Hi guys! Thank you all so very much for all the support you have all given me! Even if you were and active reviewer or a silent reader you were just AMAZING! I'm so blessed and grateful to have you all as supporters of my story! You all kept me going through the bad and the good and I'm glad to have you all cross my path.

On November 26, 2011 all I had in my possession were: a laptop, an idea, and a drive. Now, 4 months later, those three things turned into 75,455 words. Now I have: another complete story, the motivation to improve my writing, awesome people who love and support me and my writing, and cramped fingers. All things are possible ;)

I have so many people I want to thank a couple awesome people by the names of: Queenc1, February1796, AngieLuv15, girliegirl13, Lilerds13, Lady16, Kato45, you-are-reading-my-username, Lilly5603, 1-SID-1, supersweetp, brickbreaker, SwiftStar1, Ally and Austin, kickinitforever, PhoebeHalliwell23, ausllyraura, Astrawberry11, SillyTale, Musicispoetrywithpersonality 29, primjay10, APlusAzian, southparklover12, prettygirlxo, livinglavidacrazyforsiempre, Jakkil0ver, raerae417, scribe de la vie, Harmonious Wolf, RLKS123, i-luv-ross-lynch-and-r5, Peacefreakx3, mxn1fan, OfFiCiAl InSpIrAtIoN, tlkin2much, I-Love-My-SeaweedBrain, Addictedtofanficscx, auslly-raura101, smartgirl796, tysmileyface, Frenchie12, nyss333, Lover-Bug, Awkward dinosour99, Lalalala, Horse Lover 131, loveatfirstsight1432, GeorgieG, LilRed29621, Mature reader, mysterywriter125, honeybaybehh101, BellaR5, dancer06, Moonshine, luckcharm12, ILoveAdamLevine, jamesmaslow4evz, XxRossLynchLoveForeverxX, TikkiTikkiBird2197, Barbie190, Jackie is Grey, Crazy Maybe, Melinda, Melanie, ChloeCat5, Dj33173, Katshadows77, Silent Reader, Bubblelina15, redrose110, HelloLovelyChick, and last but not least ALL MY OTHER AWESOME GUESTS AND OTHER REVIEWERS whose names I did not mention above!

I love you all so very much! You all gave me the confidence in my writing, which I was lacking before I wrote this story. But now that this story is finished, I've found that all thing are possible if you have drive and people who support you. I had the drive and I was blessed with you all who were my support. Thank you so much for that!

Also I have some news guys! Don't be sad that the story is over! Guess what? There's going to be a sequel! This story is the beginning of Auslly! The sequel will be even more complicated. We'll be digging up Austin's past and putting Auslly to the test! It'll be filled with drama and it will be rated M because I plan on some intimate scenes between Austin & Ally. I'll be posting it after I'm done with Love & Luck since I don't want to overwork myself. Sorry guys, but I'm only human.

Oh! And if you guys enjoyed this story, I wrote another story that is POST Music & Possession. It's called Through the Seasons and it's set after the sequel and in Austin and Ally's future. It's a cute family story so you'll guy will possibly like it. I dunno you be the judge.

So I guess that's all for now guys! Thanks for everything and I wish you all a good day and a good evening! Night and sweet dreams!

Thanks for everything~!

~With Love, Hannah V.