Sorry for the lateness but here's part 2.

Chapter 7. Part 2.

The sobbing had now calmed down the only sound that was heard, was Jakes's whimpering and sniffling. Callie watched the two toms in silence as she decided that it was best to leave them alone; quietly closing the door, she went back into the kitchen.

"Jake, I know you are still hurting, but I promise, everything's going to be okay trust me." Chance said into his ear as the auburn Tom Kat pulled away from him and went to stare out the window at the miserable rain that was pouring outside. "Chance, I know how much you say it's going to be okay and all but it still hurts to not have her around anymore. She was so young and was gone too soon; there was so much that she was learning; why did it had to be the way it did?" He asked with more tears forming in his amber eyes. The large tabby sighed scratching behind his head the kitten's death really did make him go into deep depression that it made him question why did it had to happen.

"Listen buddy, everyone has their own opinion why the fire started In the first place. Yes it was unexpected but we also don't know who would do it; but, I understand where you are coming from; I know how much you miss Nancy I miss her too but crying your eyes out isn't going to bring her back." Jake turned his head slowly to his mate in pure shock; his tail started to twitch uncontrollably and he started to make a low growl.

"Excuse me? Crying my eyes out isn't going to bring her back!? Chance what do you think I am stupid!? I know that so why even bring that up? I don't think you even miss your own daughter she was apart of you!" Chance was taken aback by the skinny Tom's sudden outburst as he just looked hurt spreading his face. "She was." Jake scoffed going back over to the bed and sitting down pointing his finger. "Shut up just shut up okay? Right now I have a headache and I want some sleep so please just get out!" After throwing a pillow towards him, the burly Tom sighed and went out closing the door behind him. After hearing that he was alone again, Jake took out Nancy's blanket and felt it against his fur singing the lullaby again.

"Any luck?" Callie asked the minute she saw Chance sit down at the table with a sad and hurtful expression. "It could have been better; what he said about me not missing my own daughter, really did hurt; I might be tough but I do have feelings but I just don't show them as much; I do miss her she was really apart of me." Callie bit her bottom lip as she went over to comfort her friend who's tears just wouldn't stop falling as they were wetting the table cloth.