This story begins the morning after the first wedding of Chuck and Sarah's triplets.

Chuck vs The Circle of Life, was conceived while I wrote the Doomsday story, as I day dreamed what Chuck and Sarah's life might be once the kids grew up. I happen to be about the age of Chuck and Sarah, while my son is about the age of the triplets, so I can relate to this story, although I have no idea what this crazy world might look like in twenty five years.

I doubt I will write any fan fiction in my series of stories any later in Chuck and Sarah's lives than this, although I have all kinds of ideas for stories between Doomsday 2012 and May of 2037. That makes this story Chuck and Sarah's epilogue. I hope you approve of my vision for their later years. I didn't exactly confine them to rocking chairs on the veranda as you'll see.


It's a new dawn, Sunday Morning, 05/17/2037, Orion Heights Master Bedroom

Chuck and Sarah were sleeping, in a familiar pose, as Chuck was on his back, and Sarah was wedged into him at a forty five degree angle, just like the ending of the Honeymooners episode. Sarah's body parts intertwined among her husband's, making the couple look more like one person than two. As they woke up as one, first stirring in bed, then finding each other, they began to engage in slow passionate lovemaking. After they made love, they each rolled on their side facing each other.

"Sweetie, did you know?" Sarah asked.

"I didn't." Chuck replied, trying to get his composure after being drained from the past hour of action.

Sarah continued on with her questioning, "We're two of the most powerful people in the world, and still maybe the two best spies in the world, how couldn't we see it?"

Chuck didn't have the answer, "I don't know. I guess sometimes we're most blind to those closest to us."

"What do you want to do about it?" Sarah said as she was not going to accept what she found out at the previous night's wedding 'lying down'.

Chuck, in his ever so pragmatic point of view, the perfect compliment to his wife's more aggressive nature replied, "Let them be Sarah. We should give them space. We made it, so will they."

Sarah learned to trust Chuck on such matters, as his intuition was better than hers, "I'm scared for them Chuck. I hope they're OK?"

Chuck continued to calm his wife down as he said, "Me too Sarah. But I'm also excited for them. It was so much fun, our life of saving the world. I wouldn't trade it for anything."

Chuck's kind eyes made the world right for Sarah, as they always did. Sarah nodded up and down "It was fun, wasn't it."

"And it's not over yet, we're both young, only in our mid fifties. We might not be saving the world by killing crocodiles and delusional despots in secret bunkers, but we still save the world every day ..." Chuck was going to say more but.

Sarah broke in continuing Chuck's words. "... and we have another thirty years or so ahead doing what we now do."

"Are you sure you're OK?" Chuck asked as he put his hand to Sarah's forehead as he asked, and gently brushed her hair back.

"I am now." Sarah replied, "You always have a way of saving me. Don't you?" Sarah said as she drew in near to Chuck's lips.

"I try." Chuck said as the loving couple exchanged a sweet kiss then smiled at each other, like a pair of kids on their first date. "Now lets get up and see what the world has in store for us today," Chuck said.

They got out of bed still acting as one heading to the bathroom to engage in some tandem tooth brushing. Finally they got dressed to face the world.

As she was about to go downstairs to the kitchen, Sarah grabbed Chuck's butt , "Can't catch me," she called out as she ran out the hall and down the stairs.

Chuck gave her a sly grin, and took off after her, "Well, not if you don't slow down."


It's a new day, Sunday Morning, 05/17/2037, Orion Heights Veranda

By the time the pair made it to the kitchen, Sarah had slowed down, as she always did. The couple was hugging and laughing and Chuck joyfully twirled Sarah in the air. Chuck set Sarah down, let go of her waist and said, "Sarah, I'll make the coffee and bring it outside for you. Let's sit on the veranda. It's such a nice day."

Sarah walked out the door leading to the veranda and took stock of the yard, the site of the huge wedding celebration the night before. She turned back toward Chuck and said, "Looks like the clean up crew has the place returned to normal. I couldn't even tell we had a party here last night."

Chuck joined Sarah who now was on the veranda as he set the coffee tray down. They both were now seated, taking in the glorious day as Chuck continued with the conversation they'd begun, "That's because you stood out there with them last night until they finished, and made sure they did it right." Chuck still had a way of teasing Sarah about some of her idiosyncrasies.

Sarah responded deadpan, as if she didn't understand Chuck's comment, even though she sort of did, "Well, that's their job."

Chuck continued his teasing, "But Sarah, the little fellow was hyperventilating, I had to convince him you wouldn't hit him."

Sarah played back at Chuck, all the more serious, "Chu … uck. Come on. I'm a fifty five year old woman. I'm hardly a force of nature any longer."

Chuck wasn't budging, "I think the LA MMA Club might beg to differ. You worked them over pretty good last week at your annual Camp Insanity, to maintain your tip top shape training session."

Nor was Sarah budging, "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to stay in shape Chuck. I don't hear you complaining about my condition Sweetie."

Chuck gave Sarah a sly smile as he wasn't done yet, "Of course not. I'd be afraid to. You might beat the living hell out of me."

"Oh you … " Sarah got up from her chair and ran toward Chuck, who also got up and ran away out into their yard. Sarah ended up catching Chuck and tackling him to the grass. The two lovebirds rolled around on the grass like teenagers in love, with lots of laughter and giggling, interspersed with a little kissing. Things were about to get more serious, just not in a way you'd expect …


It's a new life for Us, 05/17/2037, Orion Heights Lawn

"Uggghhhmmm. Congresswoman Bartowski. Telephone. It's THE President." Sarah's aide, a small, prim and proper young woman came onto the veranda and gave Chuck and Sarah a very stern, Beckman-like glare as she spoke.

"Thank you Christine." Sarah replied. "I'll be in to see you in a few minutes. That'll be all."

"Yes ma'am." The aide retired back into the house to Sarah's office, as Chuck and Sarah composed themselves while laughing at getting busted by Sarah's young aide.

"Christine sure is a chip off the old block, isn't she?" Chuck said.

"Would you expect anything different from President Beckman's granddaughter?" Sarah laughed as she spoke. Sarah took a deep breath to return herself to the real world, then she said, "Chuck, too bad Beckman's not president any longer. I wish this President would quit calling me on my day off. I'll be back to Washington in the morning. I'm not going to change my mind between now and then anyhow, now am I Chuck?"

Chuck replied, still showing his ability to help sharpen his wife's POV, "Sarah, make sure you're willing to change your mind at some point though. You ARE the Speaker of the House AFTERALL. You have to compromise in order to get work done in DC. And very little can get done in DC without your seal of approval. Time Magazine had good reason to vote you the Most Powerful Woman in the World. Go ahead, take the call. I should call the Grimes Colony anyhow. Putting a colony on the moon to harvest solar power was the most ambitious project Carmichael Industries ever attempted."

Sarah and Chuck now both had their phones out ready to engage the real world.

As Sarah started to speak on her phone she burst out laughing. She held her hand over the receiver and said to Chuck, "The Grimes Colony. That still cracks me up. Who'd ever have thought the first colony on the moon would be named after Morgan? And he'd be the colony's governor, the George Washington of the moon if you will?"

Chuck laughed back "You never know Sarah, you never know. That's what makes our story so much fun!"

Both Chuck and Sarah had smiles on their faces as they turned their attention to their phone calls.

Those smiles quickly faded.

Chuck said, "Morgan, What?"

Sarah said, "Mr President, What?"

Chuck and Sarah put their phones to their shoulders, they turned to make eye contact with one another, and they simultaneously said to each other, "Oh Boy!"


And We're Feelin Good …, for the rest of our lives May of 2037 and beyond

Queue up the fast paced Chuck theme music from season one, as the action has just started for Chuck and Sarah!


Now that Chuck and Sarah have been showing to have an exciting retired from being spies life, the rest of the story deals with the questions Sarah asked Chuck in the very beginning. Enjoy finding out the answers, along with learning a few things about Chuck and Sarah's now adult children and their friends.