Here's Part 2 enjoy and Merry Christmas! :D

Chapter 4. Part 2.

Flames of orange, yellow, and red were seen as the whole basement lit with fire all around in every corner; thick black smoke started to come up as the wall shelves started to tilt and fall down breaking in two halves.

Jake was greeted by Chance, Pearl and the Parents' as the large tabby helped his mate over to the table where he pulled out a chair for him and sat him down nuzzling him. The cinnamon colored Kat playfully punched him on his arm. "Chance..." "So, how is our little Nancy?" "She's asleep right now thank goodness and that means, we have more time to ourselves." Everyone smiled as they started to chat about their lives. Suddenly, Pearl's sensitive nose caught something.. like something was burning. "What's the matter sis?" Jake asked seeing her get up. "Do you all smell something?" "Hmmm... now that you mention it, I do come on let's all check it out." Chance announced.

The Kats looked and looked but no matter how many times they did, they just couldn't find the scent. "Maybe I left the kettle running I'll go see." Rita suggested. As she was about to leave for the kitchen, clouds of smoke caught her attention. "It's coming from the basement." Opening the door slowly, a flame almost struck her luckily, she shielded herself away. "Oh my God! Everyone come quick!" Sounds of running were heard in an instant as eyes were wide as saucers. "A fire? how in the world did that happen!?" Norma asked. "There's no time to think about that right now what we need are some buckets of water to put it out." "But the flames are too large right now what we really need to do is call the MegaKat City Fire Department and have them come out here to put it out."

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