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Scene 6

Aoshi: *watches Misao skipping happily down the road from the temple* *lips curve ever so slightly in 3/7 of a smile*

[From the bushes off to the side…]


Kaoru: *screeches* Did he just SMILE?! That ice cube? Is-

Okina: -the world coming to an end?

Sano: -Hiko gay?

Kenshin: -Sano going to stop freeloading?

Yahiko: -it possible for you to cook a decent meal?

Kaoru: YAHIKO! *whips out The Shinai* Come here, you brat! *starts hacking away at him*

Scene 7

Kenshin: *jumps 20 feet in the air* Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu…RYU TSUI SEN!

Mysterious Man Kenshin Is Fighting: *steps calmly to the side*

Kenshin: *smashes into the ground* Ow.

Mysterious Man Kenshin Is Fighting: *smirk*

Scene 8

Shishio: *sneering* So what, Battousai? I bet that red hair is a wig!

Kenshin: *outraged* My hair is all natural!

Shishio: Sure it is. You keep telling yourself that.

Kenshin: *hotly* At least I don't have mini palm trees sprouting from my head!

Shishio: PALM TREES?! I'll have you know that women like this look!

Kenshin: Sure they do. You keep telling yourself that.

Shishio: Why you!

Kenshin: *taunting* What?

Shishio: Girly man.

Kenshin: Mummy boy.

Shishio: Cross dresser.

Kenshin: Dried twig.

Shishio: Shorty.

Kenshin: Raisin.

[Cat-fight ensues, nails and all]

Shishio: *death grip on Kenshin's hair* Take that back!

Kenshin: *pulling at Shishio's bandages* Never!

Sano: *pause* These are two of the most powerful men in Japan. Shinomori, you sure you still want that title?

Aoshi: Not anymore I don't.

Saitou: *watches bickering pair from corner of his eye* Wise choice.

* * *

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