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Author notes. Italic is thoughts and mind talk.

A woman slinked into her father, William Stryker office at Alkali Lake. Her wavy strawberry blonde hair fell around her waist. She was dressed in pair of tight leather pants and blue corseted tank top with scoop neck that showed off her full chest. Her father looked up as she entered.

"Ah, Jessica,"
"Hello father"

"Any news my dear daughter"

"No, lost him in Germany"

"You're not as good as Victor was"

"Never claimed to be"

"Jessica I don't need your sass"

"Hey it not my fault"

"Yeah what was it this time"

"I rather not say"



He rolled his chair back to look at his computer. Thus, he knocked a glass of water from the corner of his desk. Jessica went to catch the glass before it hit the floor. The glass shattered on the floor. The water from the glass rose to Jessica hand. The noise caused her father to look up from his computer to his daughter. The water in her hand formed a rose then a ball that she subconsciously tossed back and forth between her hands. She completely forgot she was in the present of her mutant hating father.

"You're a mutant!" He yelled.

That caused Jessica to freeze for second that cause the water to fall to the ground. Her blue eyes met her father. He was beyond mad. Jessie as she liked to be called more afraid of him now more than ever. Yes, she did his dirty work finding out information for him. She had failed numerous times. She had hid the fact she was mutant ever since she was teenager. She saw how would use mutant and she was damn sure not let him use her.

"Yeah, what of it?"

"Jessica Lynn Stryker, since when have you been a mutant"

Great full name just great Jess you really step in it this time.

"Let see I'm going on thirty-eight. So thirty-eight years"

Jessica eyes watched her father ruffle through his desk. He was look for what now use on his mutant agents. It was a mind control agent. He started using after the island incident at the island some roughly fifteen odd years ago. Jessie was twenty-three then. Her brother was sixteen then.

"Don't even think about it father. It would not work even if you tried it."

He got up from his chair. His intent was written in his eyes. He wanted to take her down. He figured he could over power her. Being that she stood only five foot six inches tall and weighed slightly over one hundred and thirty . Act on what Sabretooth had taught her when she was eighteen and just starting to work for her father. She knocked her father out quickly. She head to, her brother, Jason's cell.

"Jas, I'll get you out of here"

"Don't father finally loves you"

"He does not love you, he is using you like uses all the mutants."

"No he not Jessie"

"I will not argue with you. But know this Jas I am leaving and hopeful never coming back."

Jason did not respond to that comment. Lady Deathstrike voice came over the income. Jessica looked up to income. She knew that Lady Deathstrike had found her father.

"Code red… Code red… Jessica Stryker is a mutant and has attack the Colonel . Orders are to capture or kill."


Jessie headed to medical room. It was far enough away that ever few soldiers would be there. She also knew that there was exit there. She had heard all about Wolverine exit. She was out on mission at time. She ran passed the tank of water. Jessie rounded the corner head to the door. When she heard foot falls behind her. They wore combat boots.

"Jessica Stop… Stop or I'll shoot."

"Shoot me then Kevin" Jessie yelled.

Jessie did not look backward as she yelled. She was running as fast as she could. She was hoping that the bullets did not hit anything major. She acted fast and ran up one side of the wall. Bullets tore through shirt and her skin. She groaned but did not stop. They burnt as they pieced her front as they exited her body.

"Subject heading for medical exit…deadly force use did not faze the subject. Call for backup." Kevin yelled over the walkie-talkie.

Jessie made her way outside. She ran into the woods. She was freezing. She forgot how cold it was here. Once she was far enough away she started to look at her wounds. They were already healing. Her healing factor was different then Wolverine's or Sabretooth's. It was healed from the inside out but it would form ashes that rose to surface of the skin. The cold winter mountain air blew over her wounds. It blew the ashes into the wind reveal perfectly heal skin. Like nothing every happen to her.

Her healing they way she did was tied to her mutation. She could control water, fire, earth and air. She could turn her body into each of them if need be. She was also immune to brothers mind control. She stopped aging when she was twenty-eight. She learned to control and hid her mutant after seeing the way her father used mutants. She had seen the way William Stryker used Victor was going to be damned if he used her that way. She could hear the sound of foot falls. They were searching the woods for her. Jessie took a deep breath and let her physical body fall away and become like the air. She needed a safe haven and peace for a time until she got back on her feet.

Jessie could if she wanted to could stay in anyone of the forms for long period of time. It was days or even a week before she let her body return. She was outside Xavier School for gifted. This was the place her brother loved and felt the safest in. This was the only place she could think of going. All the others had ties to her father and now that he wanted her dead there was no hope for her peace any of those places. Jessie was frozen to core. It was very cold in the upper atmosphere. She wrapped her arms around her body hoping to help against the chill on her body. She made her way to the door. She knew it was very late but she had no choice. So she took a deep breath then knocked on the door.

Scott Summers was doing a round to make sure everyone was where they should be. He was heading down stairs to talk to professor about Jean's nightmares when he heard a knocked on the front door. He head over to door and opened it. As he did so he revealed a woman who looked like she was in her late twenties. Her wavy strawberry blonde hair clung to her slim fame. She stood about five foot six inches tall. Her long legs were encased in leather pants that had holes in them. She had curves in all the right places. Any man would be attracted to this woman. Her blue eyes met his blood-red sunglass.

"Can I help you?"

"I know it is late. I'm sorry about that, but I'm looking for Charles Xavier."

"And who are you"

"Jessie, I was told that this was safe haven for mutants like me. I know it is a school my brother went here."

"I'm Scott Summers but you can all me Scott. Come in I will take you to his office. Is there a last name that goes with first?"

"Not one I claim. And thank you."

Jessie could tell Scott was bit of pretty boy. She could tell he was going to get on her last nerve but at least she was inside. Scott led Jessie to an office door. He knocked on the door. She was swaying with exhaustion. Traveling that far in any of those forms took a lot out of her anyone. Scott opened the door for her to enter. He turned to tell her to enter. Only to see her crumbled to the floor.

"Scott, get Jean" Charles said.

Scott ran off leaving Jessie with Charles. Charles and Jessie met eyes. She was still awake but barely. They had met many years ago when he was called to her father home to look at Jason.

Welcome to my school Miss Stryker.

"Don't call me that Sir. Call me Jessie, or Jess or Jessica or Vixen pretty much anything but my father name. My father lays no claim to me anymore. I will not lay claim to him."

"Oh my god my dear you are Jason's Jessie. Well Jessica you are safe here and more than welcome here as long as you need."

"Thank you, Sir I think I'm going to pass out now."

Jessie lost consciousness. She gave into sleep. Now she knew she was safe. Charles looked down at young woman. Jessica Stryker had hid her mutation with such passion. He could tell she was mutant all those years ago but she did not want her father to know so it was not his place to tell him. She was not blind to what her father was. Charles watched as Jean came down the stairs and race over to Jessie. Charles could not hope to think what her father had turned his daughter into. If he wanted to cure Jason what had he done to his daughter? Charles wondered if her father had just found out about her mutation. But he would have to wait to Jessie recovered to find that out.