A/N: This is a strange crossover. One that refused to let me be after I dreamnt it up last night. What did I dream of? Why Naruto x Fairy Tail x One Piece of course! And with that in mind, I proudly present to you the latest work from my convuluted little mind. Enjoy this one, otherwise known as...

...Locked out of Heaven! Warning! Extreme violence in this chapter!

"At last! My greatest experiment, come to life!"

~Caesar Clown.

Dragon's Roar


Scales on his flesh. Fire in his veins. The bending and snapping and twisting of bones as they were broken and reformed. Needles, piercing his skin, injecting him a garrish substance he didn't recognize. Pain again. Pain so intense his body bucked against the metal slab thrashing in the operating theater like a thing possessed. And he could see. He could see...himself. Scales instead of flesh, claws instead of naiils, fangs instead of teeth The pupils of his eyes nere slitted, not round. Most of his hair was missing; what remained were thin, tangled strands, not enough to cover the gra-mottled skin over his skull.

Even his nose had altered, forming serpent-like nostrils. From his mouth ran saliva, but also blood. He had eaten. He had eaten that...that thing, swallowed it as they forced it down his throat. He opened his mouth to cry out but could not and knew he was wretched. The curse was inside him now. A part of him.


Throughout it all, a single man stood over him. Savoring every moment of his torment.

"We've nearly finished with him, Caesar-sama." A femal's voice resounded in his ears.

"Good, Monet." The man purred. "Very good."

He touched a hand to his chest, fingers whisping like gas itself.

"Now, lets see what you become...

...Uzumaki Naruto-kun."

Blue eyes burst open.

"Mother of-

He woke with a start, body thrashing against the sheets, clinging to the last vestiges of his nightmares as he rose to wakefulness. Cold sweat slicked his body, rising off him now in a haze of steam. Who? What? When-oh. Slowly, he came back to himself. Remembered who he was. Where he was. His labhoured breathing began to slow. The haze rising off his body began to dissipate as well, manifesting as a thin mist drifting out the open window. He patted himself down, just to be sure. Human skin. Human hands. Human face. Human whiskers. Human scar on his stomach. Yosh, he thought to himself grimly, Human it is.


Only once his chest had ceased its heaving did the man dare speak aloud.

"That dream again, huh?" He sighed, pressing his head into a hand, eyelids sliding shut, only to snap open again. "Damnit. That's the fifth time this week. I'm really starting to lose it...don't wanna transform while I'm asleep...aaargh!"

Sunlight stabbed through his retinas the moment he opened them again, blinding him. The man reeled, spitting an oath so foul and venemous it would've made women blush and made lesser men faint outright. Kami, why oh why did it always have to be insufferably bright here?

The man sat on his bed and willed his eyess to adjust as he looked about him, about his one-bed apartment. There was a wash stand, a white china bowl with its chipped pitcher, a wingbacked chair by the small open window-blasted sunlight!-a worn carpet, a small bookcase, a desk where he did his work, an ashtray, a waste basket, a wardrobe, and a lamp. His clothes were piled in a heap at the foot of the bed, a haphazard lump of cloth that bore little significance to him. A second sigh pushed its way past his lips.

Time to get up.

He'd been dreaming of the past of late. His past. A life fraught with pain, a legacy, he scarcely remembered. Flashes came back to him sometimes; snatches of sound and memory incomprehensible from the rest. Other times, it was as though he saw the world through a fog; other times he remembered stranger things; toads, for one. The hell did toads have to do with his past? They were always fleet and faint, never in his mind for a long period of tim. The only item of importance that he did remember-thank kami!-was his name. Uzumaki Naruto. That, and a distinct love for ramen. Beyond those two things...nothing.


Beside him, his alarm clock sprang into life, jarring the blond from his reverie. Naruto growled and reachd for it, mercilessly crushing the metal apparatus between his fingers until the infernal ringing finally ceased. Only then did he realized what he'd done. The blond tsked. He'd be needing a new alarm clock.

Naruto groaned as the room swam before him, his face turning an eerie green, hand flying to his mouth.

Gonna puke!

He thrust his head out the window and not a moment too soon; last night's meal promptly divulged itself onto the grass outside. Naurto grimaced and dabbed at the corner of his mouth. His stomach seemed settled, for the time being. Which meant it was time to get dressed.

Donning a simple pair of black trousers and an orange shirt and slinging a thick coat over both, he stepped out into the afternoon. Warm sunlight greeted him with open arms. Naruto spat at it. He hated sunlight. Didn't much like sound of bubbles, either. And don't fet him started on the people! But that was his fault now, wasn't it? He'd gone and gotten himself sloshed last night, after all. Hammered, to forget the terrors of this place.

Of Sabaody.

Sabaody Archipeligo was a pleasant enough place to be...when you were asleep. When you were awake it was filled with all sorts of loathsome ilk; pirates, slavers, and Tenryuubito, to name a few. Sabaody may seem a a fertile paradise with its many groves and amusement parks on the outside, but those who dwelled here suffered from a far harsher reality.


There was no right and wrong here in Saboady. Money decided the moral code. If money meant slavery then there would be slavery. If money wanted corruption, then there would be corruption. That, was just how life functioned here. If you weren't strong, you were weak. If you were weak, then you were someone's prey at best. At worst, a Tenryubito slave. Not that Naruto could complain. He was no slave nor did he answer to any master but himself. No one dared to nab him when he was asleep, to truss him up in chains when he least expected it. The last time someone tried that he'd charred them to a crisp, body and soul. But even so, he was careful not to make too much trouble here lest he draw attention to himself. Anyone with a bounty as high as he on their head...well, they needed to lay low for awhile. As low as a young man could, given his whiskered face, unnaturally blond hair, and bright blue eyes.

Three years. Three years since he'd been fished out of the waters near Sabaody, and still, not a single memory recovered. Everytime he tried to bring himself to leave...he just couldn't. It felt as though something were calling him. Tying him here, to the groves as though he somehow belonged. A faint lingering sensation, a trace of his past, perhaps? Or maybe he was just too afraid to venture out into the world, to see where his mind too him? Whatever the reason, it did nothing to assauge his doubts.

Eventaully he found his feethad carried him to one of his favorite-if few-hangouts. The bar. Careful as ever to keep his face low and hidden,

"Yo, Shakky." Naruto drawled as he took his customary seat at the counter. "Is Rayleigh in?"

"Ara, I'm amazed you can still stand after last night, let alone walk." The barkeep reproached as she slid a glass of water across the counter, smiling as the bond groused. "Have you forgotten? Rayleigh's been out for a while, remember?" She nudged the glass toward his hand. "Now, drink up. You need to replace the fluids you've lost."

"Thanks, mom." Naruto sighed, his voice dripping with sarcasm. He still drank the water, though. Shakky played a key role in keeping him from drinking his life away, and for that he owed her, most. Not that he'd ever admit it! Draining the glass, he gingerly lowered it to the table, untrusting of his own strength not to crack it outright.

"I'm surprised you're able to tolerate him, being gone this long." he mused, staring at the glass studiously.

"Love makes you do some strange things."

"Love, huh?"

"You care about him too, don't you?" Shakky prodded. "Rayleigh-san."

"U-Urusai!" Naruto growled. "The old fart can drop dead for all I care!" Old Man Rayleigh had been the one to fish him out of the sea, three years back, clinging to a piece of driftwood. He and Shakky were the closest thing he had to a family. They were also the reason the marines had yet to find him. You see, for some reason or another, Naruto had a bounty on his head. A very large bounty. It had been rather high, the last time he looked...around 200,000,000. Ah...he got depressed just thinking about it again! Kuso! Why did he have such a high bounty on his head anyway?! It wasn't as though he'd done anything wrong...although, he had freed all those slaves two years back...

"Any luck with your memory?" Shakky asked, noting the blonde's unpleasant expression.

"No, its still no good." Naruto sighed, leaning back in his seat. "Just flashes and...


...some really wierd dreams." Naruto shook his head. No, he wouldn't be telling her about those anytime soon.


"Well, I guess I'd better get going."

"Where, exactly?"

"Dunno." He shrugged. "I'm feeling restless today."

"You should be careful." Shakky tossed the warning at his back.


Naruto stopped in his tracks, his face slowly appearing over his shoulder as he curiously regarded one of the few people he called friend. A look of confusion crossed his eyes as he regarded the frowning barkeep behind the counter, and her words in even less light.

"Tenryubito are here today."

Naruto bristled.

"...I see." He tossed a farewell over his shoulder and then he was gone. "I'll have to keep quiet then, won't I?"

Without anoher word, the blond exited Shakky's bar, in favor of wanderiing around the brightly lit groves. A dangerous choice, foolhardy perhaps, but so long as he stuck to groves one through twenty-nine he wouldn't have to worry too much about a marine prescence. Of course, there were always other concerns in these parts...

"Guess I'll go to the amusement park or something...ha?"

Naruto blinked as a flicker of motion registered in his peripheals. He turned-

Just in time to avoid being bowled over by a little girl.

"The hell?"

Time seemed to slow as she raced past. Naruto drank in every inch of her; her amaziing azure hair, darker than the deepest depths of the sea. Her scaled dress glittered in the sun, catching the eye. She couldn't have been more than twelve years old. Tears shone in her eyes, glittering across the expanse between them, the droplets of moisture fleeing from her eyes as though they too could somehow escape her pursuers. And then she saw him. Wide eyes locked with his, those soft issuing a silent plea.

Help me.

And then she was gone, running as fast as her little legs could carry her. Which wasn't very fast at all, considering the shackles that bound her arms together before her.

Seastone shackles? he wondered to himself. Is she an ability user?

"Don't let her escape!"

Her pursuers weren't far behind; he recognized the slavers at once. He knew their smell; their scent was plain as the light of day to them. But what was this? There was a different scent among them. The scent of what might've been perfume, mired with antiseptic. His gaze swiveled, eyes narrowing. There. A woman, riding in a carriage. But what did she have to do with-

"Return my slave to me at once!"

Naruto's teeth sank into his lower lip the moment he beheld the air bubble over the woman's head. Shit. A word noble. Of all the people to show up, it just had to be one of them, didn't it? He stood aside, allowing them passage almost before he realized it. He cringed as he saw the carriage she was riding on; because it was no carriage. She rode atop the backs of two men, thick collars tied to their neck. Poors fellows, looked half dead and that was being generous. Even as Naruto looked on, the slavers caught up with the runaway lass.

One of the men caught the girl. Another knocked her down, forcing her to the floor. Then the beating began.

Don't get involved. he willed at his trembling body. This isn't your fight. Don't get involved. Don't get involved. Don't get involved...

The girl's chest started moving. Tears welled out of her closed eyes. Her mouth opened in a ragged oval. She was crying with her head in a vise between her knees. She was frightened, terrrified, beyond belief. She was just a little girl...damnit, she hadn't done anything wrong! Was her really going to stand here as those men beat on her, as they tore at her dress and and and-

Not my fight not my fight not my fight!

"I-I'm sorry Shaulia-sama," she sobbed, "I won't try to escape again-

Just stay calm. Calm calm calm calm.

"Silence!" Shaulia leveled the pistol at the girl's head."This the price you pay for your disobedience!" Time stood at a standstill. Her finger tightening around the trigger.

Calm down! Naruto's body fickered as he warred with himself. Calm down calm down calm dooooooooooooryah!


His fingers wrapped around the bullet even as it left the barrel and crushed it to fine powder. Even as their shouts and disbelieving gasps rang out he was already in motion; elbow swinging outward, collliding violently with the men who held the girl. They flew. Literally. One moment they'd stood tall upon the grove, the next, they were launched skyward. Gepo. Naruto was there to greet them, striding high above the flaiing slavers, leg raised toward the heavens.


Light burst forth from is foot, raining down upon the slavers with merciless intensity. Even as he fell, he willed his body to harden, not to move a muscle as the slavers brought their rifles to bear. Bullets riochoeted off and aside him, unable to pierce his skin, bounding back into the ones who first fired them.


With a boy hard as stone, he landed amongst Shaulia and her men; splintering the earth itself. But he wasn't yet done. Naruto raised his hands, fists drawn back into a single point. Blue eyes blazed down at them as he thrust each finger forward and into each of their bodies. Once. Twice. Thrice.


All this, in the span of a single heartbeat. Men dropped around him like flies, gasping and clutching at the holes in their eyes, their mouths, ther arms, their legs; indiscriminate fire that spared no one, save the Celestial Dragon. The remainder of her men crowded around her, preventing him from getting a good look at her. But wasn't about to stop him.

"Methinks the lady doth protest." Naruto drawled.

"Ha?" The woman turned, presenting Naruto with a full view of her profile. "What did you just say...commoner?!" Ugly! was his first thought. In another setting she might've been beautiful, but that hideous scowl wiped all traces of beauty away. Unclean. Filthy. Hideous. His fingers twitched, clenching into a fist. There was no turning back now. He couldn't stop himself, even if he wanted to. Blue eyes blazed anew, sapphire snapping, a sinister shade of scarlet slithering through, round pupils narrowing into slits.

"Beating on little girls...imprisoning innocent people...acting however you please...pissing me off when I've gotta freakin' hangover...

"Are you trying to say something?"

"Oh?" Naruto smiled, words thick with false sweetness. "Perhaps I ought to use terms you assholes might be familiar with: get your stinkin noble hands offa her!" He accompanied these words with a fist to the face, clenched knuckles plowing into the unsupecting visage of Saint Shaulia. There was a wet pop and a crunch, accompanied by the sickening sound of shattered bone. The bubble surrounding her offered no resistance; bursting before his hand like water before wind. The slavers gawped.

"He hit a Tenryubito!"

"He did!"

"You dare defy the great Shaulia-sama?!"

"That's right!" The woman crowed, spitting out a tooth. "So unless you want me to call an admiral down on your head, you'll fall to yours knees and beg for-

"Call as many admirals as you want."


"Akainu, Kizaru, Aokichi." Naruto continued, ticking them off on his hands, his grin growing. "Call them! Bring them here! See what happens! No matter how many marines you call, no matter how many admirals, that doesn't change the fact that you're about to squeal like a pig and die!"

"You worm! I'll show you-

Naruto said nothing more, but he struck like a serpent, yelling his fury and giving his body the sharp countertwist that made his kicks so blindingly fast and powerful. Even the little girl, who was looking straight at him, barely saw the strike. Naruto's shin, crushed against Shaulia's knee. Crushed it backward. The crunching squish of a joint being obliterated split the sudden silence.

The Tenryubito crumpled to the ground, gawping, gasping, eyes agape.

"What have you done?!" She shouted at Naruto, aghast, clutching at the ruined limb. "What. Have. You. Done!"

Naruto growled, eyes ablaze.

"That's nothing compared to what I'm about to do." He lashed out for a second strike, driving his boot deeper into wound. Shaulia screamed.

"My knee!" She blubbered. "My knee!"

"Now, squeal!"

Shaulia squealed, screaming as the rogue flung himself backwards in a cartwheel and took out two more of her men with a sweeping kick. Before anyone could hope to arrest his sudden momentum the blond was gone, sweeping the slave girl off her feet and into his arms, making a break for the nearest grove. The voices at his back grew faint, then fainter still as he hurtled into the distance.

"After him!"


Naruto ran for what seemed like quite a while, but must've only been a few minutes; because, when he finally burst out of Soru...he found himself in another grove altogether. Gasping for breath, he risked a glance at the nearest tree. Grove Twenty-Three, huh? That was far enough. He hadn't used any of the rokushiki techniques in quite awhile. As much as it shamed him to admit, he was out of shape. It was completely and totally worth the while to savor her screams. the



Naruto risked a glance down at his charge, suddeny aware of the girl in his arms. Her seastone cuffs were pressing against his chest, likely the reason for his exhaustion. Gingerly, he lowered her to the earth. She gave a small nod and promptly jerked her head to the floor.


"Eh?" Naruto blinked. "What're you apologizing for?"

"Y-You got hurt because of me...

Naruto blinked, suddenly aware of the burning in his shoulder. Well now. When did that happen? Tsking, he pushed two fingers into the wound, wincing as it tore beneath his touch. He heard the girl gasp, but carefully ignored her. He couldn't very well leave the bullet in ther now, could he? There! With a swift tug, he withdrew his fingers, extricating the metal casing of the bullet, the wound sliding shut behind. Naruto heaved a sigh, both of relief and exasperation. For some reason he was able to heal from near-fatal wounds. Another trace of his past that he knew nothing about...

"Oi, gaki." he drawled, tossing the bullet aside. "What's your name?"

"W-Wendy." The bluenette sniffled, scrubbing at her eyes with the back of a shackled hand. "And...who are you?"

"I don't see how that's any of your business."

She continued to stare at him with those wide eyes.

"Tch! Fine!" He swore. "Uzumaki. Uzumaki Naruto, got it?!"


"Honestly," and here Naruto did shake his head, "Why did those slavers want you so badly, anyway?"

Wendy hiccupped.

"Because I'm a pirate...

"Eh?!" Naruto guffawed, stifling laughter with the back of his hand. "You're a pirate, chibi?! No way!" That was ridiculous! Impossible! Absurd!

"I am!" Wendy indicated the mark upon her arm, depicted in the likeness of a fairy. "I serve under captain Makarov of the Fairy Tail pirates-

"Makarov?" Naruto scoffed. "Everyone knows he don't exist! And Fairy Tail? That's a myth! Don't make me laugh!"

"They do exist!" Wendy argued. "Both of them!"

"Sure, whatever you say, gaki...

"But can't you get these things off me?" she begged, offering him the cuffs. "Please?"

"Nope." Naruto shook his head. "No can do."


"It's not my fault!" Naruto snapped back! "If I touch those things I'll lose my power again, just like you! And I don't have a sword on me or anything!"


Ah, crap! She was gonna start crying again!

Naruto tsked to himself; he wasn't any good with kids! Never had been! Perhaps that was a part of his past?

"Look, chibi." He held up a finger. "Methinks there might be a way to get you out of those. If we can just get the keys-

He winced as a bullet tore across his cheek, searing through his whiskers.

"There they are!"

Shit! He hissed, They followed me!

He swung around, eyes ablaze as he beheld the slavers, carrying Saint Shaulia after thm as though she were some noble queen. It pissed him off. It really pissed him off! Even after he'd broken their master's leg, they still came after him like rabid dogs. Well, I suppose I should be grateful, he mused. If they're still chasing me, that meansthey haven't called an admiral yet. So I still have some time...

"I've got him!"

Naruto jerked back as a slaver jumped him from behind, driving him to his knees. Thankfully he didn't brandish any seastone shackles, just a plain iron rod. Simple enough.


The slaver's hands shot back as if he were touching hot coals, which he may as well have been. Hot! The blonde's skin was blazing; boiling, at a feverish pitch beneath the coat he wore. No one could touch. Naruto's fist barreled into the man's face, breaking cartilege and bone. Wendy gawped as she saw the scales, on that hand, lurking just beneath the coat. As the young wench looked on Naruto removed it casting the heavy garment aside in a heap.

"Alright then," he sighed. "Looks like everyone's here. In that case...I can't leave any witnesses."

"Ha?" Shaulia scowled.

"Oi, chibi," Naruto advised at Wendy, "Close your eyes."

Wendly blinked her surprise.


"You're going to be afraid if you see me like this." The blond barked. "Hurry up and close 'em!"

"A-All right...

Quietly the wench complied, allowing Naruto to have his way. And his way he would have. The blond turned, arms spead wide.

"Before we begin, I trust you haven't summoned an admiral yet, have you?"

"Th-That's none of your business!" Saint Shaulia snarled. She didn't want to admit it; in her rage she'd forgotten to use her wrist-mounted den-den-mushi. No! She didn't need an admiral for this! She didn't! She would capture this man herself and make him her slave! She'd mae him beg and grovel at her feet and lick her toes in subservience!

"I see." As if sensing her thoughts, Naruto's grin grew. "Very well."

He rapped his hands together, and suddenly, there was silence.

"Now, then." The man smiled. "At last you'll see my true form." He began striding forward, heedless of the many rifles pointed at him, of the men willing to kill him. "Its unsightly. Disgusting." His eyes deepened, those sapphire eyes deepning into sinister shade of slitted scalret. "Repulsive. Claws burst forth from his boots, shredding the leather as though it were naugt but paper. "But it is my true form." Wings burst between his back and shoulder blades; great grotesque appendages, stretching towards the treetops, joining with the great tail slithering across the groves. "I don't often take it, so you should be honored to see it at all. But like I said, I can't afford to leave any witnesses...so...

...please show the proper appreciation."

Pirate and slaver alike gawped as Naruto's body began to change; the last of his clothes shredding, tearing from his body as his skin darkened.

"W-What is this?"

Fingers stretched into claws. Scales spread across his body, black marks scrawling across his skin, bulging alongside his bones. Warping and twisting, stretching with his snout. Black and blue, the scales scrawled across him as though they were alive, transforming every inch of him until body blotted out the sun itself. The pirates saw what Wendy could not. No longer was this man human; because he could no longer be called such. No not at all, nor could the low growl that fled from his lips.

Shaulia quivered, the pistol dropping from her nerveless fingers and clattering to the ground.

"A-A dragon...

Teeth like knives glittered in the gloom. Smoke poured from its nostrils, twining between its teeth. Slavering jaws creaked open, deafening them with a roar that curdled the seas themselves. He was a dragon! The man was an ancient Zoan-type! He'd eaten the Ryu Ryu no mi! And...he was still growing! Men and women alike dropped their weapons and fled unable to comprehend the sheer size of the beast. Its magnitude stretched far and wide, beyond their comprehension; its massive massive, head brushing up against the upper layer of the groves before it finally stopped growing.


Wendy simultaneously found herself buffeted and blown backwards amidst a cacophony of screams, her small slamming into a nearby building. And still, she daren't open her eyes. To do so was to die. Somehow Wendy knew this, even in the depths of her terror and despair. A small cry of surprise left her lips as another gust carried her up into the trees, leaving her hanging onto a nearbu for dear life. And still the wnds buffeted at her and still the beasts cries grewlouder below.

"Oi, chibi." Naruto's voice rang in her mind, "Can you last long enough for me to count down from ten?"


Below her the dragon grinned, baring row upon row of jagged teeth.

"Then here we go...


The tail swung aross the street, sweeping the slavers from their feet. Bullets riocheted of its scaly hide, rendering the beast impervious to musket and rifle alike. Slitted eyes narrowed, his tail lashing out in recompense for their temerity, silencing their shots for eternity. It thumped down once more, burrying men beneath ther earth, entombing between the roots and roasting them in their own graves.


Naruto bounded forward, pinning one of the slavers between his claws and another beneath his bulk, crushing the man to a bloody pulp. Roaring, he rounded on the next group, grinning with all those deadly teeth. The lucky ones fainted outright. Those who held onto their resolve would soon suffer.


He lashed out with a hind leg, the motion digging up earth and roots alike, hurtlling massive clods of debris into his attackers. His wings beat at the earth, driving them to the ground. And as if that weren't enough, the great dragon decided to open its mouth, revealing a geyser of fire within.


Flames erupted from the dragon's jaws, immolating cutthroat and slaver alike in a cone of red hot agony. Men screamed and women shrieked; howling in exquisite agony as their flesh dripped from their bones, slipping from their bodies, burning the beside their souls. Hellfire, burning brighter than any mortal flame. Its roar left the survivors deafened, bleeding from the ears.


The dragon turned and the flames turned with it, incinerating all in sight.


Slaver and pirate alike screamed, unable to escape the hellfire roasting their bodies.


Some tried to flee; others tried to douse the flames by diving into the sea. They did not succeed. Fire and flame turned them to ash, extinguishing their lives like the faintest of candles.


Now, only Saint Shaulia remained. Her men gone, her slaves fled, all her subourdinates screaming beneath the onslaught as they burned; herself, alone against the dragon. Alone, as it crept closer, heart pounding. She desperately snatched up a nearby her rifle and snapped off a shot. The beast didn't so much as flinch. Shaulia fired again and again and again, mashing the trigger until the weapon clicked empty. She balked, eyes wide as she realized the horrible truth; there was nothing more she could do.

"Two!" Naruto bellowed!

This gawping maw opened before the tenryubito, revealing row upon row of viscious slavering teeth. Her death at hand, the woman could only scream. No! She was a world noble! She could not die! Not like this! Not at the hands of some brutish beast! Frantically, she activated the denden mushi on her wrist, as though the small device might somehow save her life. "This is Saint Shaulia of the Tenryubito! Someone has struck me! You must provide me with-


With a great and unholy crunch, those jaws slammed shut, crushing Saint Shaulia and swallowing her whole, killing the transmission before she could issue the order. Fangs gnashed her bones to powder and pulped her body to pieces, silencing her screams forevermore. With a might grunt the dragon that Naruto had become swallowed her remains, charring any evidence left behind. The beast blanched. Blech. The Celestial Dragon did not taste as he'd thought she might. She was foul, right down to the very end.

Meanwhile, far above in the groves, Wendy felt her grip on the branch began to give. She gasped, clutching at the splinter bough with feeble fingers, but to no avail. She was slipping, slipping...

"You can open your eyes now, chibi."

Overlarge eyes drifted open to find Naruto hovering over her. A pair of great, leathery wings extended from his back, but beyond that he was largely unchanged.


"You didn't open your eyes, did you, gaki?" he scowled. "Because if you did-

"N-No!" Wendy shook her head. "I didn't see anything! Nothing at all!"


He offered her his hand, and she readily accepted it, allowing herself to fall into his arms. Around them Grove Twenty-three lay burned, and blackened. charred to cinders. Despite the chaos, only this grove, this single grove, had been destroyed. Naruto had already quelled the flames with a simple gust of his mighty wings extiinguishing the flames before they could hope to spread...to the rest of the trees. Of course Wendy had seen none of this. But she'd heard enough. More than enough. She was left alone with her thoughts as they drifted to the charred grove.

She gasped as the seastone shackles came free from her wrists. Naruto gingerly removed the key and held it up before her face.

"There." he grumbled, glancing aside. "No need to thank me-wha-hey?!"

"Arigatou!" Wendy chiruped, glomming his leg. She couldn't believe her luck! Moments ago it had been the opposite; she had thought for certain that her time was up that she'd never be able to escape and join up with her family and friends ever again. How the tables had turned! If Naruto was anything like her-well, he was certainly an ability user!-then she wanted him to meet Scarlet-don and the others. Surely someone like Naruto would be bid welcome once they learned he'd saved her from the awful fate of slavery...

Naruto...was in less than high spirits. He might've killed all the witnesses, may have murdered everyone in the grove, but the fact remained that he'd killed a Celestial Dragon. Bah! As if they could be called dragons, to begin with! He'd killed a tenryubito and scorched an entire grove to cinders. That was what a real dragon did! Were it not for his wings, the flames would've spread, and while he would've gladly watched the pirates and slavers burn, the fact remaiined that there were innocents on the archipeligo. Innnocents that did not deserve the fiery death he had planned. Nonetheless, he now had quite the conundrum.

How the hell was he going to get away with this?!

So much for keeping a low profile...

A/N: Clarification! This takes place near the end the Thriller Bark arc. Read the latest chapter to understand just what Smile is. Thanks to that, Narutos a zoan-type, having been force-fed the Ryu Ryu no mi (that is to say the dragon dragon fruit) and is now able to wield all manner of draconic abilites including becoming an actual dragon. Anyone want to guess just what manner of abilities he's able to wield as a dragon/human hybrid beyond what's been shown? I won't say!

As far as the Strawhats are concerned, Naruto MIGHT meet up with them. Don't expect him to blindly follow after Luffy as he has in my other fics, though. After all the torment he's suffered at the hands of Caesar...that'd make anyone just a little untrusting. Also a Fairy Tail Pirate Crew?! I mean, come on?! Why hasn't anyone thought of that yet in such a setting! Freaky though the idea may be, its hilarious! Naruto is a little more world-oriented in this story. He's suffered, and as such, his view of the world has been skewed. I won't say who he'll work with; that is up to you, the reader to decided! Will our amnesiac blond help Luffy and his crew, aid Wendy and her 'family' or form a crew of his own? The options are out there, alongside the harem, for you to decide! It is also safe to say that he has lost Kurama, although he has somehow survived and retained its remarkable healing abilities.

Alas now, I am off to work once more. I'd wanted to post this story last month just to get it out there, but after some thought I decided to wait until I had more detail. Now I'm glad I waited. Hope you enjoyed it! I'll be back at midnight to answer all of your reviews, so I look forward to them! And you can expect another update for She is My Noble Mistress, any day now!

And so, in the immortal words of Atlas...


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