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Wow. They had really done that. She'd had sex with the twins. With Fred and George, both at once. And it had been just ... whoa. Intense. Good, so good her body still hummed with the goodness of it.

Her sluggish mind kicked into gear, and a flurry of 'what now's and 'what if's and 'but's and 'perhaps'es started beating their wings inside her head. Slowly, she sat up, hugging her knees, aware of two men watching her. A hand stroked slowly down her back.

"All right?" It was George asking.

"Yeah. I'm thirsty," she said distractedly. She needed to pee, too, and she could tell that she was going to leak come all down her leg as soon as she got into a vertical position. For some reason, there being two of them made everything a bit more awkward. If there was one man, she would have just cuddled up to him and laughed off all the messy, clumsy parts that came after sex. But they were watching, and sort of anticipating her reactions, and-

Fred got his wand from the nightstand and conjured a pitcher of ice water and a glass. She held the cold, dew stained glass and drank greedily, handing it back to him next. He poured another glass that he and George shared, while she scooted over to the edge of the bed and put her feet on the floor. "Have to clean up," she muttered. "Ai!" She winced and blushed as she felt the warm trickle down her leg. And damn it, she was going to have to walk out of the room stark naked. And was she expected to stay the night? Or to hang around for a little cuddle and then leave? And if she did stay? What was going to happen the next morning?

"Hey." Suddenly there was an arm around her shoulders, and Fred leaned forwards to look her in the eyes. "You're not allowed to leave the room unless you swear that it's not an excuse to go and have a panic attack."

She shook her head. "No. I have to pee. And take care of..." she gestured quickly to her lap - "this, and-"

George rolled over to the edge of the bed, too. "Right. We're walking you there."

She didn't know whether to laugh or get annoyed. "There's no need for you to walk me to the loo!"

He took her hand, laced his fingers with hers. "Maybe not, but you look a little too close to scared for my liking."

She remembered what they had told her earlier, about the girl who had indeed freaked out and dashed off once they tried the threesome, and realized they might have valid reason for their concern.

"I'm not scared," she explained softly. "Just ... shook up a bit, I guess, and a bit embarrassed about the ... well, the sticky realities. And not sure what's happening next. I liked what we did. A lot."

Fred sat next to her on her other side, leaned in and kissed her cheek. "What happens next is something we figure out together. Hermione, don't be embarrassed. About any of it." He looked as serious as she'd ever seen him. "Maybe we're not all that confident, either. It's not as if this is something we've done before."

She stared, as touched by his honesty as she was confused by the admission. "But you said you had-"

"That was different. Shagging and fun, and not much more than that. You," said Fred quietly, "are the girl we could never agree on. The one we both wanted equally, so we made the tough, democratic decision, that neither of us could have you. Until my baby brother overheard you stammering to Fleur that you'd never dreamed of being with both of us, and got it into his head that you were protesting far too much."

"I was," she whispered. "But ... those were strictly fantasies, you know, the kind that ... stay between myself and my own hands."

They both paused to look at her, raising their eyebrows and catching their breath. She gave a half-choked laugh, and admitted sheepishly, "Well, my amount of experience may not be impressive, but that doesn't mean I lack practice."

"That mental image is doing nothing to lessen the degree to which we fancy your sweet arse off," said Fred in a husky voice, running his fingers into her hair at the back and giving it a playful tug.

"The thing is, it matters with you," said George. "But we don't want that to freak you out, either. Because we understand it's complicated - to be in a relationship that would be generally frowned upon. But we'll give it a chance, if you will."

"On a lighter note," said Fred, "the worst we would risk would be to suffer ridiculous amounts of really amazing sex."

Her mouth quirked. "Right," she said after a small pause. Truthfully, it was too much to process right away, and she wasn't at all used to both of them being that serious for that long. Well, all things being relative. "Now, listen. I'm not freaked out. Nor running off anywhere. But I really need to pee." She grinned. "Preferably without a chaperone. Please?"

They laughed then, and let her go with a gentle smack and a kiss on her bum, and somehow the little talk had calmed her nerves enough that walking naked out of the bedroom with George's come running down her thigh didn't seem such a big deal after all.

She used the toilet and found a clean towel that she wrung in soapy water in the sink and washed herself with, then quickly plaited her hair in a messy braid and went back to the bedroom. She came silently on her bare feet, and stopped short in the doorway and watched - they were lying on the bed, each propped on an elbow and facing each other, mirror images talking together in a murmur, and it made her smile to look at them. They were discussing something about the business, ideas and smart remarks bouncing off each other, but broke off when she entered the room.

Fred held up the bedcovers. "Get in here," he suggested, and she crawled up to them and settled in snugly between them. And it turned out that it was quite possible to cuddle with two men at once, after all; with Fred's knee slyly inserting itself between her thighs, and George's warm body flush along the back of hers.

"So," George said, kissing her neck. "Did our sinister plan work?"

"Depends. What was the sinister plan?"

"To sweep you off your feet, naturally."

"You did show me that sex can be orgasms," she said with a bit of a smirk into the pillow. "I freely admit that you made good on your promise."

They beamed down at her, then at each other, then at her again.

"We can show you more!" offered Fred.

"Sex," murmured George, running his tongue deliciously over her shoulder, "can be you waking up from both of us taking turns to lick you, until you're stretching and purring like a cat in a sunny spot."

"Sex can be breakfast in bed, and lunch can be you on the kitchen table," said Fred with a promising wink that made her squirm against his thigh. "And incidentally, it's my turn."

"Sex can be a backrub and a cuddle if you're not in the mood," George reassured her.

Fred reached down and tenderly squeezed her bum. "Sex can be as wicked or sweet as you like it."

Too tired for decisions, but feeling strangely optimistic about the untraditional arrangement they were suggesting, and very happy at the thought of being shown all this and more, Hermione simply reached to kiss each of them by turn.

"Then I believe," she said, "that I'll take half of one and fifty percent of the other." She smiled up at them in mischievous reassurance. "Since it's only fair, and I know that you do like to keep it in balance."

The End

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