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The cop and the journey

Lee Everett was dead, That was for certain.
He remembered everything that happened clearly, even the littlest details.
The glistening of tears in Clem's eyes, the cold hard wall he was leaning against, the sound of the safety on the gun. And then it was done, it all ended.
He didn't really know what he had expected to happen after this mess, but it certainly was not this.
He was still lying on something hard, but this time fully flat.
He felt better than he had in ages, or at least before the bite, like he was not sick anymore at all. He felt clean.
It was easier to sit up than he had expected. The room he was in now looked nothing like the dirty garage he was in just minutes before.
In fact it was completely empty and white, maybe not even a room at all.

"Well, I reckon you didn't do it then." A voice sounded from behind him.
It was vaguely familiar to Lee, especially saying that particular line.
The answer came by itself: "Why do you say that?"
Lee turned around and came face to face with the police officer that had been driving him off to a life sentence months ago.

"Well, this is it, son. The gates of heaven and pit of hell, or whatever you want to call it… Aren't you supposed to say you didn't commit all those sins. That you're a good guy."

Lee looked down. "I'm not." He said solemnly.
The police officer crossed his arms, something warm shined through his brown eyes.
He had liked Lee from the beginning, for what little it was worth.

"You're not going to hell or anything, if that's what you're thinking." He looked pleased to be able to announce this.
"There are just something's you have to do first. You'll have to pass by every person that died during those months. The ones you befriended, as well as the once you killed. What can I say, it's ironic humor or something."

Lee felt dumbstruck. This was something out of the movies. Though for a long time he had thought Zombies were that too.
"Why me?" he asked.
"Cause you can't just pass on feeling like that… incomplete. Neither can the others, their stuck until you finish this. You were always the glue that kept that broken little group of yours together."

"And what then… after I finish this, what happens."

The police officer laughed, it sounded hollow.
"Then you get your happily ever after. Or at least something like that. Your live is over, but you can still be happy up here…"
Lee didn't know what to feel. He missed his friends, he missed Clementine, He missed teaching in a school, coming home to an empty house when his wife was not there yet again.
It was screwed up, but if this was real, and he doubted it was some warped dream, then he should do this, at least for the others.
"Okay… I can do this." He said more to himself then the officer.
"Close your eyes then." The officer seemed quiet impatient now.
Lee did as he was told, not knowing what to expect.
He felt himself being whisked away.
The last thing he heard were the officer's words: "good luck son…"