Here's part 2 ;)

Chapter 3. Part 2.

Chance smiled seeing the two kats and his daughter coming outside. Nancy wiggled out of her father's embrace running over to the large tabby who scooped her up and began spinning her around; she laughed and touched his chubby furry cheek.

Pop and one of his friends from Elementary school, name Tyler Hawkins, were playing cards. Tyler had been a long time companion of the old gray Kat for as long as he could remember; they were so close that they had done almost everything together. After getting married and raising a family, Tyler had moved away but still came into the city to see his old friend whenever he could. As they had gotten intertwined with their game, one of his grandsons along with his friend, were under the picnic table.

"Your Grandpa smokes?" A little orange kit asked who looked to be 8 years old having black hair and blue eyes. The other kit having blonde fur nodded. "Yep he sure does since he was in the army. He always did it to impress the ladies." The kits laughed poking their heads from under the table to see the men still at their game; they grinned seeing the little cigarette next to him. "Hey, I have an idea." Sticking his arm out, he then grabbed it and they both made a run into the house down into the basement.

"Are you sure about this?" He asked with the kit nodding. "Of course I'm sure besides, Grandpa said that women love men who smoke try it." Okay here goes." Holding it up to his mouth, the orange kit took the end of it and started to cough. "Ew! This taste worse than dad's yuck!" "That's how it works." Suddenly, a voice was heard; the kits looked at the door in shock as they threw the cigarette on top of some blankets that were in a box. "What are two doing here?" Jake asked them. "Oh nothing Mr. Furlong we were just... Playing." "Playing in here?" They both nodded. "Well then there's a big bowl of butterscotch pudding so it's best that you boys get some before it's all gone." Gasping, they both ran at the speed of lightning shutting the door behind them.

The smoke started to make wavy lines. Soon, a little light was then seen making the blanket heat up and started to burn as it melted.

Glasses were lifted high; everyone smiled as the tabby made a speech. After the loudness of the cheers, it was now time to have some fun and to celebrate the victory.

Sorry if it doesn't sound too good but I did my best :)