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Remy led them into two-story house in center of French Quarter. Jean and Scott walked inside first. Jessie looked over to Logan. He looked over to her before he walked inside. Jessie took a deep breath and walked inside. Jean sat on sofa. Scott was next to her. Logan was leaning against the fireplace. Remy stood by the stair case. Jessie looked to ceiling before she walked into the room.

"Gemini, come down here."Remy yelled up the stairs.

Jessie bowed her head as she heard the stairs creek. A beautiful woman who looked nearly identical to Jessie came into view. The woman stood around five feet seven inches tall. She had perfect hourglass body with long shapely legs. Her golden blonde hair hung around her shoulders. The woman turned her face to meet Remy's giving Jean, Scott and Logan a view of her face. Her face had the same classical features that Jessie face had. The only major difference was that she had two different color eyes. One was light green the other was light blue. They were very similar in color so that unless one was looking at her for long time one could not tell. The woman looked over to door way. Her eyes went wide in anger.

"Hello, Charlie" Jessie said.

"You have some God Damn nerve Jessica coming here." Charlie yelled.

"Look Charlie I'm sorry." Jessie said

"You're sorry how about I'm sorry for ever believe you." Charlie yelled.

"Look, I made a mistake Charlie. What do you want me to do?" Jessie countered.

"Sorry does not make up for Africa" Charlie said

"Hell, Charlotte you are still on that mess. If anyone has the right to be mad at me for that it's him." Jessie yelled.

Jessie pointed at Logan. Jean and Scott looked over to Logan. They were trying to figure out what had happened. Remy looked at the two cousin. He did not know why he didn't put two and two together. Charlotte eyes traveled over to Logan and then to Jean and then Scott's sunglass cover eyes.

"Who are they Remy?" Charlie asked.

"They came with me. I need your help. Well, rather we need your help. I know you hate me. And I gave you a damn good reason to. I admit I lied to you. You have to remember Charlie that I emotional unstable at the time. Stryker was all I had left." Jessie said.

"Then why don't you go crawling back to him sugar" Charlie snapped.

"That enough," Logan growled.

"You finally got him, a protector, an animal Jess how long before he leaves you again?" Charlie asked.

Charlie eyes regarded Logan. She could feel all the metal in his body. She could also sense the bullets in his brain. Logan eyes looked right at Jessie with look of pure love and passion. It read that he would never leave her.

"Charlie, yes, he may. I admit that. Stryker is dead along with Jason. He tried to kill me."

"So he found out were mutant."

"Yes. I know no amount of I'm sorry will make up for me using you. But it's not just about me anymore. There are children that can be helped if we can find them. But we can't help them without you. So what you want me to do, crawl on my knees. 'Cause I will," Jessie started. Jessie dropped to her knees in front of Charlotte. Jean, Scott, and Logan were in complete and utter shock. Jessie eyes locked on Charlotte miss matched eyes. "Please Charlotte, help us. You don't have to forgive me. But don't punish them because what I did," Jessie finished.

Logan walked over to Jessie. Her head was down. He could smell her tears. He pulled her up to her feet. Charlotte turned away from Jessie. Jean and Scott were lost as to what to do. Logan looked like he was ready to kill. His arms were locked around Jessie in possessive way. Jessie had her head buried in his chest. Charlotte looked over to Remy. She was debating what to do.

"Jess we don't need her, we'll find another way." Logan said.

Charlotte looked back to Jessie and Logan. She could tell that Jessie was telling the truth. Her mismatched eyes travel to Jean and Scott. She could tell that they had been through so much. Her eyes traveled back to Remy. He seemed to be even on Jessie's side. She had no clue what Jessica had done to get Remy loyalty but she had it. She looked less than pleased.

"I'll do it." Charlie said.

"Really" Jean said.

"I can tell you really need me. But Remy come with me." Charlie.

"Gem I don't think…" Remy said.

"Great we leave in two hours" Scott said.

"Cherie I going to pack. Gemini, you're coming?"

Charlie went to walk back up the stairs as she passed Jessie.

"I still don't trust you"

"I know"

"Keep it that way"

Nearly two hours later, Jessie and Logan stood outside the jet. Logan had his jacket wrapped around Jessie shoulders. His arm was locked around her middle. Her head was resting on his chest. Jean and Scott were making last-minute adjustments to the jet.

"So you want to tell me what happened between Charlotte and you?"

"We were best friends. Then you left. Everything I knew… my world seemed to vanish. I was broken. I could not understand what I was felling. He wanted that metal so bad that he would have done anything to have it. He was all I had left. I knew in my heart he only loved me because I seemed normal. And I did not appear to be mutant. I volunteered to get it for him. You know that. What you did not know. I used Charlie to get it. I lied to her. Well rather I did not tell who I was getting it for. I regretted it soon as I done it. After Charlie left me I realized what was to be truly alone. I knew she would never trust me again."

"You did what you had to Darlin'"