Chapter 6 right now!

Chapter 6.

The next Morning, The TomKats and families all looked at the house in despair. It had been burned down to the ground; nothing but boards lying around and personal possessions were burned and ruined to bits. Callie, Commander Feral, Felina, Mayor Manx, Ann, and Johnny were all over the place trying to find one thing that had not been burned to smithereens; Jake watched intensely at the people as they went through everything that was in their site. Norma went up to her son and put a comforting paw on his shoulder.

"Jake, honey, now... I know that you are still in complete shock after what had happened late last night but try to be strong-" "No Mother, not without my Nancy She means the whole world to me." Norma sighed and pulled him into a tight embrace that lasted for 5 minutes but he didn't hug back he still kept his eyes for any remains of his sister and child. Soon, Mayor Manx came out with a blanket walking slowly towards the males. "I found the kitten." He said in a low tone; Callie walked closely behind him feeling sorry for her two friends. "Please, let me hold her one last time before she goes in... The ground."

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor looked at each-other in concern, the blonde haired she-Kat nodded her head who did the same and gently gave him the blanket; Chance watched the entire scene from a big oak tree not too far closing his eyes and turned away trying to fight back tears of his own. Jake started to hum the lullaby from the music box last night and felt the fabric of the cover between his slender fingers as he rocked back and forth; the Kats all had sad looks on their faces and bowed their heads down; even the Commander although he had a tight exterior, a single tear started to form and crept down his cheek seeing this, Felina looked the other way couldn't believe what she saw But she too felt guilty as she hid her face and made a soft sob.