touch from his father held him back. His mother walked up to him and spoke in a soft tone, too low to hear, whatever she said seemed to strike a nerve in Sesshomaru. The look on his face was pure agony and a struggle to stay or come for me.


That stopped Daddy dead in his tracks. Mama rounded the car and gently loosened his grasp from my arm. She took his rusty, calloused hand in his and looked him in the eye. "Don't do this."

"Excuse me?"

Mama signed. "Let him stay here. Inuyasha won't be happy if he's forced to come home with us."

"Is that what he told you?" he said accusingly at me. "This boy is young and stupid in the head. Sesshomaru's got him caught up in this gay business. Listen to me, all Inuyasha needs is to be brought home and reminded of what's right in the eyes of God."

"I know what I want!" I shouted at him.

"Inuyasha!" Mama snapped for me to hush and turned hardened eyes on her husband. "Take' whatever you may think is going on isn't what you believe. Inuyasha has been in love with Sesshomaru since he was a child, way before Sesshomaru even knew I'm sure."

"What?" Daddy jerked away from her like she sprouted horns. "Inuyasha's . . . my God boy, you really are in love with men?! And you—you knew he was gay as a child? Why didn't you say something then? We could have nipped this in the bud before it got worse!"

"There was nothing wrong with him then and there isn't now. If we force him to come back, you may as well expect to drive him away. Inuyasha is in love with Sesshomaru—"


"Yes!" Mama sternly said, grabbing his face hard. "Whether you or I want something different for our son, doesn't matter. Inuyasha's eighteen-years-old—"

"Who has no idea how active Sesshomaru really is. That boy has been around the world with his sexuality, doing anything with a heartbeat. I don't want my son hurt and . . . I don't want him gay." Daddy looked at me with such anguish; I couldn't bear to face him knowing I was the cause. "Is this how it's going to be boy? Huh? You'll choose this damn boy over me? Your flesh and damn blood!"

That hurt. "I'm not choosing him over you. I love you both."

"Stop saying that! Damn you, just stop! Do you hear yourself?"

I flinched back when he shook Mama and got in my face.

"You tell me right here, right now, that you want to stay here with him," he snapped his finger back behind him, "tell me that you want to choose this boy over the man who raised you, bathed you, sacrificed for you, taught you and made you into the strong man you are today! Tell me!"

"Daddy stop. . ."

"Stop what? Telling you the truth? Making you face the most disgusting decision you'll regret in the long run and come crawling to me and your mama after Sesshomaru uses you up?" Daddy grabbed my face and laid his forehead on me. "Please, boy, think, THINK! Sesshomaru is using you!"

I shook my head. "He loves me Daddy."

His fingers clutched my cheeks. "Inuyasha, please, please boy, just come home. You're not . . . you can't . . . damn it . . . we need to go home and pray over this."

"Pray over what Daddy?" I snatched his hands from my face. "I want to stay. I prayed over this and I couldn't be sure of what I want. What can I do to get you to see? This is where I want to be. I want to be with him, but I don't want to lose you either. I love you and Mama."

"Then come home or stay here for good. Because you won't be allowed back in my house!"

I gave him a long, drained look and sighed. "Daddy please . . ."

"I can't believe this. Izzy, get in the car!"

I panicked. "Mama?"

She held up her hand. "It's your decision, Inuyasha. I love you no matter what. And regardless of what your father says," she glared at him, "if you ever need us, you can come home."

"Like hell, Izzy!" Daddy snapped.

"Takemaru," Mama's voice softened to a sharp hiss. "Come hell or high water, you can choose to miss out on your son's life, but I'll be damned if you keep him from me. I gave birth to him, raised him as well and I'm not ashamed of how he turned out. I did a fine job and if these are the results, then so be it." She upturned her head and settled a steady look on me. "You stay son and Sesshomaru," she called over to him.


She blinked once. "If I hear the smallest whisper that you've hurt my son, you'll believe the Second Coming was risen." Enough said.

With that final warning, she ducked inside the car and to my brokenhearted disbelief, I heard my parents loudly arguing as Daddy whipped his car out of there, kicking up dirt in his wake. All I could do was watch my parents drive away, possibly forever. Pray, I heard a small voice say in my head. Pray long and hard that one day you and your parents will be able to be together again. I didn't know how long it would take that day to come but I was willing to wait.

The pastor and first lady left with supportive words to us and then Sesshomaru and I were left alone. He told me to go to bed while he cleaned up my mess. I cleaned myself up, washed my hair and then settled into bed where I stayed the rest of the day. Sesshomaru checked on me a few times before I told him to just leave me alone for a while. I didn't time to think about all that's happened.

The others came back, loud and obnoxious as usual. Hakudoshi and Miroku came marching up the stairs with little tact and started grilling me about what happened between me and my Daddy. I was sure Sesshomaru was relaying the story to Naraku, Koga, Shiori and Ayame. I didn't hold a detail from my friends. They learned about it all. The tears came and so did the angry ranting, but the support was welcomed.

They left me to my own devices and as night dawned over this sad day, I finally left my bed when everyone else had gone to sleep. I went out to the back of the house, through the grassy field and to the bench swing hanging from the street. The silver moon highlighted the figure of someone else occupying my favorite spot. Yet, I didn't stop walking. I know he heard me coming. I walked around and kneeled between his legs.

Sesshomaru looked down at me with a solemn love in his eyes and reached down to caress my hair.

"I'm sorry," he murmured. "I'm sorry for puttin' you through so much."

"Don't be," I laid my head on his thigh. "It's my decision. I know the consequences . . . even if I'm not quite ready to face 'em.

Sesshomaru touched my chin and ran his fingers along my jaw. "You won't regret bein' with me Inuyasha. That much, I vow to you now." He pulled me up from the ground and sat me by his side.

I curled under his arm and as one, we stared at the giant full moon. Deep down, I was very scared of what awaited me in the future. I may or may not see my parents again, Sesshomaru and me may even break up, but one that is certain, the only way to find out is try. I made it this far. No way was I backing away now.

As I walked across the stage, I found myself yearning to find two people amongst the crowd of onlookers; despite warning myself, I would be set up for disappointment. It was hard to find two specific individuals with over a thousand eyes, skin tones and clothes matching what they wore. It's been two months and not once had I heard a word, from my mama or my daddy. I tried calling, but the phone number had changed. The cell phone I use to use was disconnected of service.

I'm afraid for my mother's sake. I know she loves me, would do anything for me. I guess, just seeing her just once on my big day would relieve me of my worries. My friends were all here, the older ones here to celebrate, me, Shiori, Hakudoshi and Miroku's final year of high school. From here, we would be going our separate ways.

Hakudoshi and Koga had found an apartment about ten miles away from the farmhouse. Sesshomaru mentioned Koga having a special surprise waiting for Hakudoshi after the day was over. Miroku signed up to join the air force with Naraku's full support and bitching that he better not think about falling in love with one of those sexy uniform guys. Shiori and Ayame signed up for the same university out of state. We wished them the best and they promised to visit on holidays.

Their parents eventually arrived to the farmhouse, the same as my parents had. There wasn't as much disaster as there had been with my folks. Hakudoshi's mother accepted Koga with open arms, but Miroku's mother was against this façade as she called it. She cast him away, disowned him as a son and vowed never to speak to him again. We spent the majority of that night coddling him for his loss.

Another month went by. Me and Sesshomaru were engaged to marry. I choose to wait six more months as a last ditch effort to reach out to my parents. I went by the house. To my horror, the house was put up for sale. The giant two story home I was raised in would belong to someone else.

I didn't know what to make of this. Throughout those six months, I waited, prayed and hoped. Still, nothing happened. I couldn't keep Sesshomaru waiting, couldn't keep putting our lives on hold for a dream that probably couldn't come true.

We married on his birthday. The ceremony was kept small and close. We spent our honeymoon in Honolulu, Hawaii. He made love to me like it was the first time, slow, sweet and perfect.

At last, I sent in my application to the city's personnel board for the next firefighter's class. The wait period was draining. Sesshomaru graduated with his degree and found a great job to support us about three months after graduation and still I hadn't heard a word. Mama eventually came to my house and told me her and Daddy were separate for a while, but had worked out their differences and bought the house back. I was grateful for the small blessings. She started visiting every other weekend, but she always came alone.

I may as well face the fact that my daddy wasn't ever going to accept me for being who I am.

"It'll come, babe," Sesshomaru assured me.

"I know."

Waiting for that day to come was draining. We had this same talk every time I checked the mailbox and came back with bills, magazines and booklets for colleges I applied for. One day, I finally got my answer in the mail. I was nervous. I was afraid. I called Sesshomaru into the kitchen and showed him the envelope.

He held me to his chest and I took a deep breath. I ripped it open, unable to keep the suspense. I held my breath, taking in each black printed word and couldn't believe it. My heart leap to my throat and I choked. The letter fell from my fingers and turned to look at Sesshomaru.

"He accepted me." I whispered and hugged him tight.

The signature at the bottom gave me so much hope. Apparently the city had since had elected a new Chief of the City Fire Department.

Fire Chief Takemaru I. Setsuna

^_^ The End ^_^

TBC: After so long, it's finally reached its end. Thank you to all and everyone who have stuck with this story from start to finish. To the new readers, I thank you for giving this story a chance and reaching the very end. Now, let's see if I can get to work on 'My Dreams Starts with You.'