Jack Frost

Chapter 7: Recruiting Jamie

It was the day after Easter and all of the Guardians were gathered at the North Pole, grimly watching the lights flicker out one by one.

"We've got to do something," North said as he paced up and down the length of the room.

"What do you propose we do, mate?" Bunny asked glumly as he tossed his boomerangs up and down. "None of the little blighters can see me anymore or Tooth for that matter. Sandy's gone and Jack Frost works with Pitch. And none of us even know where they are."

"Bunny has a point," Tooth agreed sadly as she curled up in a chair in front of the fire. "What's the point in fighting if we haven't a chance of winning?"

North stopped and turned to look at the two defeated Guardians in shock. "The children?!" he finally managed to say. "The children need our help. Jack Frost needs our help. Everyone needs our help!"

"And we need help," Bunny finished calmly. "The four of us weren't enough to stop Pitch before now; we certainly can't do it now that he's got Jack Frost and we're short Sandy."

At the mention of Sandy Tooth started crying again.

"Plus Tooth and I are effectively powerless. She can't fly anymore and I can't open a measly tunnel! Jack Frost can control winter and all you can do is pop up and down chimneys. How exactly are we supposed to stop them?"

North frowned and was lost in thought for several minutes before brightening. "The boy," he said happily.

"Which one?" Tooth asked. "There's a lot of boys out there."

"The one in Burgess; the one that Jack Frost let us deliver a quarter too. Jack obviously cares for him; perhaps we can use the boy to convince Jack to join us," North's eyes shone with excitement as he eagerly awaited his fellow Guardians' responses.

"And just how are we supposed to lure Jack to us?" Bunny wanted to know. "It took Sandy a while to locate him the first time."

North merely smirked. "I have idea," he said. "But it is very risky and involves going through my magic portal."

Bunny was already shaking his head. "Nope," he said. "No way am I going through that thing for any reason whatsoever."

"But if you don't then what chance do we have?" Tooth blinked her pretty eyes at Bunny and sniffled.

The rabbit groaned and banged his head against the wall. "Fine," his voice sounded slightly muffled. "I'll go through the portal."

"Good," North nodded in satisfaction then produced a globe from his pocket. "I say 'Burgess'," and threw it in front of him.

A swirling vortex appeared and the three Guardians walked through it, the portal disappearing behind them after Bunny entered. The various elves in the room watched with wide eyes then immediately made a beeline for the plate of cookies North had left sitting out.

Jamie was almost asleep when he heard it. The sound of muffled curses filling the air outside his window and immediately he was awake as he jumped up and ran to peer out the glass. There, standing in his front yard, was Santa Claus. But he wasn't alone; he had a beautiful hummingbird lady with him as well as a giant rabbit. His eyes grew wide and he whispered, "Wow."

"I told you we should have taken the sleigh," the rabbit grumped.

"But I thought you no like sleigh," Santa sounded slightly confused.

"That was fun!" the lady cried in delight. "Can we do it again?"

"No!" the Bunny said firmly. "No more portals! The minute I get my powers back I'm tunneling my way back to the Warren and staying there for the rest of my life."

"Do not be such a grouch, Bunny," Santa's voice sounded odd, much like the Russians on TV earlier. "We are in one piece. Now all we need to do is find the boy that Jack liked. Tooth; do you remember where he lived?"

"Right here," the lady said cheerfully as she pointed at Jamie's bedroom window.

Realizing that he'd been spotted Jamie's first instinct was to try and hide but quickly decided that Santa Claus was nothing to be afraid of. Besides, his friends looked cool and Jamie had always wanted to meet a talking rabbit before. Feeling slightly encouraged he pushed the window open and leaned out, waving at them. "I'm Jamie," he called. "I know that you're Santa but who are the other two?"

"I'm Tooth," the lady waved back at him, a smile lighting up her face.

"Bunny," the Bunny muttered. "Can we get this over with? We've got Pitch and Jack Frost to defeat and a world to save."

"Who's Jack Frost?" Jamie asked curiously as he climbed onto the windowsill.

"He brings winter," Tooth explained. "We call him the Winter Spirit."

"More like the Troublemaking Spirit if you ask me," Bunny grumbled.

"I've never heard of him," Jamie said then brightened. "Was he the one that made the snow Bunny dance around my room last night after I wondered if the Easter Bunny was real?"

Bunny blinked. "A snow Bunny?" he sounded slightly choked up.

Jamie nodded. "It was pretty," he explained. "At least until it burst into snowflakes and disappeared. I was wondering how the Easter Bunny could do that."

Bunny puffed up his chest. "I can do lots of," he began only to be interrupted by Santa.

"We do not have time for this," Santa said. "We need to get Jamie down here and then find Jack."

"Give me just a second," Jamie called and ducked back inside his room. He remained long enough only to pull on his shoes and jacket before running through the house and out the front door. "What do you need me to do?" he asked breathlessly.

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