BlueInfernoX: Hello everyone. Chapter 1 of my new story will be out on Christmas Day, look at it as a Christmas Present, but until then I have to put something up. I am having trouble with my Harry Potter story, as well as my Marvel Hangover story (This one mostly because comedy is hard, it will be up at some point… I hope) so I decided to put this up.

At the end of Part 1 I gave some previews to Part 2, but not much. So, as a treat to keep you all happy and exited till then I will put this up, extended and extra snippets till the new story is up.

So, enjoy!

"ORE... SANJOU!" Momotaros called, striking his signature pose as he, Urataros, Kintaros and Ryutaros walked off the Den-Liner that had parked in the middle of the field…

"HENSHIN!" the four yelled together as they swiped their Rider Passes over their belts

"SWORD/ ROD/ AXE/ GUN FORM!" their belts said in unison as they transformed

"Mind if I defeat you?" Ryutaros, Den-O Gun Form, said as he did a twirl and held his DenGasher, in Gun Mode, at the Imagin "I can't hear you!''

"Because my strength…" Kintaros, Den-O Axe Form, said as he clicked his neck and his DenGasher in its Axe Mode by his side "… has made you cry!"

"So, may I reel you in?" Urataros, Den-O Rod Form, asked as he placed one side of his Rod Mode DenGasher on his shoulder

"Because from Start to Finish I am always at the Climax!" Momotaros, Den-O Sword Form, proclaimed as he finished assembling his DenGasher into Sword Mode

"Can we just get started already?" Decade asked, shacking his head in annoyance

"Let's go! Go! GO!" S-Den-O yelled as he charged with the others just behind him…

"BOOST RIDE: UPGRADE!" The NeoDriver called and Inner-Moka's eyes widened as she felt her energy suddenly rise higher than she remembered and the flames around her seemed to react as well…

"Cast off." Three people said in unison, activating their devices

"Hyper Cast Off." A male said, activating the device on his side

"CAST OFF!" the three's devices called in unison

"HYPER CAST OFF!" the single man's device said

"CHANGE: LADYBUG!" said a girl's device, the voice sounding feminine itself

"CHANGE: BAT!" said a teenage boy's device

"CHANGE: SPIDER!" said the last man's device

"CHANGE: HYPER MANTIS!" the lone man's device called

"Henshin." Another man said calmly, standing at the other side of the field from the other Riders

"HENSHIN!" the device yelled as yellow hexagons of energy covered him and formed his Masked armour

"Henshin." The person beside his said as he two activated his transformation

"HENSHIN!" he device said as he had the same transformation, only his hexagons where blue

"Cast off." The two said together, both moving and/or pressing something on their Zector's

"CAST OFF!" theirZector's called as their armour exploded from their bodies, revealing slimmer armour

"CHANGE: ATLAS BEETLE!" the first man's Zector called as visor eyes glowed

"CHANGE: BLACK ANT!" the second man's device called…

"W… Who are you?" Kurumu said as she backed away from the small creatures. She and Mizore just looked at them in fear for a reason they didn't fully understand, a pair of blood red and sky blue eyes staring at them from the darkness…

"HENSHIN!" two voices called in unison as they attached something to their belts and where surrounded by light, one white one black…

"I… I am not weak!" Inner-Moka growled as multi-coloured light seemed to filter into her home that was the inner parts of her and Outer-Moka's mind

"Yes you are!" A voice very similar to her own, only much darker and sadistic, snarled "You are weak! You rely on a human to save you! You where almost killed by a witch without him! A witch!"

"Shut up!" Inner-Moka screamed, only to hear an un-naturally cruel cackle, causing her to feel so insecure, and curl up into a ball "Shut up." she said as she hid her face in her legs and whispered "Shut up…" as the lights grew closer and closer…

"DIE!" Inner-Moka roared, but she didn't look herself. There where strange markings on her body and her fingernails turned into claws…

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !" Yukari screamed as she was covered in an intense orange light that seemed to burn yet sooth her skin at the same time. Time seemed to stop for the young witch as she felt it. Something deep inside her was reacting to the light. She felt lighter. More powerful…

"He is Kamen Rider Lightning." Taichi said, looking at the body in the bed in sadness…








"I… have arrived!" a 14 year old girl who had bright pink hair that reached her chin, which was spiked wildly but it seemed to look perfect on her, with a single streak of silver filled her hair, screamed in anticipation

"May I steal your heart?" another 14 year old girl with blue hair, a wisp of white hair in her fringe and glassed smirked

"I shall make you scream!" another girl, also 14, this one with purple hair which had a single light blue streak in it, said with a voice full of authority

"So can I beat you please? No answer means 'yes'!" asked a fourth girl, this one was 10 with brown hair that had a single green strip as well as a green hat on her head…

"You don't deserve my sister!" a small girl with red haired yelled, a giant war hammer in her hand…

"What's wrong with you guys?! I'm not the enemy!" Neo Decade said as he struggled to stand "It's me! It's Taichi!" a blur head towards him, a gleaming blade visible. He managed to block it and looked at the yellow eyes of the 'enemy' "Come on J, fight it!"

"Decade!" another voice yelled before a computer voice was heard

"RIDER BITE!" it said and a pain suddenly filled his entire body, the source was a fist that had slammed into his back…

"You belong to GigaShocker." Queen Black smirked as the body at her feet screamed in pain…





"Cast off!"



"FINAL KAMEN RIDE: DEN-D!" the NeoDriver called, almost proudly. Their buckles then changed, shocking the four

"Together." R-Den-D said with a proud voice

The other three nodded as the stood together and redid their Henshin sequence actions except their belts called in unison "DEMON FORM!" and a new light enveloped them as the other three turned into energy and entered R-Den-D…

"I'll never leave you." Tai smiled, cupping the girl's cheek "I love you." He whispered as he drew closer, his eyes slowly closing…

"Die Decade!" a voice screamed in pure rage and hatred as the new crossbred charged towards him

"I don't think so." He smirked as he inserted a new card

"FINAL KAMEN RIDE: NEO D-D-DECADE!" the NeoDriver called as Decade's armour was, seemingly, turned into energy, ghostly images of his other Riders appeared around him before they where absorbed into the light and his glowing armour began to change shape…

"Hi Taichi." Daiki Kaito smirked "Miss me?"

"U… Uncle Daiki?" Taichi asked in shock, an undertone of happiness visible to everyone…

"TAICHI!" the girls yelled in fear and unison as the man they love fell to the floor and his armour disappeared

"I… I won't lose!" he growled as he began to stand back up…

"What are you!" a voice roared in anger

"Just another Passing through Kamen Rider." Taichi smirked "Remember that! HENSHIN!"


And there you go! Hopefully this will be enough for everyone out there. So, till next time, see ya.

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