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Chapter 3: The geek and the crush

If there ever was anything Lee expected heaven to look like it wasn't this.
It was small, almost cramped, and dark. It smelled like fast food yet not too overwhelming.
The only light in the room seemed to come from up ahead. A mechanical, green-tinted light from a large screen standing on a desk.
The desk itself was littered with various things Lee couldn't even begin to think what they were used for.. he wasn't really technical.
But he knew who was, and that person was sitting on a desk chair before the computer.
The chair slowly turned around, as in some old detective movie, and to complete the picture, there was Doug, arms crossed.

"Mister Everett, I've been expecting you." He said in a casual tone, then busted out laughing at Lee's shocked expression.
Lee shook his head and crossed his arm as well.

"Don't joke around like that, Doug." He said but there was no anger in his voice.
It all felt so weird, like seeing an old friend again. But it was exactly that.
Doug and Lee hadn't known each other long, maybe only a couple of hours, but an apocalypse does that.

"Is this really your little piece of heaven." Lee asked, examining the place once more.
The desk was stacked with various video games as well as things to tinker with. He could understand how Doug would think it was heaven, but it seemed weird to him.

"I told you I was kind of a geek." The IT technician said. "It's getting kind of lonely though, so I'm glad I'm almost out of here. Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy you… you know.. died and all. But…"
he was stuttering a bit, trying to find his words and Lee raised a hand.

"It's okay." Lee was a bit relieved Doug wasn't angry with him, for what happened back at the pharmacy.
Just like with Duck and Shawn, it had been less of a decision than instinct. Carley was a better shot, she was a woman, she had saved his ass multiple times already. It made sense.
On the other hand, if Doug hadn't been there, Carley would have died before even reaching the pharmacy.

"I never got to thank you." The man said as he stood up from his chair, obscuring the light with his frame, making the room even darker.

"Thank me for what?" Lee knew the answer already.

"For saving her. I know how it turned out in the end, and I was really angry. But at least she had a chance. I don't know what I would have done had you saved me and she hadn't made it."

"You know she felt guilty too, right?" Lee asked. He remembered how Carley had asked him how he did it. Make these kind of choices. They had both needed him, just like she had said.

"She'll get over it." Doug laughed, but it was bitter. "You remember what I told you by the gate? That I really liked her. It's what I was trying to say just before it happened too. While we were holding the door closed."

Lee nodded, of course he remembered. "You still have your chance, once I'm done here. She likes you too." He said.

But Doug shook his head and smiled. "I don't think that's a good idea. I think she got over that though. More than 3 months passed after my death and…. I know how you feel about her, Lee. How she feels about you. I don't think it would have worked out anyway."

He shrugged a bit and in the dark Lee could barely make out the sad smile that lingered on Doug's face for just a second.
He was actually very relieved Doug had said that. It was all true and it could have become very awkward if they would really all be together again. Lee was actually looking forward to seeing Carley again, it had been too long.

"Now go on and hurry up. I shouldn't keep you." Doug said. He seemed a bit anxious to get it over with.
Lee stuck out his hand, smiling. "It was good to see you again."
"Yup.. won't be so long this time." Doug answered, taking the hand and shaking it firmly.

Lee closed his eyes. He hadn't been afraid Doug would be angry with him over abandoning him in the pharmacy. He was scared Doug hated him for liking Carley, after the technician had confessed his love to her in confidence.
Now that he was sure Doug didn't mind, Lee was certain what the first things was going to say to her.

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