Alan P.O.V.:

I felt miserable, put it mildly. I wanted nothing more than to lie under the warm blankets in my room at the expensive boarding school and stay there till I felt better. But that wasn´t a option. Not today. Today starts the summer break and my father will be here any moment to pick me up. If he came.

With a sigh, I pulled the covers off me. Fermat, my roommate and early riser, woke up half an hour ago and had already packed his suitcase. He was now having breakfast in the great hall.

Breakfast. I crawled together at the thought of eating. On one side, I was starving. Perhaps even more thirsty than I was hungry. I also knew that I had to eat. On the other hand. If I would eat anything it will probably come out again.

I did my morning routine and ate two crackers and a glucose tablet. Better than breakfast downstairs. In addition, I took the medication for the morning and forced myself to drink enough water. Keep drinking, that was important.

Slowly I began to pack my suitcase. My photos, books, clothes, everything had to go with me because next year I get another room.

Precisely at the moment when I try to close my suitcase, Fermat comes in. Fermat's father worked for my dad and he was my best friend.

Fermat was in the same class as me even though he's a year younger. Fermat is really a genius so he skipped a grade. He was ten and I´m eleven years old. It was thanks to his (and my big brother John) help that I only had one B on my report. The rest were A's.

For quite some time I passes my classes barrely, every year, every class. This year I completely turned around. There was no doubt that I was going to the six grade. I´ll be sitting next year in the higher gifted group. What will my father be proud, maybe we can do something together. That´s all I want. Only that he'd just noticed.

"A ... a ... ar ... Ready to go?" stuttered Fermat. Stuttering he inherited, just like his brains, from his father. Often he replaced the stuttering word with a synonym, a word that means the same thing. That was easier for him.

"Absolutely." I said and I drew a small smile on my lips with difficulty as I looked at him. I sat down on my suitcase with my head in my hands.

A Tracy will never admit that something is wrong. My brothers are a lot older and if I've learned anything from them is that you should never show that there is something wrong. That's a sign of weakness. And weaknesses are for sissies and sissies are going to be teased or get ´the mother hen routine´.

My family is international rescue. Better known as the THUNDERBIRDS. If there are people in danger then the Thunderbirds come in action. My brothers are so strong but if one of the brothers is in danger every thing breaks down. They are protective about each other and me. Very overprotective.

I dream of standing next to my his brothers, really to go on missions, but for now I'm too young. Scott says I should finish school first.

I am, the youngest of five. Gordon is, after me, the youngest and he is twenty. That is about nine years between us. The worst part is that he is earlier twenty-one than I become twelve. Scott, my oldest brother is twenty-six.

Just to be clear. I love my brothers. Really. Scott has practically raised me after Mom died. But they treat me like I'm still three.

My mind went to my mother and my hand unconsciously went to the scar on my abdomen. Lucy, my mom died during an avalanche where I was severely injured. Not that I remember anything from it. I was three. The only memory I have of my mother is her face and a lullaby she ever sang to me every night. After the funeral and my discharge from the hospital my dad collapsed, Jeff lost himself into his work. When I was seven, he started the IR. Almost five years ago.

My brothers became Thunderbirds and I was sent to Walton so I could follow school without distraction. Now I hoped that my dad would come to pick me up. Against my better judgment.

A few years ago, when I was four, I asked Scott why Dad didn´t like me, why he never came to my school and played games with me.

"You look so much like Mommy." Said the twenty-year-old Scott. "Every time your dad sees you, he sees mommy. He feels guilty and misses her. "

I crept closer to Scott's lap and his arms were wrapped tightly around me. "Can I paint my hair just like you. Maybe daddy will play with me." My hand went to the blue streak in the middle of Scott's brown hair. My arm was still in a cast after the accident six months ago. The bone was completely fragmented and not so long ago they had the pin removed.

He smiled and kissed my finger top. "No tiny soldier. Daddy will come around. Come you need to sleep. It's late. "

"I do not wanna be alone ." I panicked and wrapped my arms around his neck anxiously. "Can I sleep with you Scotty?"

"Of course Allie, but you need to close your eyes." Scott sit down on the sofa and nodded to Virgil on the other side of the room. Softly came the sounds of mom's lullaby in the room. Gordon and John wished me goodnight and walked to the other sofa where they sat down and closed there own eyes. Virgil the best singer of the family began with the first few sentences of the lullaby.

Your baby blues, so full of wonder

Your curly cues, your contagious smile

And as I watch, youstart to grow up

All I can do is hold you tight

Knowing clouds will rage

And storms will race in but you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down, waves will crash all around

But you will be safe in my arms

Story books full of fairy tales

Of kings and queens and the bluest skies

My heart is torn just in knowing

You'll someday see the truth from lies

When the clouds will rage

And storms will race in but you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down, waves will crash all around

But you will be safe in my arms

Castles they might crumble

Dreams may not come true

But you are never all alone

Because I will always, always love you

When the clouds will rage

And storms will race in but you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down, waves will crash all around.

But you will be safe in my arms, in my arms.

As always, I fell at the end of that sentence asleep. Safe in my own dreams.