Here's Chapter 4 enjoy.

Chapter 4.

Later that night, all the guests had left leaving the Furlongs and Clawsons to be the only people. Chance and Pearl were washing the plates and cutlery While Jake was putting Nancy to bed by reading her a story.

"Alright, this is the last plate." Chance said drying it off and putting it away with the brown she-Kat smiling and turning off the water. "Thank The Lord. I thought we would never be done and would keep at this until early in the morning." Chance laughed with her following along. Rita came into the kitchen watching her son and daughter-in-law smiling warmly as she went up towards them. "It looks like you two are done cleaning up huh?" They both nodded. "Yep we sure are Mrs. Furlong although it feels like my arm is about to fall of." Rita giggled lightly. "Well then why don't you two come and have some hot tea with us? it will help soothe your nerves." "Thanks Mama." Chance said giving his mother a hug as the three kats left.

"The End did you love that story?" Jake asked little Nancy who nodded and clapped her hands. "I knew you would. Now, it's time for beddy bye." Tucoking her in, and turning on the music box, Jake kissed her on the forehead. "See you in the morning sweetie nighty night." The door was now closed as the skinny Tom went downstairs to join the others.

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