three flakes of sharp edges on ice

these two are unexpectedly fuuuuun this is a compilation of my headcanons yes

"I really don't like this," Nebuya states as he pulls his shoelaces into tightening.

"Yes, I know. You've said that eighteen times already." Reo sighs, leaning down to put Nebuya's shoes in a row with his. "Newsflash! I'm not deaf."

Nebuya is emitting total rage into the air. "I hate this part of you," he growls.

"I love you too," Reo pretends to blow kisses at him and skips out of the locker room. And believe this: Reo sure can leap with figure skates, whilst Nebuya is following after him, walking with his legs spread out as widely as possible.

Reo's smile is slowly turning into a smirk as Nebuya shouts that he better get out of the rink and help him get into it before leaving him to his own device, damn it. "I can't believe I have to help such an amateur."

"Well, you wanted to invite Akashi but he is having a boys' night out, and even though Hayama offered to go with you, he suddenly has a romantic date with his other friends who have a new game console. So, yes, game console is more important than you." Nebuya chants, one hand caressing the wall to hold on to, and the other gripping Reo's outstretched arm.

"And I'm stuck with you," Reo chuckles, counting one, two, three. "Such a shame. If only the free tickets I got wouldn't expire today, I would probably never invite you." They drop on the ice together.

"Then why don't you just go alone?"

They lock eyes. One, two, three, Reo mouths, and he spins to the middle of the rink, gaining applause from bystanders. "Come on, I will buy you drinks if you can touch me."

Nebuya, never one to turn down a challenge, slides down the area, surprising himself that he manages to do so without falling after five seconds. Though when ten seconds slowly pass, he loses balance and falls on his bottom, feeling it freeze, and he whimpers.

"Oh, fine, let's just get you to stand up first." Reo sighs and laughs and helps him up, and their faces are so close together that it can probably cause the icy cold rink to melt.

"I'll buy the drinks," Nebuya whispers–one, two, three; they are still boring into each other's eyes. "Teach me."

"That's not fun," Reo fakes a pout, but holds his hands nonetheless. "Aren't you glad we have the whole day for this?"

Nebuya only laughs, his masculine voice booming in the building, and they, hands wrapped around the other's–one, two, three–skate along the handrail.