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Chapter 6. Part 2.

Nelson sat on the bench staring at the white blanket that Pearl's body was wrapped in. Tears cascaded down on his furry face as footsteps of Mayor Manx were heard coming closer. "Nelson, why don't I let you and your wife stay at my Estate for the time being? To get your mind back in shape." He asked. Mr. Clawson looked up slowly and held his head back down.

"I can't leave my daughter behind; she needs her family." Nelson said. "Don't worry Mr. Clawson Pearl will be fine trust me; she's in a better place now where nobody will do her wrong and of course, your granddaughter is with her as well." Nelson sighed.

Commander Feral digger through the pile of rubble where he saw some boxes lying around and blankets too. There, he squinted his eyes to see what kind of object was; slowly picking up the burnt up cigarette, he examined it and furrowed his eyebrows; Callie and Felina walked up towards him seeing him making low growls. "What is it Uncle?" Felina asked him as he showed her the burnt up tube paper. "It appears that someone was doing some smoking; I found this." Taking it from him she looked at it as well. "You're right; this cigarette is what started everything." "But why would anyone be smoking?" Callie asked. "I don't know; but by the looks of it, they left it when it was smoking up and the fire happened." Felina explained. Callie had put her paw over her mouth then closed her eyes with tears forming up.