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Neutral Ground


"Sixth Chevron encoded... Seventh Chevron encoded... Wormhole Established!"

General George Hammond stood, seemingly impassive to the events surrounding him, as he watched the blue/silver "splash" of the Stargates wormhole being established. Inside, however, he was a strange mix of a worried father, and an excited child. 'Once again a new world that my people will go to and maybe die on... And once again a new world not a one of them would pass up to explore.' He chuckled himself, even though the whole of the thought was not pleasant, the sense of adventure that filled the SGC on a day to day basis made the danger of death a distant concern.

Of course, as recent events with SG-7 showed three days ago, it was also a constant companion.

"Okay, son, send the MALP through. Let's see what's out there."

"Yes General, MALP ascending the ramp now." The young technical specialist said, even as the small robotic cart wheeled up the ramp, and into the rippling event horizon of the wormhole.

fourteen seconds later, images began to come through the MALP's camera, which the Rating manipulated to get a good look around.

The scene revealed was of a large open room, more then likely the whole building, which had finely polished wooden panels for walls, and a high arching roof, easily three time the size of the Stargate on the other side. The floor appeared to be made of a solid slab of stone, though more then likely it was merely cement, but a very nicely styled, and carefully formed cement of a rich brown color, matching the walls, and only a bit darker. All in all, except for the DHD which looked much like others seen through the robotic eyes of a MALP and the lack of furniture, General Hammond thought it looked much like a rather inviting study or sitting room.

It also looked like it was constructed by a reasonably technological people, and well maintained, meaning still in use, though apparently empty at this time.

With a sound like a roar, the Stargate shut it's self down, also cutting off the signal from the MALP.

"Notify Colonel O'Neill that he and SG-1 are good to go to K2M-773."
"Yes sir!"


On the other side of the known galaxy, the doors to the large room opened. The doors were both hidden from the small robot by the Wormhole it's self, so the camera's eyes didn't see either the smaller human sized doors that opened now, nor the large doors, suitable for large cargo's to enter and exit through. In walked a tall man carrying wearing on his forearm a well-used Zat'ni'tal, and wearing the clothing of a Jaffa, and he looked at the odd machine with a confused expression.

Following behind him was another man, not as tall, though formidable looking in his own right, phisically. The menace was added to by the ribbon device's worn, one on each hand. The second man's eyes glowed, though he looked rather amused. "Interesting..." His voice filled the room with its rich depth, and its vibrating tone.

"Lord Thoth, I do not understand? Why would someone send that through the Chapp'i and not come themselves.

"Because, My Prime, they are careful. This could prove... Interesting."

The Gou'ald stepped fearlessly up to the MALP, and examined it with apparent intrest. "Primitive, but still a rather clever device. And some of the technology is not familiar to me."

The First Prime of Thoth, used to his Master's habit of speaking to himself watched the room carefully, making note of ANY movements, though most he admitted were in his own mind. "Lord, who do you believe sent it?"

"I don't know!" The Gou'ald smiled. "And that, My Prime, is a most unusual feeling. I think I shall savor it, until those who sent it come through."

"And then, Lord?"

"And then these new visitors will be greeted with... Proper hospitality."

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