"She's just like you, you know?" Rose say's to The Doctor. "Can't stay out of trouble to save her life. And such a cheeky little thing."

The Doctor's old manic grin crosses his face, "I know," he beams proudly.

Rose just rolls her eyes, but The Doctor comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her middle, placing both palms on her belly before kissing the side of her neck.

"Maybe this one will be like you though," he whispers, his warm breath rippling across her skin, eliciting goosebumps to erupt on her forearms.

"Oh no," He gasps letting go of her and spinning her around before grasping her shoulders lightly. "What if this one is just like your mother?" He asks, eyes wide in feinted terror.

"Oh, stop it, you," Rose laughs, swatting his hands away. "You see, you're so cheeky."

"Besides," Rose adds. "Even if this one is like my mum, you're stuck with us all, Mister."

"Yeah," The Doctor smiles. "But stuck with you lot, that's not so bad."