Gordon's P.O.V.

Everything was so messed up. Alan was gone, Scott and Dad were only fighting with each other Virgil felt guilty because he hadn´t noticed Alan's disease. Fermat felt guilty because he hadn´t said anything. John tried to make sure that Scott dad didn´t kill each other.

The only luck was that the world hadn´t needed rescuing. Thunderbirds didn´t constantly asked to pull out. Unfortunately, that also was the reason that I had nothing to do most of the time. I could only think about what was happening with Alan. And none of my thoughts were good.

I was sitting in my fathers office. I was there very often the last few weeks. All the letters were now read and there was a lot more too Alan than he told us. Or what we gave him the chance to tell us.

He sat in different groups, where he gave and received extra tutoring. He swam and ran track contests, and all was running his specialty, swimming wasn´t that bad either. Every Sunday he went to the cinema with Fermat and when the movie was over, they went to study in the library.

For all of these things were sent consent letters. And somehow someone managed to pierce a computer signature on it. Our best guess is Alan. Fermat said that Alan was a miracle with computers. That he was better with computers than Fermat, and that says a lot.

Scott and John were just two days away of their week Warton. Hopefully they found some information that could help us.

There came an email in with the subject "emergency." It was on dad´s account, but I checked it anyway. I was way too curious to leave it be.

The mail was empty but there was a video attachment.

With the mouse, I went reluctantly to play. The display became larger and I saw a boy hanging on a chain. Alan "VIRGIL! BRAINS! ' I screamed and I turned my attention back to the screen. I didn´t notice that the room was filled. I wasn´t paying attention to the frightened voices or questions.

The only thing I saw was Alan who was being kicked, beaten and cut. Sometimes he hung on his arms so he couldn´t move. Sometimes he lay on the ground and tried to crawl away from the abuse but still had no chance.

I noticed that his eyes were not focused. At times he looked completely the wrong way sometimes they just kept them shut. A few times we heard Alan ask if they could put a light on while there were lights everywhere.

I crawled together when a hammer was connected with Alan's arm and his arm gave a sickening crack before it fell useless next him. Alan was pulled back up by his hair and kicked back down in a corner.

His cry of pain when someone kicked his arm shot like a knife through my heart but it was nowhere near as bad as when he cried for his brothers. For me to save him.

The video turned black and I thought it was over. But that was nowhere near that. Next I saw Alan hanging by his arms, I could not imagine how much pain that did with a broken arm. In one corner I saw Scott and John sit with their eyes on a TV.

Virgil said something but I didn´t hear him. Scott and John were there? What, I had now lost three brothers?

I heard the questions and felt the pain every time my older brothers were wrong. I felt so proud that Alan continued to fight against the man. The last question was shocking us all. We knew that Scott was Alan's idol, but that he stood above the Thunderbirds?

The picture was black again for a new screen opened.

Scott had Alan in his arms. Alan seemed to be asleep, his head against Scott's chest. John was standing protective in front of the two. Three men stood against him, they were about to leave.

"Wait," cried John after them. "Can´t you let him go? We´ll stay here. Just let the youngest go. Let Alan go home. He is only eleven years old. He is injured and needs medical attention."

"We can´t let him go." Said the first man calmly. "He is the one who is worth the most money. Alan is the only reason that we can keep you two calm here in the room without trying to escape. We will keep an eye on. If you attempt an escape, you´ll never get the antidote and Alan will be blind for the rest of his life. "

What is this? A sick joke?

Blind. My youngest brother was temporarily blind. Alan was afraid of the dark, he always had a nightlight with him. And now he was constantly in the dark.

Just my thought went back to a few years ago.

I walked past the room of my youngest brother. There came a soft sobbing through the door. Unsure I looked inside.

We were for the first night on our own island. Alan had for the first time in his short life an own room. Scott had made it into a space chamber, filled with stars and rockets. Alan immediately fell in love with the room.

"Alan," I said quietly.

The sobbing stopped. Alan never cried when we were around. Even if he was in pain or upset. The five year old was never afraid. Yet I knew what I had heard.

I searched on the touch Alan's bed. The room was dark, dark blue curtains Scott had chosen were closed. As the night without stars in it.

Careful, I crawled by Alan in his rocket bed. I wrapped my arm around his shoulders and pulled him close to me. I felt him trembling from fear against my chest. "Hey sprout. What wrong? You can tell me. "

His face peeked above the blankets and I made contact with his eyes. I know that look. He was scared.

'Dark. It's so dark." He locks his arms around me. "Don´t leave me. I don´t want to be alone in the dark."

I promised to stay with him and after a half hour he calmed down enough to fall into a restless in my arms.

Scott was always watching whether Alan was sleeping before he went to bed and yes. At half past eleven Scott came walking into the room.

"What are you doing here?" He asked softly when he saw me. I saw the worry in his eyes when he saw Alan´s tear streaked face.

I told him what had happened and Scott spent the night with me in Alan's room. Making plans for tomorrow.

I kept Alan busy the whole day with swimming lessons and playing games. Meanwhile Scott, John and Virgil were busy lighting up Alan's room.

In the evening I walked into Alan's room. Alan held my hand tightly. After I helped him into his PJ´s, the five-year reluctantly crawled into bed and I sat beside him.

"Look sprout, if you're afraid of the dark you need to press this button." I pointed to the little button beside his bed. "Touch it." I encouraged him. Hesitantly, he pressed the small button.

Immediately, the ceiling was lit with stars, planets and rockets that moved slowly above his bed. From a small speaker sounded the soft sounds of Virgil's piano. Alan's favorite songs. I´ll never forget the look on his face. That look can make the coldest heart melt, so much love held it.

Within no time was lying Alan to sleep with a big smile and thumb in his mouth. After that we always made sure that Alan was never alone in the dark.

The image was black again. `Who calls Dad," I said and turned to the rest. "Someone should let him know what´s going on."

The video continued.